Dragon Herder Chapter 751


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Linghuling naturally did not take action against Zhu Minglang, mainly because she was not sure that she could take Zhu Minglang.

Before, Linghuling, like everyone else, thought Zhu Minglang was a sword cultivator with a pretty high realm.

As a result, I encountered a few times later, and found that Zhu Minglang was following a White Dragon, which was still a dragon Divine Grade…

After that, I ran into Zhu Minglang against a violent god. Seeing that he had several dragon queens, Linghuling realized that this guy is really strong, at least in the dragon gate.

“I have encountered these dogs. They saw me walking alone with a heavy companion tree on my back, so they surrounded me and intercepted me. I was all beaten away by me.” These rats have a bit of disdain.

Ling Huling looked towards Zhu Minglang, and asked: “So are you?”

Zhu Minglang hurriedly shook the head and said: “I saw that the four of them were alone, so I went to surround them, but unfortunately their ability to escape is True God, and in the end only one was retained. The spiritual book.”


The villain!

Ling Huling said in her heart.

“Why are you looking for me?” Linghuling asked.

“I’m fine, he has.” Zhu Minglang pointed his finger at the young man in the back tree next to him.

“Yuheng Palace Fairy, we want to win the Divine Tree of Quilong, we want to join hands with you, I wonder if we are willing to join us?” said the young man behind the tree.

“Aren’t you walking alone?” Linghuling’s naturally charming eyes looked at Zhu Minglang again, and her temperament was so clear as ice and clean as jade.

“He offered three trees and begged me to take action. I saw his sincerity and thought that I was still a good cultivator, so I reluctantly accepted his commission. After it was done, I was four, he three, You three.” Zhu Minglang face doesn’t change said.

Can I have a face!

The young man behind the tree is a little bit intolerable. He is obviously bullied by Zhu Minglang, and he doesn’t know who listened to the Divine Tree of Quilong, his eyes are just as bright!

“I am four.” Ling Huling said very directly, not interested in mundane affairs at all when discussing prices.

“I am four, you are four, and he is two.” Zhu Minglang backed down.



“???” The young man with the tree back felt a kind of extreme insult and offense!

bully intolerably, bully intolerably!

However, the cultivation base is inferior, the young man with the tree-back can only grit his teeth with tears, and has no theocracy to accept it!


Quilong Divine Tree, this is a half-dragon and half-tree life that likes to hang upside down on sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces. Zhu Minglang once chased a snowy Divine Beast and originally forced it to the edge of the cliff. Just about to take its spiritual book, an old and vigorous pine tree suddenly became active. It used its huge branches and claws to firmly hold the Qingxue Divine Beast, and then tied it and hung it outside the cliff. Exposure!

As if draining a fish, Zhu Minglang witnessed the Qingxue Divine Beast turning into a corpse, and the spiritual book contained in its body was also absorbed in the process of living in the sun, so Kuilong soon The branches and leaves of Divine Tree are more luxuriant.

Zhu Minglang also had the idea of ​​hitting this tree before. However, this guy is very alert. As long as he gets a little closer, two of its main bodies will climb up, like an attacker who is crazy like an old dragon. Those who invade the place where it inhabits are terrifyingly powerful, with flames on one side and ice on the other, no gods will be impossible to take it.

The most weird thing is that every time the Divine Tree preys on a living creature, it replaces a cliff. When it lies completely still on the sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces, it has nothing to do with those ancient pine trees. Any difference, some sacred pine fruits will even grow, bewitching some creatures with low wisdom.

There should also be some greedy gods who have strayed into its territory and were exposed to it.

“It is between the two cliffs in front. Be careful. It has captured a mentally retarded god not long ago, and its strength has increased a bit.” said the young man behind the tree.

“By the way, I don’t know what your name is yet.” Zhu Minglang asked.

“Wu Xiao.” said the young man with a tree back.

“Don’t want to introduce where I came from?” Zhu Minglang said.

“hmph, we only need to work together this time, there is no need to know the roots.” said Wu Xiao, a young man behind the tree, obviously not planning to make friends with Zhu Minglang!

Zhu Minglang shook the head with a smile.

This guy is it possible that still afraid of running into his continent to bully him?

Across a continent without borders, even the gods have to pay great risks, otherwise the Sparrow Wolf God is not so easy to kill.

Zhu Minglang focused his attention on the Quilong Divine Tree.

In front of them are two high uplifting cliffs. Between the cliffs is a valley of ten thousand feet. If you accidentally fall down, the gods will fall to pieces.

The two cliffs are like cliff bridges, bordering each other, but they leave a gap about the width of a river at the position to be bordered. Not at all at the height of this Tianfeng, how many people can feel comfortable Flying, so it takes some courage to cross the gap of the horrible cliff bridge of this river width.

Interestingly, a huge old pine tree grows on this cliff bridge.

This old pine looks refined. Its trunk grows along the reverse slope under the cliff bridge. The branches and canopy are basically suspended in the air, and it has another trunk, but it’s straddling Going to the other side of the cliff bridge, and growing along the opposite slope of the cliff bridge on the opposite bank……

In other words, this very thoughtful old pine tree filled the gap between the cliff bridges with its own body.

If you see this in a scenic spot, you will definitely call this old pine a Buddha pine. He actually built a tree porch with his body to facilitate people on both sides of the high cliff.

“Anyone who wants to climb higher must collapse from that end to this end. This quilong pine is too cunning, and has done this bridge-building, robbery and killing business.” Zhu Minglang said.

“Then enforce Justice on behalf of the Heaven!” Linghuling coldly said.

After finishing speaking, Linghuling has already stepped out of the sword. The Flying Sword she can activate has more than two hundred handles, and the realm is far above Yu Shanhan.

Her Flying Sword was divided into three strands, and they slashed towards the crown, dragon branch and torso of the Divine Tree, and saw the dazzling flash of azure’s Flying Sword, sometimes formed into a sword rain array, sometimes like a river Through, sometimes spinning like a disk…

The Kuilong Divine Tree suddenly opened its eyes. Its eyes are distributed on the torso. There are dozens of tree pupils. The old tree patterns are the eye sockets. Its branches are strong and strong. Azure Dragon is like a strong body, and those smaller branches are like claws, distributed on both sides of the dragon branches.

They are very flexible. They can bend and change at will. They face those Flying Swords, and they resist most of them. Even if the remaining part can penetrate into their bark, there are no scars.

“One of the biggest characteristics of this Divine Tree is its thick bark. How could Fairy Linghu be so impatient? It won’t be too late for me to use my Divine Ability to weaken its bark.” Wu Xiao said.

Speaking these words, Wu Xiao has already untied the golden rope trapped on his body, and planted the emerald tree he had been carrying forward, as if forcibly planting the companion tree general!

Let its rhizomes into the soil, and soon Zhu Minglang saw that the roots of the companion tree spread like tentacles, and suddenly reached the cliff bridge position, and fought with the deep roots of the Quilong Divine Tree!

Roots and roots fight together!

This may be the most funny and bizarre picture Zhu Minglang has ever seen. It may be that Wu Xiao is the most funny person. Carrying a giant sword and a golden blade on his back are both heroic and brave. A tree walks the world!

Wu Xiao’s companion tree is particularly powerful. When it sways, it can cause a The earth shook and the mountain quivered, which makes the surrounding space tremble.

When it is still, it can withstand all strong attacks. Zhu Minglang used the strongest trick Sword Art at the beginning, but it did not shake the companion tree…

“My companion tree has deprived it of the supply of its roots, and it will not be able to absorb the strength of the source from the earth!” Wu Xiao said.

Zhu Minglang didn’t quite understand what it was, except that Wu Xiao had weakened the hardness of the bark of the Kuilong Divine Tree.

At this time, Zhu Minglang also took a shot. He stood the sword in front of him, wiping his fingers quickly on the sword, and then pointed to the cliff bridge!

“boom~ boom~ boom~!!!”

One after another giant shadow appeared in the sky, and it was smashed down with a thunderous force, and it slashed continuously along the direction of the bridge cliff. Each path was like a small mountain peak!

Sky Shadow Column Sword!

In the past, Zhu Minglang’s Sky Shadow Sword could only be lowered. The imposing manner has always been a majestic bombing. Now after learning the low-level Sword Art of Yuheng Star Palace, Zhu Minglang knows how to re-engrave swordsmanship and let alone The sky shadow sword turned into a series of sky shadows, and the coverage and the power of the collision increased several levels!

A line of sky shadow Sword Peak was inserted upside down, and most of them fell on the Divine Tree.

Quilong Divine Tree is also very large. It is like a terrifying deep-sea Octopus King. It actually stepped away from the “tree foot”, allowing its body to climb completely from the cliff slope, and for a while the cliff bridge It is like a tall forest appearing out of thin air. The smallest branch is equivalent to a python of tens of meters, not to mention the main branches, which are clearly the tens of thousands of years of Azure Dragon on the Divine Tree. ! !


This is not so much a god of half-dragon and half-tree, it is better to say that this is a divine wood full of dragons! !

The Kuilong branch shook, and hundreds of dragons danced together. The scene was terrifying. Both Zhu Minglang and Linghuling had to step back to avoid the Kuailong branch that had been biting.

Half of the branch quills are flames and half are ice cold, and they also have dragon flame breath.

When they spit out the Dragon’s Breath Dragon Flame together, Zhu Minglang and Linghuling immediately fell into the ice and fire hell, in pain.

“Come to me, you can enjoy the cool under the big tree!” Wu Xiao said to the two.

“What the hell?” Zhu Minglang vomited.

“My name is Divine Ability, this move resistance is called-it is good to enjoy the cool under the big tree.” Wu Xiao didn’t think there was any problem with this vocabulary, and he replied seriously.

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