Dragon Herder Chapter 886


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The crow’s nest is built on an ancient stone Spirit Transformation tree. The top of the sacred tree is composed of many golden cane silk, blue holy leaves, and golden fur which are glued together in an orderly manner to form a very luxurious nest It is like a palace standing on the stone Spirit Transformation wood.

Sifang Leiyun is ready.

Zhu Minglang looked up at the dark sky.

He stretched out a hand, palm facing the sky.

Suddenly, he made a fist…

The Thunder Punishment spirit naturally knew how to serve this True God well, so as soon as he saw Zhu Minglang’s instructions, he immediately released a flash of lightning and gave instructions to those thunder male and female spirit envoys.

“hong long long!!!”

hong long long! ! ! ! ! ! ! “

one after another pale lightning is like the wandering dragon born when splitting heaven and earth apart, they dance wildly above this ash-gray Swamp Land, and the terrifying thunder body and electric tail make this little one small The small sky is on the verge of collapse in general.

Lightning and thunder, as if the god Primal Chaos Demon is about to descend here, in the crow’s nest on the petrified tree, a piece of black and crushed crows were scared out of them. These crows thought that their nests were also hacked, and they did not hide in the nests. In the palace, they flew out in groups, and they used their bodies to resist the majestic heavenly punishment and thunder and lightning.

Zhu Minglang jumped onto the back of the Thunder King Purple Dragon, and flew to the crow’s palace in the interweaving of the tribulation thunder.

Bai Ze Crows all have a consensus.

They all know Zhu Minglang.

When they saw Zhu Minglang appearing here without warning, the evil red eyes of the Bai Ze crows immediately showed horror!


Who is staring at this person?

“Wow!!! Wow!!!”

How did he know we were here, he saw us.

“Wow!! Wow!!”

Not good, not good.

The cloaks of the crows that were dressed up as God, playing the devil were lifted, revealing their true colors.

For a time, all the white crows lose one’s head out of fear. The panic and consternation in their eyes are so obvious, like a swarm of bees attacked by a brown bear.

Driving the Thunder King Purple Dragon, Zhu Minglang flew to the Crow Palace.

After passing through those Baize crows that are actually not lethal, Zhu Minglang uses his Divine Consciousness to find the crow fairy.

The crow fairy obviously wanted to take advantage of the chaos to escape, after all, all the Baize crows looked like adults.

“Wow!! Wow!!!”

Escort, Escort, Escort!

Countless crows are fleeing, and those Thunder Tribulation have been woven into a majestic thundernet between Heaven and Earth, shrouded in this white swamp, it is very difficult for these white crows to escape, unless Directly hit the soul flew away and scattered on Lei Net.

It is one thing not to be afraid of death, but it is another thing to directly hit the lightning to kill you.

Soon the space in which these Baize crows could move was very limited by the densely packed lightning net. Together with the Guanyin vine seed that Zhu Minglang threw on the ground in advance, those who gave up their dignity, let The Baize Crows, who have turned into Tang Crows by themselves, don’t even want to escape.

Catch it all in one go!

Faced with such a situation, there is no need for Zhu Minglang to use Divine Consciousness one by one to find, the deity of Crow Immortal will appear by himself.

It flew in front of Zhu Minglang, begging for mercy.

“Shangxian forgive me, Shangxian forgive me, the little demon have eyes but fail to recognise Mount Tai, the little demon has offended your majesty, please forgive me!” Yaxian speak human’s words, it even moved its wings forward , Making the appearance of a human bowing, looks very funny.

“I ask you, in addition to playing these tricks, what do you have to harm others?” Zhu Minglang asked.

“Going back to the immortal, the little fairy is good at provoking discord, blood light disaster, dreams and tricks, evil spirits, no queen curse, reversing right and wrong, etc. evil spells.” Said the crow fairy.

“You can summon the spell of those big monsters, I have seen through it, and I will ask you why your white crow has been following me, and the environment around me will become bad. Blood rain often appears. Things like hail, fog?” Zhu Minglang asked.

Bai Ze Crow’s ability is still very wonderful, Zhu Minglang just guessed some generalities, but could not explain other things.

“It’s the art of accumulating grudges, we…our family can draw grievances from powerful existence. The stronger the person, the more we can get. Through this grievances, we will gain more superiority. spell, for example, lowering the curse of disaster, so that the cursed people frequently encounter disasters.” Said the crow fairy.

“Dare you provoke someone at the master level?” Zhu Minglang asked.

“Going back to the immortal, we Baize Crows do not look at the cultivation base, unless there is a discerning eye like you who can see through our characteristics and tactics, otherwise the existence of God King Level has entered the realm of our Baize Crows, the same is true I will be surrounded by bad omens.” Crow Xian said.

“Interesting, okay, I can spare your life, but you will be like a Thunder Punishment spirit messenger in the future, follow me, I ask you to punish anyone, you will punish me to death, understand !” Zhu Minglang said to the crow fairy.

“Understand, understand, thank the gods for not killing, thank the gods for not killing!” said Crow Xian.

Naturally, Crow Fairy did not dare to resist, and he simply signed the contract for the worship of the gods and became one of the ministers of the Fuchen god Zhu Minglang.

Thunder Punishment Spiritual Envoy, Erxian Spiritual Envoy.

Zhu Minglang really did not expect to walk the rivers and lakes by himself. The first believer to harvest was not a good family woman who was as beautiful as Heavenly Immortal, but a flying snake and a crow…

However, judging from their abilities, they do represent God’s control of the order of life in the world to a certain extent, and perform the reward Good punish Evil.

“Shang Xian, Xian Xian, there are so many treasures in Bai Zezhong, I will let the little ones bring you all?” Crow immortal is also considered cognizant, and soon knows that he wants to please Zhu Minglang, the righteous god.

“What kind of baby are they?” Zhu Minglang asked.

“We Baize Crows like to follow some powerful creatures and draw their power, but also like to follow those who are dying, or those who are about to encounter catastrophe. When they die, the treasures on them are naturally masterless objects. We This is called corpse picking. Baize’s domain is very wide, and in Heaven and Earth of Baize’s Foreign Domain, there are my incarnations and little monsters patrolling. The treasure of corpse picking up every year can be equivalent to a mountain when piled up.” immortal said thiefly.

A pair of evil red eyes, revealing mysterious and majestic, more like aloof and remote death in the world like a joker.

Zhu Minglang now understands that Baize Crows are born with such a special pair of eyes, regardless of whether they are extremely humble and tell Zhu Minglang how they make a fortune by Baize Crows, or they are “benevolent” begging for mercy, their eyes look Always the attitude of “the incarnation of death”!

Despite some violations, people are born like this, what can you say?

“Does this thing damage the yin virtue?” Zhu Minglang turned his head and asked Mr. Koi.

“As long as you don’t let this dead crow kill people and then take away their treasures, you won’t lose your yin virtue.” Mr. Koi said.

“Don’t worry, Shangxian, don’t worry, we never directly harm people.”

“That indirectly killed a lot of people?” Zhu Minglang asked.

“no no no, you can’t regard my job as a harm, my master. This Baize’s realm is a forbidden land. God ordered me to stay here and gave me the eyes of the god of death. , Is to warn the world not to approach the realm of Bai Ze, do not come to die in vain because of the treasure in greed. For so many years, because of my existence, how many people frightened the soul flew away and scattered, afraid to approach, because In my existence, how many people fear Bai Ze and pass by the god of death. A tiger has its own nest territory. It kills intruders and threats. It is natural and righteous without sacrificing the cultivation. As Bai Ze’s punishment Omen, how can it be regarded as a harm for those who intruded to be punished?” Ya immortal was clever, and said something very reasonable.

Zhu Minglang thought for a while.

There is nothing wrong with Dead Crow.

Thunder and lightning also kills some people walking in the rain every year. Zhu Minglang can never count this account to the head of Thunder Punishment.

Avoid lightning on rainy days, don’t walk in the swamp, don’t go to the grave…This is some common sense of survival. Thunder Punishment and Crow Faerie are just omen beasts born in this environment, and they are more to warn the world.

“Should I let you kill a god I hate?” Zhu Minglang saw that the crow immortal was so confident, so he asked a question full of soul torture.

“Shang Xian, I see Purple Qi linger on your head. You should be a good cultivator. What you hate must be the kind of wicked person who is full of evil and will suffer Heavenly Retribution. There is such a person, this crow Don’t tolerate it! Let him have sons and daughters, wives and powerlessness, life and luck, death and life!” Immortal said indignantly.

“…” Zhu Minglang didn’t know how to evaluate this dead crow for a while.

“I can understand the sentence of having a wife and being powerless. What does it mean to have a son without a queen?” Mr. Koi suddenly asked humbly.

Immortal looked at Mr. Koi with weird eyes.

Zhu Minglang also looked at this old fish with weird eyes.

“Have you heard the story of red carp and green carp?” Crow immortal whispered.

“This is not a tongue twister for the folks to practice speaking for the little child!”

“You follow me and I just see how you say it, red carp, green carp…”

“Red carp, green carp, is this difficult?” Mr. Koi asked in confusion.

“Red carp has turned green carp.”

“Red carp green carp…dead crow, this fish master wants to tear your mouth!!” Mr. Koi suddenly understood that he was so violent that he didn’t need to evolve into a tyrannosaurus, so he could fly directly to the crow. The fish tail fan wildly.

Crow fairy laughed and fled to a branch, and then began its signature scream “Wow, wow, wow, there is no queen, no queen!”

Zhu Minglang walked blankly in the treacherous Baize realm.

What did I do in my last life to accept these two immortal in this life, can I help myself reward Good punish Evil? I don’t know, but after getting along with them for a long time, my IQ will be pulled to the same. On a horizontal line…

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