“The soldiers will stop, the water will cover the soil, my Jiang Chen is afraid that you will not be?”

Jiang Chen coldly snorted, the sword twenty-four resurgence, sweeping out, a sword sacrifice, with the black-level Buddha heavy punch, screaming, Jiang Chen heart shaking, this black pole Buddha is too terrifying, it is simply Frightened and chilling, it is one of the eight Buddhas, the Buddha of War God, the name of the year.

Jiang Chen is also indifferent. The sword is still in need of strangeness. At this time, the battle of the black pole Buddha is already somewhat stretched. It is impossible to completely integrate the sword into the extreme, and it will not be able to reinvent the black buddha Buddha.

“I see how you fight with me. Even the Primal Origin Treasure Tool can’t hurt my black Buddha. Give me death.”

Black Donkey Buddha screams, Black Pole Buddha moves to the mountains, punches out, no fancy, but people can’t fight, Jiang Chen is worthy of avoiding the edge, the sword is still in the middle of exploration, Jiang Chen Once again, Dragon Transformation is used to collide with the Black Pole Buddha. Jiang Chen under Dragon Transformation also has a body strength of peak and one punch and one punch. No one will retreat. Jiang Chen’s fleshly body The force is comparable to that of the Black Buddha, but the means of the Black Dragon Buddha is even better, and Jiang Chen has to be shocked.

The konjac made the demon qi around him within ten thousand miles. The more the demon qi gathers, the more the black pole Buddha is terrifying, his power is increasingly powerful, and Jiang Chen’s Dragon Transformation is unable to fully withstand the black. Extreme Buddha’s top offensive.

“You are going to Heaven’s sake, I have to die with you!”

Jiang Chen gnashed his teeth, slammed his fists, hurriedly attacked, punched and punched, and the black pole Buddha was simply two terrifying humanoid weapons. No one took a step back.

“Black pole Buddha, black and heavy!”

Black Donkey Buddha Thousands of heavily hits, the waves rise, Jiang Chen hands printed 诀, the red Heavenly Seal that combines the power of Dao Accumulation, the strong attack, and the black pole Buddha to the together, the moment, the Red Heavenly Seal is unique, Dao Accumulation’s prestige, Ling heaven and earth, Ling Wanwu children play a, almost instantly formed a repression, the black palm Buddha’s palm, directly destroyed, black 魇 Buddha face pale, back, gossip, heart scared The color of the trembling.

“Dao Accumulation, Printed Heavenly Seal!”

Blackbird Buddha had not thought that Jiang Chen would have such a strong means as the Heavenly Seal, but this time, the infinite Dao Accumulation completely broke his arm, and immediately broke his arm, and he lost it. Come down.

“Want to run? No way!”

The black sable Buddha feels how terrifying the force of Jiang Chen’s Dao Accumulation is, and it is worth screaming, but Jiang Chen is never going to give him such an opportunity. He is extremely instructed to play the Great Dragon. I completely stared at the black cockroach Buddha, and there was no way to go to heaven!

“Fear, forgive! Buddha Ancestor save me -“

A scream of inexplicable shouts sounded, this voice Buddha Ancestor, let the tyrant Monk are all shocked, this title, he did not dare to respond.

But at this moment, the call for help from Black Buddha made him have to tremble with his heart.

“In the end, I used to be a Buddhism disciple, Amitabha!”

The tyrant Monk shook his head and stepped out in one step. The crossbar was in front of Jiang Chen, whispering:

“Amitabha, Jiang benefactor, at the moment I am the Lord of the Buddha, pray for you, let go of a way of life.”

Jiang Chen’s brows are wrinkled. This guy makes the tyrant Monk almost immersed in the consigned to eternal damnation. Even himself, it is quite a crisis. He was killed by Buddha Pagoda many times between his life, and his heart was full of resentment. At this moment, the tyrant Monk, as his brother, made a persuasion and made Jiang Chen fall into the passive.

Promise him, then be killed by Buddha Pagoda, what is the death of thousands of souls? Do not agree, as a life and death brother, Jiang Chen can not open this mouth anyway!

“Amitabha, save a life, win 7-Tier Buddha, Jiang benefactor, please also show your mercy.”

Monk Monk is compassionate, but for Jiang Chen, he is endlessly hateful. This Buddha Pagoda’s black-eyed Buddha, Jiang Chen never wants to stay.

“Black 魇 Buddha is evil, and it must be big trouble, Buddha Ancestor, these madmen, can’t stay!”

Venerable Wood Spirit is also a bite, and he hates this black sable Buddha. He and Buddha Ancestor are almost in his hands. Now Buddha Ancestor wants to spare his life.

“Sweeping the ground, hurting the ants, cherishing the moth sands! My Jiang Chen has killed countless people, but only killed the killer, my brother, Monk, like me, the murderer, must be a wicked, today Buddha Ancestor and I said that I don’t know what it is. The Buddha is compassionate. I am Jiang Jin’s life. I only know that the person who threatens my friend, kill without mercy! As a friend of the tyrant Monk, this person, I will kill no doubt! I also hope Buddha Ancestor forgive me!”

Jiang Chen’s eyes are condensed, murderous aura, black and white Buddha’s face pale, and call for help again.

“Buddha Ancestor, save me, Buddha Ancestor!”

The voice has not fallen, Jiang Chen is already a sword, directly smashing the black scorpion Buddha, Great Yu Soul Form Lantern instantly swallowed his soul, ruined, no water, even Venerable Wood Spirit is a bit stunned And is there such an operation?

However, Venerable Wood Spirit knows that now Buddha Ancestor must be speechless, Jiang Chen is one of the people he can’t solve, and Jiang Chen saved their lives, brotherhood, deep-rooted, as Wanfozhi It is impossible for the ancestors to save the world. For the black scorpion Buddha, this is fate, this is the robbery!

He has done a lot of evil in his life. It is among the eight Buddhas. The most sinister and sinister existence, Jiang Chen’s strength is promoted, and his strength is deep. The first trick is to get rid of the black scorpion Buddha, and it is also a time.

But at that moment, the black 魇 Buddha was killed by Jiang Chen, the tyrant Monk also sighed, his face a little moving, shaking his head.

“Thank you, Little Chen.”

Monk Monk’s heart is that Jiang Chen kills the black scorpion Buddha for himself, but as the Buddha Supreme, after all, the black buddha Buddha was his Buddhist disciple, and now he is full of emotions.

As the lord of the Buddha, the ancestors of the Buddha, who failed to restrain the men, led to the destruction of the Buddha, he could not blame. Today, the Buddha disciples were killed here. Although they are traitors, they are also disciples of their own life. It is a living life. Buddhism takes compassion as its heart. If it can be influenced, it will never kill, and it can be done by cutting the flesh and feeding the eagle.

But now Jiang Chen kills Samsara, the two are human beings, Monk, who overlaps the memory, can only be grateful. After all, Jiang Chen is for him.

“Between the brothers, thank you!”

Jiang Chen heavy nodded, the next moment, laughing, and the tyrant Monk tightly embraced together, brothers, exterminate gangsters, this is the celebration.

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