The tyrant Monk reveals the golden light, but the means of the black 魇Buddha still does not stop, the Buddha Golden Body, strong and unmatched, one palm shot, the black magic dance, demon qi vertical and horizontal.

“The soul of the ghost!”

Jiang Chen calm and composed, not too slow, facing the Venerable Emperor level of black 魇 Buddha, there is no trace of retreat, Golden Body Buddha, so Jiang Chen is extremely serious, but it is not necessarily able to beat himself, only Explain that this black sable Buddha is indeed powerful enough.

The shadow of the soul, the sword is shocking, and the giant palm of the black 魇 Buddha is intertwined, the giant palm is turned into ashes, the sword is dissipated, Jiang Chen goes back, his face is dignified, and the black 魇 Buddha is also extremely angry. , roaring, groaning, seemingly venting his inner anger.

Jiang Chen annihilated his Golden Body palm, although the injury was not great, but it made him feel that his dignity was greatly challenged.

The black fog changed again, the giant palm regenerated, once again toward Jiang Chen’s figure, and grabbed it, Jiang Chen retreated, step by step, sword two thirteen is extremely hot at this time, wrapped in this black fog Inside, the sound of the sword, the constant humming, the darkness of the black magic, Jiang Chen roared, the Dragon Transformation, the avatar Dragon Body, and the black 魇 Buddha constantly intertwined together.

Golden light, Dragon Transformation is just around the corner, with the dark fog of the black buddha Buddha, Jiang Chen screaming, the Dragon Prestige bursting, between the ,, the Baizhang Dragon Body and the Buddha Golden Body of the Black Buddha, colliding, once The impact of the second, Jiang Chen’s Dragon Body, unstoppable, unparalleled, constantly tearing the black body of Buddha’s Baizhang Golden Body, the scene is extremely terrifying.

“Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique !”

Jiang Chen once again performed the Soaring Dragon Technique, and his strength soared. He and the Golden Body of the Black Dragon had several impacts. The Golden Body Buddha was already riddled with holes. Under Jiang Chen’s Dragon Transformation, it was impossible to continue. Go on.

“Big Buddha palm!”

Black Donkey Buddha shocked the world, descending from the sky, palms in the sky, like a fire, like a heaven collapsing, earth shattering in general, straight into the like Jiang Chen, Jiang Chen dragons burst, a printed sacrifice, the sky is turning, the wind is discolored, Xuan Heavenly Seal, along with the power of Dao Accumulation, swept through the sky, even the black Buddha’s big Buddha palm, failed to beat Jiang Chen.

Big Buddha palm and Xuan Heavenly Seal bombard together, terrifying the power of Dao Accumulation, the wind and the cloud are all over, the big Buddha palm is completely swallowed up, the black scorpion Buddha blasts away, the color of the wolf, let Jiang Chen decide to kill him. Determination.

“Golden Body Buddha, heaven and earth!”

Black Donkey Buddha incarnates King Kong, Zhang Jiu Golden Body, black light 凛凛, undying and unextinguished, like Hong Zhong, motionless as mountain.

“Sword II thirteen!”

Jiang Chen is in the sword, but the sword two thirteen is in any case unable to break the Golden Body Buddha of the black 魇 Buddha.

Heavenly Dragon Sword is invincible, Sword of No Realm is unbreakable, and the sword two thirteen has reached the peak of Sword Realm, but Jiang Chen felt that the sword two thirteen was not enough, and there must be the birth of the sword twenty-four.

At this time, Jiang Chen has evolved the sword two thirteen, and the strength has been upgraded to the Emperor Realm late stage. The disappointment of Heavenly Dragon Sword has also been promoted to the extreme.

“Sword twenty-four! Never regenerate!”

Jiang Chen has no ambiguity and concentrates on Wu Jian. A long time ago, the sword two thirteen is, in his opinion, the ultimate of Sword of No Realm, the eternal ghost, and the Nine Heavens! But this time, he found the ultimate change of Sword of No Realm in the sword of thirteen swords, the ghosts of the gods, the heaven and earth are destroyed, and they must be born again, Sword of No Realm, It will take it to the next level.

At the moment of the twenty-fourth took action of the sword, Jiang Chen’s incomparable pleasure and excitement are inexplicable. He knows that the sword two thirteen is finally broken through. Sword of No Realm, the sword is endless. At this moment, his heart is full of fighting intent. Invincible.


In the hands of Jiang Chen, Heavenly Dragon Sword fluttered freely. At the moment of the sword drawing, the sword was already destined, and it was reborn, and it was reborn in the instant. The sword’s temperament and power were improved by ten. More than double, the sword two thirteen, completely replaced by the sword twenty-four.

Sword of No Realm, invincible!

The sword was twenty-four in the wind, and the sword swayed infinitely. It instantly smashed the Golden Body of the black buddha Buddha. At that moment, the black scorpion Buddha blew away, and the blood spurted out, completely unable to suppress the sword. The offensive, wolverine gesture, compared to before, do not know how much weaker.


The black cockroach Buddha rushed to the blood, but the means was still broken, but it was still broken by Jiang Chen’s own Buddha Golden Body. At this moment, the sword traversed the heaven and earth, and the black sable Buddha complained, Sword of No Realm , peerless, Venerable Emperor Even the black sable Buddha, was defeated in his hands.

“A good Heavenly Dragon Sword, a good sword twenty-four!”

Jiang Chen is extremely gratified. This battle can completely be said to completely suppress the black scorpion Buddha. At this time, the tyrant Monk is also relieved of impure air, and Jiang Chen has no problem, they are not in trouble.

“Buddha Pagoda, but it seems that you are already poor. In the future, I will see who dares to come to the trouble of Jiang Chen, the person of Buddha Pagoda, I see one, kill one!”

Jiang Chen domineering said, it’s just black.

The wretched black scorpion Buddha, with a sneer, still stands firm, and Coldy looks at Jiang Chen.

“I can push me to this step, and you are lucky. Jiang Chen, today I am black, Buddha, it is necessary to bring you back to Buddha Pagoda, and the Buddha, one can not be less.”

“I still dare to die when I die, let me see what else you have.”

Jiang Chen looked forward to the hope that the black scorpion Buddha was still so arrogant, this time Jiang Chen must be smashed and killed, giving Buddha Pagoda a profound lesson.

“The konjac changed, the black pole Buddha!”

The black scorpion Buddha was in a move, the black armor was all over the body, and a gust of wind whistled. The black scorpion Buddha swallowed the rain, and his body shape changed constantly. Eventually it became a bright silver color, and the black light surged and dazzled.

“The konjac changes! You will eventually refining the konjac.”

Monk’s face has changed slightly. Before the countless years ago, the Buddha was born in the Buddha’s time. When he converted to Buddhism, he was once a chaotic demon. His demon art became a jealous demon. It is a devastating cultivation method, killing one thousand people to lose 800, and the konjac will transform himself into a ruthless one, and the black pole Buddha is his final state.

“The konjac is my real name divine art, as the eight Buddhas, if there is no means to press the bottom of the box, how can it be compared with the other seven Buddhas? Hahaha.”

Black Donkey Buddha, such as King Kong, rock-solid, black pole Buddha, punched out, whizzing past, three thousand black clouds shrouded in the air, black 魇 Buddha hand clenched, comparable to gold and iron, comparable to Heavenly Dragon Sword , its own strength, it is constantly breaking through, reaching the level of Venerable Emperor middle stage.

[dragon marks Divine World The text will end this month, because many pits are filled, so the update will not be fast, one day or two more, in addition, the sword fairy has three hundred chapters, and Old Su will also focus on all the next They all moved to the top of the sword fairy, the brothers who did not see it, can be slaughtered, and Old Su needs the support of the brothers. 】

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