Dragon Herder Chapter 836

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“Come, it is rare to meet again. My Old Fogey sent a tree wine that did not have to drink in this life.” Old agricultural gods obviously be very good.

In his case, it is also able to receive a Dísciple that is passionate about cultivation of the wilderness, and finally you can transfer yourself to others. It is too much to become Holy Ances.

“Good wine, such a beautiful wine, can not have less than my wine friend, please come in.” Zhu Minglang said.

Song Shenhou is outside, I have to panic in my heart.

I don’t know why, he always feels this barbarism is a trap that is eating people, and those trees that have been able to have independent action are a devil who eats people.

This is dangerous to extreme.

It’s okay, Song Shenhou recorded the distribution of Feng Shui forest here, with its own Divine Ability, you should find a path to escape this place.

“Song Shenhou, come in and drink.” Zhu Minglang shouted.

“???” Song Shen Hou took a while.


Is this a secret head zhu gives yourself a secret number, suggesting that you are ready to run? ?

Soon, a sputum is coming, it is the fragrance of the wine like a wooden fragrance, it is like being thrown into a wine pool, and the whole person is soaked in that strong fragrance. Among the wine, it is fascinated, immersed, can’t extricate!

God …

There is such a beautiful wine in this world!

DRAGON’s Pool and Tiger’s Den God Hou also wants to be!

In the house, the atmosphere in the house is very pleasant, and the SECT Head Zhu is drinking with the abundance leader.

Do you have anyone yourself?

clearly, SECT Head Zhu is just a lifting, and there is a pair of imposing manner who kills a Murky Heavens Dark Earth, how can I sit down and drink?

is it Possible That This SECT Head Zhu is not just Cultivation Base, is a negotiation GENIUS for Extraordinary Natural Talent?

“SECT Head Zhu, things talk …” Asked the Song Shenhou Xiao Sheng.

“Talking, this Leader is willing to take advantage of me, personally hift the army to eradicate those continental mainland.” Zhu Minglang said.

Song Shenhou listens, suddenly feels some confused.

What is the 异 异 异 Continent? ?

They are lacking is a continent!

Is it Possible That They will be 听 集 集 Fire Sea? ?

When people have a legacy leader, Song Shenhou is not good.

After all, the leader of the Holy Association is biased to give this lack continent to the mainland. As for who to dispatch the force, who will bring the team to destroy, then it is a game of kicking the ball.

Everyone is not willing to do this kind of hardship, not to let zhu minglang’s thorns to shoot as the Time of Tianshu.

“Yes …” Zhu Minglang got a body, walked to the Song Shen Hou, and the sound of the sound said to Song Shenhou. A God and God, I can’t rely on me, I will give them all the hands, Heaven Knows, they still have other Powerhouse in their forest, once I kill them today, the whole forest The continent will retaliate about TIAN SHUZI Civil Entrepreneurs like madness, and ultimately damaged is not the big gods and their beliefs? “

Song Shen Hou Nodded, SAID is really this.

This thing is really unhappy. I feel that those people in the leader will be difficult to SECT Head Zhu. If he handles improper, they will govern the crime …

“How do you talk more about peace with them, are they willing to accept the deception of slave?” Song Shenhou asked.

“Of course, Impossible, everyone is not a stupid person, Overwhelming Majority mainland, even if you know the strength, it will never accept this condition of the slavery, so I think of a good policy.” Zhu minglang said.

“What do you have any strategy?” Song Shenhou came immediately.

“actually makes them a slave, the slave is bullied for a long time, and after all, they will resist, it is better to let them do the cannon gray on the battlefield.” Zhu Minglang said.

“oh?” Song Shen Hou has been opened by Zhu Minglang.

“If what is the most important thing today? According to Xuan Ge’s philosophy, it is to maintain, all major territories, major leaders, all God Absolutely can not produce life in the stage of seven gods. The problems left in the history of Tianshu, the gods and gods are still in battle, but they don’t have to say those leaders. They will gather them in Xuan Ge, and the order of Xuan Ge God is confusing. Song Shenhou should be Clearly, plus all the big two continents fall to the tianshu. These mainland civilization has greatly fallen, some are not open, brutally, strong, full of aggressive, do not deal with them, they plunder Tiancian resources Strong, dealing with them, and labor, labor, loss of the heavens, so I think that the best of the lack of the mainland is a crusade, take them Being Used as a Tool, let them sweep away other fallen in the sky The mainland of the neighborhood! “Zhu Minglang a high talker.

Song Shenhou is bright.

This method is really good.

Since all the holy leaders don’t want to solve the problem, it is better to wolf as a dog, hunting other suburbs.

Let the people in the continent to fight with other falling continents, weaken the strength of the forest, and sweep away the hidden dangers that may exist, Tiancheng Shenjiang is not a soldier, from this year Static, high pillow worry-free.

It is necessary to latency, and then consider whether to enroll, it is still moving, directly to a unloading kill!

“Talk on the paper, it doesn’t have any problems, just how the SECT Head Zhu makes these 戾戾 大 mainland to do what we mean, are they really willing to do this cannon, do they see us? Is it a TOOL? “Song Shenhou.

“So, we have to go back and negotiate with major leaders, so that the Tianshu is appropriate to give them a little benefit, at least allow them to pass their people’s army, so that they arrive at other falling continents, guarantee While they don’t kill the gods and leaders with our Tianshu, they can make these abnormal continents smoothly. “Zhu Minglang said.

“is also, this matter we can go back to discuss with you.” Song Shenhou Nodded.

It is a group of mobs for Tianshu, killing them, not necessarily, but let go of a big disaster.

So it is better to let the mobs and mobs are free to kill.

“As long as the Tianshu can promise them this condition, in fact, everyone is not given, and there is no loss, but they are silly for us, do the most dirty and most dangerous live.” Zhu Minglang said .

“SECT Head Zhu is simply negotiating, our Divine Kingdom should hire you to God, believe that our Divine Kingdom can have a place in Big Dipper Divine State!” Song Shen Hou said.

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