Dragon Herder Chapter 837

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“Drink, drink, this is the wine that is not necessarily able to taste the millennium,” Zhu Minglang said.

“Good!” Song Shenhou didn’t be crazy.

This result is the Song Shenhou is quite satisfied.

he can also have an account to Xuan Ge, to the Holy Call.

Tianshu needs to be stable, after all, the seven gods will have anything that happens without anything.


I have negotiated, Song Shenhou gradually found that the other party did not maliciously, this was a vigilant, and it should be found that this should have no poison.

After drinking, Song Shenhou found that the leaders of the two lack continent were still a courteous person, Song Shenhou likes to pay the world, drink, drink, Song Shen Hou, even produced a silk Jealous.

People use such a good wine to entertain themselves, but they think about how to pit.

Hey, if everything in this world is like a drink, you should be more than the drinking feast, I hope that God can be like a five-lake in five lakes like a good wine …

Song Shenhou is drunk, he rests in the town.

zhu minglang is wowped in the passion, and the archen is solemn, which is a bit confused by zhu minglang.

“I wish you a brother, you are spread to the continent in Dragon Gate?” Pengchen said.

zhu minglang nodded, it seems that the panity is the same.

Although there is no Dragon Gate, it can’t escape the fate of the decomposed spirit.

“Hui brothers have something to say to me?” Zhu Minglang asked.

Purchase hesitated for a moment, and finally, he was serious to Zhu Minglang. Lifting to his current CultiVation Base, there is no such CultiVation Base, I am afraid that our lack of mainland has already become wreckage like other mainland. “

“Zhu brothers, despite the opening of the mouth, I Zhu Minglang has been happy and helping others.” Zhu Minglang as a good practice, this remark said nothing.

“Where can I die again, I wish my brother has helped us enough, in fact, when I just said with the SECT Head Zhu, there is still a small concealment.” Peng Chen said.


“We have obtained in Dragon Gate, is the continent of our company, right, similar to God’s rain, gift …”


“In fact, I combined with Teacher to teach me something, but can not only specifically in Dragon Gate’s Lingtian, but also in the continental fruits of our continent.” Pongchen Road .

zhu minglang Zhang Zhang Zhang, I want to say anything, and I have not interrupted the words of the arcorn.


Dragon Gate’s spiritual fruit, only in Dragon Gate, the Immortal Realm may be born, compared with Dragon Gate’s spiritual breath, any of the land of God is poor!

Purchase actually planted the spirit fruit in the continental poor place …

No wonder his Younger Brother is from him to be so spirited, and the Cultivation Base is very solid!

“Nai, my family why, my family is really limited, his extremely afraid of only the god of God, it is difficult to take a lot of spiritual fruits to enter the level of God …” said the Pongchen said.

“Listening to you is, you plant a big batch of spiritual fruit, your family brother is hard to feed?” Zhu Minglang asked.

“Yes!” The wilderness is extremely affirmative replied, “I wish the brothers far away, but also in Dragon Gate is a famous Scho Hepher, I want you to be quite high, I will give you a gift from the spirit of my life. Brother, also reported that I wish the brothers two shots! “

This answer, let Zhu Minglang’s mouth will never close!

say …

saying that Ponchen is your own Fuyuan!

Yes, I have saved him at the beginning, it is a good time, if there is no such thing as the original good value!

“That … I asked, what extent can you cultivate a single level?” Zhu Minglang.

“The life is high enough, a god will nothing difficult.”

zhu minglang doesn’t know what to say!

This is the treatment of God! !

As long as you do your own, CultiVation Base is promoted to drink soup! !

Spiritual fruit …

This effect is exactly the effect of Dragon Gate, simple and rude increasing CultiVation Base, is simply Divine Object!

“Zhuba brothers, there is something in the future, don’t be polite with your brothers!” Zhu Minglang is not affected, and immediately accepts it.

He needs these things!

Don’t say it is a batch of spiritual fruit, a big basket of spiritual fruit, for Zhu Minglang, the long, the life is high, you can digest!

Pattocard Nodded.

He as a leader of the lack, naturally it is clear, to survive in the local place, you must have a thigh.

As in Dragon Gate, the fluff is more optimistic about zhu minglang such if Must finds a strong attachment, and Punda iron will choose to choose from.

strangers coming together by chance, still is willing to help, not afraid of high violence, not now, it is still a friend, I believe that such people will never treat friends.

“Unfortunately, I have received a limited spirit, even if it is scattered, it is only those who can get the mainland. If it is possible to be more rich in a place, it should be able to plant more spiritual fruits, more In order to give the brothers, he said to God. “Pengchen said.

I heard this sentence, Zhu Minglang eyes looked up.

Spirituality, the extreme is quite rich! !

It was the first grade of the primary level, and the extremely small World is really only a small world than the territory.

So small world, but has the primary spirit of the God.

Ponchen is clearly mastered some farmers that can gather scatter spirits, otherwise Impossible get so many spiritual fruits.

The pole is equivalent to it, it has just applied fat. In the next few years, it is fertile to the extreme. When the morning is going to catch up with a good time, when the Time comes are not able to use a basket? ?

, zhu minglang’s idea to the lack of the mainland is to complete the migration as soon as possible, find a big land suitable for them, and the goal of the primary sweep is the extreme.

It is going to kill and kill it later.

and you also need some of your own gods.

From the tianshu, find a reflective, basically IMPossible.

It is only possible to find it from those who fall into Tianzu’s neighborhood.

is similar to the holy continent, similar to the lack of mainland, they are basically persecuted by Tianshu, and they are lying in the sky, so Zhu Minglang wants to let the continent to do this sheep. The secret is similar to the extreme court, holy, and latter, which has a huge conflict with the tianshan, forming a backbone of resistance to the enemy …

Everyone is falling, and the Tianzhu is treated, and it is easy to organize it, it is easy to unite!

The most important thing is that everyone will go, Tianfu can’t get them, the leader of the Holy Association is also Overwhelming Majority leader to leave the mainland, and it is not as good as the dog, it is better to join!

So, Zhu Minglang and Song Shen Hou said that there is no problem.

zhu minglang really wants to lack the continent Being Used As a Tool, just the lack of the mainland is not going to sweep the other continent, but go to alliance with them.

The strength of the forest is not already in a grand god.

The pole is now steamed, and the potential is very powerful.

The reason why the continent and the Extreme Continental Alliance, this strength is quite strong, no need to fear the Gods.

If you can fade other falling continents, especially those who have hated Tianshu, hate the rivers and the Chinese enemies as the holy continent, the tianeum is equal to having a non-negligible rebel god Organization … …

This rebellion god Organization, even if it is dispersed, it is also more advantageous to kill himself.

I have to kill the enemies, not so simple, it is not so simple.

Even if the CultiVation Base has arrived at the primary level, it is not an easy thing to have a strong Tianzu Shenyu. There are also their Gods to organize …

Unless you can reach the gods, it is impossible to fight, unless you can reach the gods.


Spiritual fruit, it is really simple.

zhu minglang has nothing to think, and it will feed the fruits to the King Dragon.

Yan Wanglong is now the most qualified promotion of the gods, letting it have a good thing with the pace of Bai Qi, so that the two gods of the King Dragon, let zhu General Minglang is more capital with those Tianzhu dynasty!

Yan Wang Long did not think that in order to follow this human beings for a few months, he actually Breakthrough to God will level.

When you have a time, you still have a solitary dragon in the night, how can you knew that you suddenly ended this iron bowl, really incense!

The Song Moon is not the stone on the side of the road, they are really rare, and it is particularly difficult to find, and the king of the king is not a day, but now, now, a mouth of the dragon food Go to the mouth, concentrate Cultivation, concentrate on sleep, concentrate on fighting, even impact CultiVation Base Bottleneck, Divine Fruit …

Direct Dragon General!

Although only Low God Dragon General, Dream Will Not thinks that God Dragon General is so fast, so simple!

Human, not good!

“Two God Dragon General, once the diet is going to thousands of gold, then the money can’t live.” Soon, zhu minglang also facing a huge problem.

Bai Qi and the King Dragon are the most expensive dragon food.

Old Master is fair, Bai Qi and Yan Wang Long have horrible BLOODLINE, which is surrounding its own Cultivation Base, which means that their foraging is much larger.

Even if there is Dragon Herder, Dragon Herder also needs to fill this one of the special food by a lot of funds!

is still God’s General Grade Dragon.

Wait until God Lord Grade Dragon, I don’t know that Sun and Moon Essence, which born every year, is not enough to support them.

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