Dragon Herder Chapter 839

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In the jungle, the breath of strong organisms should be hidden, especially the dragon, is more difficult.

is like a tiger, which is far better than a hare, but if the tiger does not know how to hide his striking foot, the hare will also drill into the grass and village.

Strength, does not mean you can hunt successfully.

zhu minglang No Summon Bake Moon WHITE DRAGON and Qi Wanglong, as long as you appear in this forest, their breath will make all Demons and Ghosts hide, and finally drilled into the Linzi in Zhu Minglang will only do nothing.

So, Zhu Minglang only called out the Chemone Dragon, Canghuang Qing Dragon, Leigong Zilong, and it is best to deal with the Ninster God and Demons and Monsters of this voyage.

dealing with MONSTER GOD, you can’t be too reckless. The situation of a god-level manufacturing is very terrifying, as long as it is the most familiar Spirit Domain, it can completely stand in an invincible.

It is better to understand the Demons and Monsters four fairy ghosts, and also know some of the Monster god some Divine Ability.

“You TWO,” said it is a bit, mainly to bring that Monster GOD. “Zhu Minglang said to Hei Ya and Qing Zhuo.

Chemone Dragon and Cang Yonglong have already handed hands with the fairy ghost and hit it.

魍 魍 鬼 投 参 参 参 参 这里 这里 也 让 参 着 参 疑 疑 心 心 疑 疑 疑 疑 心 心 心 心 心 心 心 疑 心 心 心 心 心 心 心 心 心 心 心 心 心 心.

“For a while, I will let the Optimus will move to this forest, and the soil earth is asked as much as possible, and the Monster God can manipulate various magic roots, which can be used in the soil. Cultivation Base is higher It’s very difficult to leave it, it is very difficult to leave it. “Lao Nong said.

In fact, old agricultural gods and Messter god are no longer dealing with it, before the old agriculture gods thought of various ways, wanted to remove the two hundred years of Sen Old Lin demon, but the four fairy under it The ghost is quite difficult to deal with, and the old farmers can’t find any helper.

Just, Zhu Minglang came over, he was still a Dragon Herder, which could have a lot of Monster GOD, and naturally, naturally, there is a lot of grasp.

“Ok, when you appear in Monster GOD, you told me that we will take it once, or you want to catch it.” Zhu Minglang said.

The old monster of Cultivation Base is really Demon Immortal, as long as it sees this devil forest into Human World Immortal Realm, you know that this is a Wily Old Fox’s Old Monster.

Party Monster God This will obviously don’t know that there is Zhu Minglang so powerful Dragon Herder, once let it detect Zhu Minglang’s strength exceeded it, it will definitely take a turtle, let people find it in a lifetime. To it.

In its site, it has too many places to hide.


To the depth, Zhu Minglang pays attention to although this forest is still sufficient, but the sun does not seem to have a wire temperature.

Tiancian Shenjiang’s sun is with a silk purple rhyme, and also represents the sun to give the rhyme.

zhu minglang has become a god, he found that this world and some subtle differences have been seen before, at least some of the things that only exist in folklore, a lot of things in the eyes of God There is a basis and original.

The rhyme of the sun, what is exploited.

zhu minglang lifts the head, looking at those tall crown, staring at the very dense Ye Bolong, vaguely thinking that they are greedy to take the sun’s temperature, take the sun to give this big place The spirit, a inexplicable cold, like walking in the cold night, the soul is inexplicably chorios, Divine ConsCISESS also alert!

Obviously, it is really just that the green field IMMORTAL REALM, the Demons and Ghosts hidden in this forest is definitely the most full of the whole vast forest!

“Go, first lead the fairy ghost.” Zhu Minglang said to the big hei ya.

Big Hei Ya Nodded, it has been a heavy step, and there is a provocative roar!

in this quiet forest.

“Hey !!!!!!!!!!”

Ancient Dragon roaring, big Hei Ya’s snoring is like a Black storm that is awkward, crazy, destroyed the vegetation between the forest, the trees collapsed, the grass is rolled, and the Demon fear of the Demon in the forest flee!

The snoring of the embankment Black Dragon can be passed away, especially the dragon of the Life and Death Battle book under this competition!

“Hey !!!!!!!!!!”

Chemone Dragon once again squatted, this dragon went in the front of the woods.

Soon, the different directions of Julin have passed some kinds of heart, there is a demon, there is a violent, and there is a fascination …

“Your Black Dragon announced all the demon wins in this forest, it is the master here?” The old agricultural god is aware of Dragon Language.

The conversation between Dragon and Dragon is temporarily in any matter, Long Xiao is generally divided into several, one is similar to the night wolf, and announcement to other wolves and other predators. The mountain is their own territory, not allowed They come here to predict!

The two scorpions that Chemone Dragon Just now, it is to tell his territory, telling all Demon Holy gods in this forest, egg, or die!

It is estimated that those Old Monsters who have been inhabling here, I have heard this dragon, all of which are a monster.

Where is the unclear wild dragon, dare to come to wild, don’t know where it is? ?


Great Hei Ya is a small INNATE TANT with Runham.

As long as you have a slight wisdom monster, you will see a few dismals it, it is like this, but what you have made, but you can suddenly Monster’s anger!

Act Recklessly’s thing!

This kind of idiolog will live now? ?

Why is it so mad? ? ?

Big Hei Ya heard the different snoring came from this devil forest, so he suddenly came, it started to talk to these Demon Holy gods, he went to the other mentality to explode, and he could not wait for the other side from demon cave Man in mansion!

Da HEI YA voice is really large, after digesting the various Spiritual Object of the Ancient Dragon, its CultiVation Base is also very close to Divine Dragon.

It roaring is far away, the vibration is very large, the sound explosion is strong, and Dragon Language is more ignorant, Fearless and arrogant, as if it is in your ear show off one’s milk, STRENGTH: Dear garbage, come out and this dragon single, this dragon wants you to eat, then cultivate a big dragon manure, used to nourish the flowers and trees in this forest!

This roaring, the big Demon Immortal, Great Demon, which is the whole devil forest, is like a thunder, and the inert and peaceful forest suddenly followed! !

and the flowers in this forest is a spirit.

Some even wisdom.

Those fragrant flowers and trees listened to these provocations, starting Shiver Coldly by one by one.

This Ancient Dragon’s Dragon is falling, where is nourishing, distinguished, you have to live and die!

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