Dragon Herder Chapter 838

Probably because they are plants, the breath is much weaker than those who are evil spirits, and it is also beneficial for them to disguise and hide.

Little Golden Dragon Bloodline is extremely high, the grade is very small, and those holy ghost trees saw such a unique Little Brat swayed in front of them, and it was estimated that the resin similar to Wild Beast was used.

“Zhu Minglang opens Spirit Domain, called the Leigong Purple Dragon.

Lei Gonglong flew out Spirit Domain, which was swimming between those huge holy trees, and the sacred trees like a pair of two Terrifying eyes were immediately honest.

Lei Gongzi flew back to Zhu Minglang, while the embancing black dragon, Cang Qingqing dragon, gave the dragon eye …

How many partners? ?

is still such a beautiful purple dragon!

Chemols Black Dragon immediately got up, showed his dark dragon tooth, to show his mighty and strong!

Qinghuang Dragon is just standing in the same place, and it is really worthy of Ray Dragon.

“~~~~~” Chemol Black Dragon is honest, and it seems to like the pattern of purple dragons, which makes it recalls that yourself in the first love flood dragon, and just roll in place. Turn to express our inner joy.

“wu ~ ~~~” Zilong saw big hei ya, it was very happy, but soon, it was so dizzy by big hei ya, and look at Stupid Big Fellow. Cool BLACK DRAGON.

“Hei Ya, don’t be shameful, it is Xiaoyu.” Zhu minglang can’t see it, said to this Dog Dragon.

The big body of the Chemone Dragon is stiff.

It is a big dragon eye to stare at the gorgeous scales in front of him, and the pose is a long-distance dragon. The big mouth is half a day, and the good dragon tooth is outside, and it is stupid!


Xiaoyu? ?

Great Hei Ya feels that his dragon is going to collapse.

Until Now, Big Hei Ya will do Little Brother to look at Little Brother!

how …

How to Xiaoyu is Girl! ! ! !

Even with the dragon, become a distinguished thunder, or even the existence of God Seed Grade Dragon, but everything is all, far without Xiaoyu, it is Girl to make big hei ya shocked! !

Once Little Brother …

is a daughter? ? ?

Is a female dragon? ? ?

Big Hei YA slowly turns his head to Canglong Dragon, asking the Qing Zhuo brother, know if this is.

Qing Zhuo is too lazy to get HEI YA.

As long as it is not, you can see that Xiaoyu is girl, and only you have a long brain, you will put the young wild brothers so long …

Big Hei Ya re-ended his eyes on the purple dragon, and he didn’t know how to get along with Zilong.

Purple dragon is very beautiful, with those smooth and bright purple scales, because there is a bloodline, making its body more biased, using the human maiden’s posture, is Miao Maman slim, its pair of purple Rose Dragon Horn, is even more noble …

Indeed, Xiaoyu is very big, it is better to become a swan, and it is no wonder that he is a large HEI YA will be exaggerated.

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