Dragon Herder Chapter 947


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“pu chi ~~~~~~~~”

Before long, Chu Chengying couldn’t hold it anymore.

He vomited blood at the mouth, and his injuries increased again and again. The hand holding the sword in his hand was already bloody and bloody. The skeleton of his whole body was broken and healed. When he was healed, he was shaken and broken again. He was broken and twisted to recover. How long will it take to be broken? It feels extremely painful. Chu Chengying used to be proud of the cultivation of sect plaster to restore bones. Now he regrets practicing this body refinement method. The other party obviously knows this too, so he deliberately Only break my own bones…

So many times, every time he recovers and breaks, the pain is intensified. Chu Chengying is already a little exhausted. In fact, this plaster compound bone breaks Life Energy. Simply put, it is life loss. Any powerful The method has its price, and Chu Chengying’s continued strength is no different from death.

“Sect Master, how about from the palace?” At this time, the Sword God who was struggling with his thoughts weakly said, “Just save our sect.”

“He wants the life of this Sect Master!!” When Chu Chengying heard these words, she broke the defense, vomiting blood and roaring!

“As a family with the evil Sword Sect, you, the Sect Master, really don’t deserve to live. Of course, you are enlightened and I can’t leave a way out.” Zhu Minglang smiled evilly.

“Skills can be killed, not insulted!!” Chu Chengying roared.

This roar was not useless, the soil under their feet suddenly became hot, like a huge furnace under the thin sand, which was scorching the land!

Zhu Minglang looked down and immediately realized what was coming.

He flew back and landed on one of the sword shadows. The sword shadow was the green Blood Sword. Although it could not be held in the hand and displayed the characteristics of the green Blood Sword, it was also good for flying with swords.

The Sword Spirit dragon has transformed this time and seems to have some more powerful abilities.

In the past, the sword inscription could only be used in the state of sword awakening, and it was in the hands of himself. Now the Sword Spirit dragon can not only awaken the sword cultivator for itself, but also differentiate other sword inscriptions.

You must know that Zhu Minglang is not only cultivation and Sword Sect, Flying Sword sent Sword Art, he is also a small achievement, the sword and Flying Sword are used together, Zhu Minglang will be more powerful, especially Zhu Minglang summoned Flying Sword, they are all at Jian Ming level, they are all prepared swords for Jian Xing!

Stepping on the Bi Blood Sword, Zhu Minglang does not need to deliberately evade, the Bi Blood Sword controlled by the Sword Spirit Dragon Lord body has already begun to gallop at extreme speed.

Beneath the earth, the Dragon God of Yanfeng broke out of the earth, and thousands of layers of earth waves slapped into the sky, apart from this there was also the long claws of Dragon God of Yanfeng, Bi Blood Sword carried Zhu Minglang in Yanfenglong Shuttle between God’s earth waves and claws, after avoiding the densest wave of offensives, Zhu Minglang gave the Sword Spirit dragon an offensive order!

Bi Blood Sword immediately turned around, as if treading a wave, Zhu Minglang stepped on Bi Blood Sword and spiraled down the long claw arm of the Dragon God of Yanfeng, at the same time, Ye Yan Yinxi’s sword was held back. With the trajectory of Bi Blood Sword wandering down, fiercely’s falling cut spin cut!


One sword to the end!

like a hot knife through butter!

The long claw arms of the Dragon God of Yanfeng Dragon were huge and huge, but Zhu Minglang used the magnificent swordsmanship to open them! !

The long claw arms are spirally stirred into minced meat, which disintegrates layer by layer, like chopped bread.

“roar!!!!” Yanfeng Dragon God roared miserably.

He shook to the other side, suddenly turned the back, and fiercely showed horrible to see spines!

All the spine scales stood upright, and as the dragon skin of the Dragon God Yanfeng was squirming, the Dragon God Yanfeng suddenly turned into a huge fire saw! ! !

The Fire Dragon saw moved towards Zhu Minglang and saw it straight down. At such a close distance, Zhu Minglang was naturally unable to hide.

This move again!

With this ability, Yanfeng Dragon God saw off Yan Wanglong’s Death God sickle wing!

Dragons of the god master level are extremely powerful, especially Yanfeng Dragon God, the unique sawback, whose lethality is extremely terrifying. Zhu Minglang must collide with it with the most powerful Sword Art, but the body is far from dragons. The strong Zhu Minglang will surely receive a counter shock, and shock injuries are inevitable!

After all, I didn’t learn enough Sword Art. If you can gather all the swords in front of her like Linghuling to form a Divine Sword shield, it should not be difficult to deal with this move of the Dragon God of Yanfeng. You can even use swords and shields. Arrange the blade body to fight against Yanfeng Dragon God.


Suddenly, amidst the darkness, those ghostly fire pupils lit up, right behind Zhu Minglang, and immediately followed by a majestic silhouette like a mountain. Although the whole body was flowing like a stream, it did not affect it in any way. The bravery of its martial arts!


The Yan Wanglong did not know when to appear, it bowed and showed the Yan Wang dragon horn, and it actually hit the ridge saw Flame Dragon with this huge dragon horn! !


A pair of dragon horns of Yama and Dragon broke apart!

Yanfeng Dragon God no stronghold one cannot overcome all the spines of the spinal scales are also broken!

In this way, Yan Wanglong was still rushing forward. It pierced into the peristaltic skin of the Dragon God of Yanfeng with a broken angle, forcing the worm saw to stop, and then forcibly forced Yan Feng with the brute force of a giant dragon. The Dragon God forks it up, like picking up snail meat, picking out the Yanfeng Dragon God from the ground for Fiercely! !

Half of Yanfeng Dragon God’s body is rooted in the ground, and now its lower body is finally pulled up by the roots. You can see that the lower half of Yanfeng Dragon God’s body is soft and scaly, and can be seen The rhizome of its dragon body connected with the soil!

No wonder this Yanfeng Dragon God battle can be so long and tireless.

Its body hidden under the soil is the key. It can always suck the nutrients of the earth, and inhale the lava in the earth veins into its body, maintaining its dragon heart flame.

With the flame of the dragon heart, it can continue to fight, no matter how long it fights, it is high and fierce!

Moreover, the most important point is that the heart of True Dragon, the dragon god of Yanfeng, is actually on the rhizome of the dragon body. The swelling dragon heart under its neck is just a container, capable of conveying the flames of the dragon heart. It is the buried Earth Dragon heart at the root of the dragon body that can keep its body strong and vigorous! !

you did good Ah, Yan Wanglong!

Otherwise, it would take a lot of effort to kill this Yanfeng Dragon God! !

“Sword Spirit Dragon!”

Zhu Minglang yelled, and immediately filled with thousands of Sword Soul and thousands of holy demons. Behind Zhu Minglang, one after another majestic Sword Mountain appeared! !

“Zhu Kun!”

Attentively, burst all power on a sword line parallel to the earth. The thinner the blade line, the stronger the formidable power, and no one can cut it! !

Zhu Minglang gallops forward, and the whole person has turned into a light of silver.

Suddenly, the silver light stagnated and the steps were long. Yanfeng Dragon God obviously realized that Zhu Minglang was going to kill it, so he stretched out another paw and took a picture of Zhu Minglang’s top of the head desperately moved towards Zhu Minglang. , Zhu Minglang originally wanted to take out the sword from the front. After seeing this claw, he immediately turned to the left, avoiding the claws of the Dragon God Yanfeng, and at the same time, he spun the sword out of his back! ! !


Zhu Minglang also roared with this roar, the sword of Yeran Yinxi did not explode so fierce sword glow, only a powerfully drawn out a brilliant silver thread, the silver thread was shot from the dragon god of Yanfeng The claws of Luo had been chopped without any pause, and then he chopped to the rhizome of Dragon God Yanfeng Dragon! !

The entire body of Yanfeng Dragon God was provoked by the brute force of Yan Wanglong. It could not shrink the ground, let alone avoid it. The sword was as thin as silk, but it was extremely sharp. Zhu Minglang cut off the roots of Yanfeng Dragon God. Let it be completely separated from the soil, and also cut open the buried dragon heart of the Dragon God of Yanfeng, causing it to completely lose Life Energy! ! !


Yanfeng Dragon God’s tough body suddenly stiffened, and then it was completely picked up by Yan Wanglong, blood like a river, rushing from the upper body and lower stem of Yanfeng Dragon God…

Blood covered the sandbanks, Yanfeng Dragon God writhed in pain before he died, Yan Wanglong simply smashed it to the ground, bit the Yanfeng Dragon God’s neck with one bite, and tore it open again The fire organ of the neck!

At this time, the Yanfeng Dragon God, who was invincible, was completely dead. Yan Wanglong seemed to vent his anger. He ate the neck of the Yanfeng Dragon God, even if he couldn’t digest it. Spit it out, in order to express its broken wing, it also had to swallow this god-level dragon god!

Zhu Minglang also knew that the Dragon Qi of Yan Wang was broken, so he let it vent, and moved towards Chu Chengying.

Chu Chengying originally wanted to take a breather from the Dragon God of Yanfeng, and even flee from here. How did you know that the Yan Wanglong of Zhu Minglang would be so violent, one man one dragon, perfectly coordinated to kill the Dragon God of Yanfeng !

The god-level dragon, the Guardian God of the entire sect, you must know that the true soul of the sect may not be the leader of an extraordinary natural talent, but the Yanfeng Dragon God who has lived for thousands of years! !

The Guardian God of sect was killed in this way, and was bitten by the Hades Dragon like a beast…

Chu Chengying’s fighting spirit was completely destroyed.

He was not Zhu Minglang’s opponent, he was also broken and fractured more than a dozen times by Zhu Minglang using the superb sword technique. Now he is a little unstable even holding the sword, so what is he doing with Zhu? Minglang contends?

Zigong is impossible. Looking at the ground sect that was beaten up and down, and then glanced at the corpse of the motionless dragon god, Yanfeng Dragon, the foundation of the land sect, Chu Chengying suddenly became frantic and roared.

He raised his sword, a killing intent awe-inspiring, but his sword did not cut towards the enemy, but moved towards his neck and wiped it away.

This touch is so powerful, it seems that it is also the humiliation and unwilling catharsis of deep in one’s heart. He chopped off his head, and his head flew to the feet of the previous Sword God…

Since the moment of squatting, he hates no longer the enemy, but Chu Chengying himself, hates himself not strong enough, hates himself overestimate one’s capabilities, hates himself for being stupid, believes oneself infallible, hates himself for strayed into the evil Sword Sect, Take the ground sect to the end!

“It seems that you still know that you are guilty.”

“The evil way, you can never start and end well, be a good person in your next life, you don’t need to be buried with you!”

Zhu Minglang did what he said.

Sect does not need to die, after all Zhu Minglang has personally watched the efforts of the four great detectives, and can also feel their sincere heart to eradicate the evil Sword Sect!

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