Dragon-Marked War God Chapter 3240

Shura together with thousands of sails, a sword-light cold fourteen states!

Jiang Chen’s sword shadow, Shura’s sword intent, has reached an unrivaled realm, two Golden-clawed Spider King, who have been mercilessly obliterated by Jiang Chen within ten minutes, taking away all life- Force. Two huge Golden-clawed Spider Kings, just like this, slowly fell to Jiang Chen.

Jiang Chen is also sweating, his face is slightly pale, and he controls the Asura Sword Formation of the Peak Origin God Tool. For Jiang Chen, the load is still quite large. After all, the Asura Sword Formation can To kill the God Sovereign Realm expert, this has to be shocking.

There was a huge sound around the mountain, and the rocks were split. The Monk looks at this scene, and the heart is also awkward. Little Chen, you are a beast, so that I will not be your opponent in this life.

From beginning to end, the two Golden-clawed Spider King did not even think of being killed by Jiang Chen, even the tragic screams of sorrow, they were not sent out, they were killed directly by Jiang Chen, which is simply too fast. It is.

“Little Chen, I don’t accept it!”

The tyrant Monk looked at Jiang Chen, Shen Sheng said.


Jiang Chen smiled and looked suspiciously at the Monk.

“Why, this guy is so perverted, it seems that even if I enter God Sovereign Realm, I will fight you, and I will lose more and lose more. Can you guys not be so abnormal?”

The tyrant Monk is full of helpless look at Jiang Chen, biting his teeth.

“Then you can only cultivate as soon as possible. When you have the ability to level up the Western Extremity Divine Region, maybe you will be able to fight me.”

Jiang Chen shrugged and said.

“Too lazy to shop with you. Next time, as long as I can win Long Shisan, I will be content, and Big Yellow, and Han Yan, I can’t beat you, can I beat them both? Cut. ”

The tyrant Monk is full of confidence in himself, Little Chen, he does not intend to compare with him in the future, but Long Shisan and Big Yellow are still more than one.

“I am known as a reincarnation of a living Buddha, boy, you have to be careful in the future.”

The tyrant Monk said proudly, although he still can’t beat Little Chen, but the leather is always blown out first.

“In the body of this Golden-clawed Spider King, there is a king spider fluid, which is definitely a good thing to cultivate. When I take it out, I will have one.”

Said, Jiang Chen directly opened the body of these two Golden-clawed Spider Kings with Heavenly Dragon Sword, and took out the two kings’ spider sap, which is very thick and sturdy, but good. Things, cultivating, concocting pills, and even refining some weird divine weapon treasures, are not bad.

“This thing seems to be really good. The two Golden-clawed Spider Kings are really warm, Hahaha.”

The tyrant Monk laughed loudly, and his eyes glittered with a glimmer of light.

“Would you like to go to Central Region Divine Land? Little Chen.”

The tyrant Monk suddenly whispered, and there was some helplessness in his heart.

“What, don’t you go?”

Jiang Chen’s brow wrinkled, is this guy still having his own ideas?

The tyrant Monk shook his head, he still had a lot of things to do, and he couldn’t help himself.

“I also want to go to Qing Xuan, but… I have to go back to the Western Extremity Divine Region.”


Jiang Chen asked, they have left the Western Extremity Divine Region, it is already very difficult, and this time the tyrant Monk still wants to turn back, it is tantamount to looking for a dead end.

“I said, my roots, my soul, my faith, there, do you believe?”

For the first time, the tyrant Monk talked to Jiang Chen so seriously, and even Jiang Chen was a little uncomfortable. This guy, it seems that this time is really fun.

Jiang Chen is silent, because there are things, some things, not what he can persuade. As the tyrant Monk said, his roots, his soul, are in the Western Extremity Divine Region. How can you let him go? This is a feeling of life, if he really left the Western Extremity Divine Region, then perhaps he will completely become like a dead body.

“This is going, I don’t know what year and month I will be able to meet again. I thought you would go with me to the Central Region Divine Land.”

Jiang Chen said with some disappointment, but people are aspiring, and when they have not grown enough to be fearful, they must be brave and not able to sit still.

“Before we have almost killed everyone, and if you go back to the Western Extremity Divine Region, it is estimated that all the forces of the entire Western Extremity Divine Region will be aimed at you, and you will be unable to move.”

Jiang Chen frowned and said that he was not worried about it. The Western Extremity Divine Region must now be a plant. They had created a great disaster there before. It must have been issued by all forces, Jiang. Chen can imagine what kind of Earth Domain the Western Extremity Divine Region will be. If you enter it, it is estimated that it will be eye-catching.

“Amitabha, Buddha Ancestor Didn’t you say it? I don’t go to hell, who goes to hell? Hahaha, Little Chen, the moment I meet you again, I will make you look good, I want to make Western Extremity Divine Region Surrender to my feet.”

The tyrant Monk said with enthusiasm, his eyes are full of sorrow, but this is also in line with his character. No one can suppress him. What he wants to do must be done. Even if it is broken, it will not frown.

“Monk, don’t let me see you, this is what you said. One day, I will stand at the top of this Central Region Divine Land and pray with you, Hahaha.”

Jiang Chen has a gully in his chest. He is also a arrogant face. He said with pride. But his madness is not unreasonable. He is not chasing. This is his dream. It is his request for himself. One day, he wants Let those who don’t know how to live and die disappear completely from this world.

“Hahaha, well, I am waiting for this day, Ben Faye goes.”

The tyrant Monk turned and walked away. He was afraid that he had a look in his heart. There was Qing Xuan and Little Chen. He couldn’t leave the Central Region Divine Land, but if he didn’t grow up, he wouldn’t even have the qualifications of Qing Xuan. How can Monk not make himself stronger stronger?

He is afraid that his heart will be sad. The road of one person is destined to be solitary. The Monk is like this. Jiang Chen is like this, but they have no choice because they have to fight for themselves and fight for their loved ones and friends. Not a person is fighting.

Jiang Chen was inevitably somewhat lost. Fire Qilin left for himself, and the tyrant Monk left for himself. At this moment, he became a lonely man again. However, it is not a good thing to be alone in the Central Region Divine Land. In that case, he will not be tied to anyone. Even if he is in the same position as the Western Extremity Divine Region, he will not be able to make a slip away. Don’t worry about whether others will be implicated.

One person is full and the whole family is not hungry. The current Jiang Chen is such a state. He must enter the Central Region Divine Land as soon as possible. He wants to find Yan Qingcheng, and he has to find the enemy’s enemy, that is, the gangster. Master revenge and hate!

However, at this moment, the east, the shore of the Luo River, was a wave of stormy waves!

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