Dragon Herder Chapter 946


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“This sword is tailor-made for me, Chu Chengying. You are not worthy of this Sword of the World!” Chu Chengying pointed at Zhu Minglang, eyes with contempt and coldness.

The killing intent is rolled up, like a black ghost enveloping Chu Chengying’s thick sword.

He strode to the stars, and every time the sole of his foot touched the ground, a powerful True Qi would oscillate, crushing the surrounding rocks and rocks into a powder. It was obviously only a nine-foot body, but it was like a mysterious ancient giant god. , The sea of ​​nothingness trembled, the mountain of loneliness shook, and the sky was filled with his majestic murderous aura, which was turning into a tearing wind blowing down the sky.

“And a Dragon Herder like you, what right do you have to swing a sword in front of me!!” Chu Chengying roared like a thunder, he waved the heavy sword in his hand, the sword was as big as a continuous mountain ridge, Chu Chengying itself is also wrapped by the terrifying murderous aura into a giant sword Demon God that is able to support both heaven and earth, vast and vast, comparable to the demon of the world!

The strength of the god master level, in this brief moment vividly and thoroughly, the two big gods are getting closer, but because of Chu Chengying’s sword, forcibly split a section, and there is a shocking world. The long gorge of Changxia lies between the Qingshui of Yuheng God and the white soil of Tianshu God. The sword spirit is magnificent. In the true sense, heaven falls and earth rends! !

And this kind of divine master’s sword power is moving towards the earth and hit by a very small person. Zhu Minglang stands in a piece of powder that has been turned into powder, and all the dust floats upside down on the annihilation area in midair, his fleshy body Also bearing the great Divine Sword sword power of the heaven falls and earth rends of Chu Chengying, but it was not until all the destruction energy surged that Zhu Minglang raised the sword!

Pull the sword!

Take Heaven and Earth as a melting pot!

After the night is dyed with Yinxi, the sun burns the sky, the extremely hot sky tears open the chaos that is full of between Heaven and Earth, and for a time there is only such a handle out of the sheath between the chaotic sky and the vague earth The sword, the fire on the sword was drawn from the horizon line to the horizon, horrible to see, shocking to the extreme, but such a magnificent scene was only because someone pulled the sword! !


Out of the sword!

The sword glow is brilliant, the million blades of light passed through the sky above the two gods, wantonly tore the sky to be ragged, the sword glow in the cracks under the ten thousand li sky is still intertwined, they are as easy as blowing off Dusting tore the giant divine qi that burst out of Chu Chengying into pieces, and turned Chu Chengying into a ridge-like giant Divine Sword to destroy…

The surging Haihe river, dumped inexplicably, poured from Tianshu Shenjiang to Yuheng Qingshui like a tide!

The Earth Grade under my feet began to break, and it was like a huge earth wheel driving towards Yuheng Shenjiang, riding on the sword wind, breaking through the void waves!

Jinyun in the distance, the golden monks were scraped to the sky one by one.

The great swordmasters of the sect nearby were even shot into the strait by the sword wind!

It is just a sword of formidable power, the white soil of Tianshu Shenjiang seems to be hitting moving towards Yuheng Shenjiang. The power of the prying made all the gods present feel a kind of fear from deep in one’s heart…

Chu Chengying stood at the center of the sword and mighty sword. His mighty martial robe was torn to pieces, and his arrogant and majestic giant shadow body was also destroyed, both of his hands tightly holding The big sword, put the big sword in front of him, and bursts of crimson’s sword intent True Qi burst out from him. This True Qi lingered on his big sword, and also on his body, for him guarantee and protect.

But these powerful sword intent True Qi are like a candle in the fierce wind and waves. The swaying flame is persisting, and ultimately cannot change the ending of the extinction.

Finally, the crimson sword intent True Qi on Chu Chengying’s body disappeared, his skin was cracked, his muscles were torn apart, and his skeleton was disconnected one by one!


Chu Chengying was in agony. The moment he was thrown into the air, the body of the martial arts was crumpled into a ball, like a ragged puppet being discarded, and his limbs and torso were severely deformed and twisted!

“boom~ boom~ boom~!!!”

Tianshu Baitu crashed into Yuheng Qingshui. It would take a few days for the land plates of the two great territories to be completely inlaid. However, the sword of Zhu Minglang shortened the process, and the vast Strait of Nothingness was covered. It squeezed to both sides, and began to evaporate rapidly due to the high temperature when the ground veins collided, turning into a mist that can cool and suppress this continent “collision spark”…

Chu Chengying was covered in blood, limp on a sandbank in Qingshui.

His eyes were bigger than the dead gray-haired evil swordmaster.

“Sect Master, Sect Master…” A sect Sword God flew over, and lost one’s head out of fear to help Chu Chengying up.

Only then did Chu Chengying stand up swayingly. He gritted his teeth, not knowing what special body refinement was used to make his whole body look like a thick plaster.

The plaster lasted for a while on his body, and the bones in his body twisted up on their own, as if they were elastic and reshaping.

Not long ago, Chu Chengying was still like a tattered puppet, and he needed help while standing. Soon his skeleton returned to its original state. In addition to the wounds on his body that could not heal, he seemed to have recovered part of his battle strength. He even held the big sword again!

“Sword Art, Sword Intent, Jianxin…” Chu Chengying was in the same place, the skeleton was restored, but he looked very embarrassed with torn skin and gaping flesh.

He muttered to himself, from a little unbelievable to gradually angry, and finally from anger to crazy.

“Sword Art!!! Sword Art!!! sword intent!!! Jianxin!!! He understands all of these!!!” Chu Chengying became furious.

Not only understand, the opponent’s sword state has even reached a level no less than one’s own, why a Dragon Herder has such a deep understanding of swords, and it is definitely not possible to do it with innate talent alone , Sword Realm needs not only comprehend, but also tempering and polishing again and again! !

No matter how furiously Chu Chengying roared, he could not conceal his humiliation at the moment.

At the beginning, he was the first person to hold the evil sword, but because Yinxi’s evil sword hadn’t completely cooled down, and his current big sword was far from available, he inserted the evil sword into the sword pedestal.

However, after Zhu Minglang touched Yinxi Evil Sword, Yinxi Evil Sword seemed to come alive. Not only was it perfectly born as the Evil Sword Spirit, it was also endowed with the most precious spiritual wisdom…

Now, this Yinxi Evil Sword is integrated into his Sword Spirit Dragon. It is perfectly controlled by him, and the sword power displayed surpasses everything. This makes Chu Chengying truly aware of the evil Sword Dragon. , Is tailor-made for the other party! !

A silver star gleamed in the sky, and the next moment smashed on the clear water sandbank in splendid and full force. The silver dust was flying, Zhu Minglang walked out slowly, moved towards Chu Cheng Ying walked over.

“I am a person with a lot of talents, and practicing sword is only one of them.”

“Rao is so, and stronger than you.”

Zhu Minglang smiled sarcastically.

Before entering the dragon gate, Zhu Minglang didn’t know how well he played. Coupled with the transformation of Dragon Herder, the dragon was so powerful that even Hua Qiu couldn’t stand up to his versatile beating.

A Sect Master of Yuheng is so arrogant…

It wasn’t the Sword Evil Dragon that got in the way. Zhu Minglang had been giving Chu Chengying a body-whipping physiotherapy for a long time, and it made him die as undecent as it was.

“Cultivation base, you are not equal to me.”

“sword intent, you are not equal to me.”

“What’s the point of being alive, struggling on whilst at death’s door is worse than drawing the sword from the palace… Oh, drawing the sword and killing myself, so that I may be able to spare your sect.”

Zhu Minglang walked to the front of Chu Chengying.

Just stepping into about ten steps, Zhu Minglang casually swept the sword to his side.

In the side position, the former swordmaster who helped Chu Chengying suddenly appeared, and was about to hit Zhu Minglang, a casually swept sword…

The swordmaster originally wanted to escort him, but when he saw Zhu Minglang’s sword sweep towards his front door, he was so scared that he backed away, but because he backed too quickly, his steps were chaotic, and the whole person rolled backwards.

But sword qi was forced to come over. Even if he rolled over, he didn’t dare to stop, he could only roll back, until he reached a place where he felt safe.

This Sword God is also a quasi-general, but the process of being pushed back by Zhu Minglang is like driving away a fly… Forget it, bee.

With cold sweat and wet crotch, this place Sect Sword God no longer dared to approach Zhu Minglang for half a minute, and started a fierce thought struggle between the loyal protector and his own life!

Zhu Minglang continued to walk forward and had reached the position of Chu Chengying about three steps.

Chu Chengying was furious, and the whole figure was like a wild beast irritated.

The breath of crimson surged on his body again. This evil red power is exactly the method of the evil Sword Sect, which can make the swordmaster’s cultivation base be improved in a short period of time, and the sword is formidable. Power comes with Crimson Bite, which is more terrifying than toxic smear.

“There is no way to go on the right path, relying on the evil sect to bring it up a level, but the top of your pavilion is still stomping under my feet!” Zhu Minglang said this, and the others walked forward. Suddenly, a soul shadow was peeled off from his body. The soul shadow was as black as ink, and suddenly a sword appeared like the shadow of Zhu Minglang!

Zhu Minglang was walking forward leisurely, but the soul shadow that was killed on his body was extremely violent and evil. The sword shadow was heavy and the sword was deadly. Chu Chengying hurriedly raised his sword to parry. He parried and retreated. But Zhu Minglang had more than one soul shadow. Soon Zhu Minglang was stripped of hundreds of sword shadow bodies. They displayed different Sword Art, like a group of demons dancing, forming an overlap around Zhu Minglang. The Zueying sword manual picture, Zhu Minglang’s deity still maintains that calmness and calmness, approaching step by step…

In the eyes of outsiders, Zhu Minglang just walked towards Chu Chengying. Although they could feel a force oppressing Chu Chengying, they could not see anything, and they might even think that Chu Chengying was a bit conscientious. , I didn’t even dare to strike back with a sword.

But from the perspective of Chu Chengying, hundreds of shadow souls burst out of Zhu Minglang’s body, holding different swords, and even revealing the evil nature of the ancient Saint demon, as if each shadow soul has its own The Ancient Saint Demon Shadow and the Ancient Sword Soul were formed immediately, and Zhu Minglang’s will grind them into his own incarnation of thousands of shadows, so when he came under pressure, he actually released these terrifying and terrifying Sword Soul shadows. Outsiders can’t feel it, but Chu Chengying is as if being shocked by an army of thousands of demons and a hundred evils, even breathing unevenly, can only retreat and retreat!

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