Dragon Herder Chapter 752


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Zhu Minglang and Linghuling hid under the shade of its companion tree, and the breath of Ice and Fire behind them, hiding the sky and covering the earth, did not invade the area under the shade!

The shade of the tree seems to have cut off all irritable energy, really like standing under a big shady tree in the dog days, the heat is gone!

Zhu Minglang and Linghuling were unscathed. When the breath of ice and fire faded, Divine Tree was extremely irritable, like a devil whose whole body was twisted together by a dragon of wood pine, baring fangs and brandishing claws, face looks sinister.

There are still corpses and dead bones hanging on some of its branches, and some ghosts and ghosts can even be seen flying around the canopy like a bird’s nest.

Quilong Divine Tree suddenly turned his body. Suddenly hundreds of dragon branches were quickly screwed together, turning into an extremely strong and huge ghost wood arm!

This arm lifted up, and took photos of Zhu Minglang, Linghuling, and Wu Xiao!

“Don’t panic, the mayfly shakes the tree!” Wu Xiao said, and at the same time spit out a very earthy word.

To be honest, if it hadn’t been for Wu Xiao, Zhu Minglang really didn’t intend to treat him as a god. The other gods Divine Ability at least shouted out an imposing manner of destroying heaven extinguishing earth, Wu Xiao This companion tree, Divine Ability, is just like the two tricks of brat, without imposing manner!

The huge ghost hand formed a great contrast with this young tree sapling. Both Zhu Minglang and Linghuling raised their swords to resist subconsciously, but they soon noticed that the giant ghost hand of the Quilong Divine Tree actually shot Don’t break this companion sapling, the companion sapling should really stand still and stand still, and the huge Guimu hand can’t hold down all the strength.

“What are you doing in a daze, do it, is it possible that you want me to poke a branch?” Wu Xiao said with staring eyes.

“I’m close combat, you attack far.” Zhu Minglang said to Linghuling.

“I can be near and far.”

“Then you go.” Zhu Minglang said.

Ling Huling spun on the spot and stepped on a few lotus steps. Next moment she disappeared directly into the blooming Azure Lotus step wind. When Zhu Minglang looked into the distance, she found that she was already the same. Only the swooping eagle, with the sword moved towards the Divine Tree’s eye position, pierced away, and there was an azure lotus at the end of the track behind her.

What footwork is this?

Looking back and cheating it.

“Don’t just use your sword, then go with your dragon!” Wu Xiao knew that Zhu Minglang had many dragons.

“They are already in place.” Zhu Minglang said.

Wu Xiao looked down the cliff, and found that the dark, feather-scaled Heavenly Fiend Dragon had been walking against the cliff like a sly snake, and was approaching the rhizome of the Divine Tree!

The Heavenly Fiend Dragon has now been raised to the realm of the gods by Zhu Minglang. Its hidden body and control over the darkness are more powerful. Divine Tree did not notice that such a sneak attacker was approaching!

Opened his mouth, revealing his dragon teeth, and Tianshalong’s mouth suddenly became extremely large and bottomless. This mouth bit the root stem of the Quilong Divine Tree, almost breaking it by the root. ! !

Quielong Divine Tree’s body shook, and dozens of eyes on its torso stared down, staring at the sinister Cunning Dragon. The Divine Tree fly into a rage out of humiliation did not hesitate to separate one. The main torso, turned into a Quilong moved towards the Tianshalong, lunged.

The Heavenly Fiend Dragon quickly escaped into the void, and also avoided a chaotic wind blade that hit from outside the cliff.

Nakui Dragon Lord was not so lucky. He met the Chaos Wind Blade head-on and cut off a large piece directly!

“Bai Qi, freeze its scorching branches!” Zhu Minglang said to Bai Qi.

Fengyue Yingchen White Dragon is also ready to fight, standing on the other side of the cliff bridge, waving its wings, swept up an ice storm!

The storm of ice and sky arbitrarily destroys the fiery crown of the Divine Tree, and freezes all the fruits that will release a burst of flames!

At the same time, Linghuling displayed an extremely fast Sword Art. More than three hundred sword shadows were like roses, and they were all completed in an instant. The rose sword shadow bloomed all around, and those The canopy that would bring freezing and freezing was chopped down, including the fruits that could cause hail to fall from the sky, all were chopped down by Linghuling!

For a while, the Divine Tree of the Quilong was bald, and Linghuling obviously knew that the two powers of the Divine Tree of the Quilong were derived from the fruits, so he knocked them down before it casts its terrifying divine ability.

Quilong Divine Tree was injured on both sides, Zhu Minglang also shot his sword when the opponent exposed his other main trunk!

Heavenly Grade Sword Art!

The sword of ten thousand peanut breath!

Previously, Zhu Minglang used all the Flying Sword sword technique in the breath of ten thousand peanuts. Seven or eight kinds of powerful Sword Art can be played in one move, and the formidable power is not reduced at all.

This time Zhu Minglang uses the sword technique. He uses a flash sword to approach the backbone of the Quilong Divine Tree. Then the whole person is transformed into thousands of ways, and each silhouette uses a different Sword Art move. In the end These Sword Art run through together, forming a magnificent sword tide, spectacular and shocking, just like Shocking Heaven Sword God!

Wind Sword, Landslide Sword, Sky Howl Sword, Vermilion Bird Sword, Xianxian Sword, Zhukun Sword! ! !

The sword force of the Sword Sect is already majestic and sensational. When Zhu Minglang casts these large-scale war swords Sword Art at the same time in an interval, the destructive power produced is quite terrifying.

Linghuling turned around, feeling that she was swallowed by a rumbling sea of ​​swords. For the first time, she was proficient in various sword techniques and felt a little insignificance in the ocean of swords!

“Heavenly Grade Sword Art!!!”

Ling Huling couldn’t believe it. She was stunned. She even ignored a little bit. If all these Sword Art were directed at her, she would probably be cut to pieces.

These majestic war swords all brushed past it, one after another, some even completely superimposed together, the torso of the Divine Tree is so strong, there are hundreds of dragon sticks entwined and guarded. But those strong and hard quilongs are no different from ordinary branches in this sword tide, broken and broken, shattered and shattered, fallen off…

Hundreds of Kuilong branches were scattered on the ground in a mess. After they were separated from the main trunk of the Kuilong Divine Tree, they all became lifeless dry wood, and they lost these Kuilong branches. It’s hard for a Divine Tree to make any more storms. Its one after another lantern-big tree pupil stared at Zhu Minglang angrily!

“Miss Linghu, take out the sword and end this Ghost God tree!” Zhu Minglang adjusted his breath.

Completing so many Sword Art in one breath, especially Shuxian and Zhukun, both have a strong response to their own body strength. Zhu Minglang is now aching all over, if it weren’t for the cultivation progress to the realm of the gods, rely on himself For his weak body, most of this set of ten thousand peanut breath swords came out, and all his bones fell apart!

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