“I didn’t expect it. I haven’t seen it for a long time. Your strength is so powerful. It’s really sighed. It seems that I am not as good as you, the name of Jiang Chen, now in the entire Divine World, it is all over the place. ”

The tyrant Monk said with a smile, although he finally failed to retain the black-haired Buddha, but this does not hinder the brother relationship between the two people. From the perspective of the Buddha, he is for the whole life, the Buddha To be reasonable, there is nothing wrong with it, but as a friend of Jiang Chen, the brothers have two knives to save him in the fire, but also let the tyrant Monk feel great comfort.

“You don’t dig at me, you can escape here. It’s a resurgence of life. It’s a life of death. It’s just a matter of life. Killing this black buddha, I am in a good mood, quite a lot, as a Buddha.” Lord Zong, I can’t help but some, Monk.”

Jiang Chen smiled and joked.

The tyrant Monk waved his hand and gestured not to tighten.

“Amitabha, I don’t go to hell who goes to hell. Right, what difficulties have you encountered before? How can it be so difficult, isn’t Little Yu coming with you?”

“Oh, it’s hard to say a word. In the deep sea, I also encountered great trouble. After nine deaths, I finally finished the last Jedi rebirth, but Little Yu left, I don’t know when I can see her again, her strength. , stronger than me, more terrifying. Heaven and earth Great Tribulation, you should be clearer than me, she seems to stop the heaven and earth Great Tribulation.”

Jiang Chen shook his head and his face was bitter.

The tyrant Monk is in shock, the serious look at Jiang Chen, whisper:

“Little Yu is better than your strength, and is focused on heaven and earth Great Tribulation. It is very likely… she is also the reincarnation of the Immamorial God King of the ancient era, but she doesn’t know who it is.”

Jiang Chen’s brow wrinkles, no matter what, no matter who her previous life is, even the ten evil people, this life, she can only be her own wife.

“It seems that you already know about heaven and earth Great Tribulation. I don’t need to tell you more, but for now, the entire Western Extremity Divine Region is turbulent, and the people of the top ten monasteries are all looking for me. , Buddha Pagoda’s black 魇 Buddha, is not to be outdone, not just me, you are the same, Buddha Pagoda has even listed them as the most wanted criminals, want to kill us. For the sake of this, I can not leave Western Extremity Divine Region. The most dangerous place is the safest place. I must reinvigorate the Buddha. This is my root. It is also my fallen place. As the saying goes, where does it fall, where is it from? climb up.”

The tyrant Monk expression said seriously.

“So? You have to swear in the Western Extremity Divine Region?”

Jiang Chen, a sneak peek, Monk, now blending with the previous life memories, seems to be more dead-hearted.

“So, I am going to get a door to the ten temples, even the gates of the Baida Temple. I believe that if I am compassionate and the Buddha is immortal, then there is capital against the heaven and earth Great Tribulation.”

Monk’s face is indifferent, and Jiang Chen is worried about him, but Jiang Chen knows that the tyrant Monk is no longer the original tyrant Monk, his heart is no longer selfish, he Living for the entire Buddha, as the ancestor of the Buddha, the body of the Buddha, he is also difficult to blame, the Western Extremity Divine Region needs him, the Buddha needs him.

However, Jiang Chen knows how difficult this step is for the current tyrant Monk, no doubt. This is equivalent to being announced to the whole world. How can the ancestor of Wanfo in the Western Extremity Divine Region and Buddha Pagoda be reluctant? The rest of the Buddha’s eyes will also be rushing into the Western Extremity Divine Region, which will be a great catastrophic crisis.

Monk Monk is now only the Emperor Realm middle stage. If the God Sovereign Realm expert can be used in the same period, there is no need to worry, but now Northern Cold Divine Region, Dongsheng Divine Region, Nantong Divine Region, Western Extremity Divine Region Central Region Divine Land, all of them are experts, and the Emperor Realm experts, which are hidden in the world, are all beginning to surface. Now they need to face it. It is probably not just the impact of one or two forces. .

In his place, he had to seek his own government, and the Buddha made a big mistake in the past, and even caused the whole heaven and earth Great Tribulation to be inclined. Although he could not say that all the reasons were his, he could not help. The rest is very important.

Now that the reincarnation has come again, the Buddha must deeply understand his responsibility and his own heart.

Jiang Chen didn’t know how to persuade the tyrant Monk, and even if he said more, the extra tyrant Monk would not help, because his identity has already determined all of this. You can say that the tyrant Monk is pedantic, but as the Lord of the Buddha, although the Buddha today is already falling apart, but now it still has an incomparable responsibility. In the eyes of the tyrant Monk, the Buddha has not been destroyed. It’s just the architecture of the Buddha. The Lingshan is still there. The Buddha will definitely be able to reopen the mountain and become the most powerful sect of Divine World. It’s just a matter of time. This is his belief. Although he is not glorious, he must Thousands of Buddha charms can only be re-stepped to peak.

“Okay, I am with you!”

Jiang Chen said, and looked at Monk with the tyrant, Monk is also a slight glimpse, I did not expect Jiang Chen to be so determined.

“You said, I don’t go to hell, who goes to hell. But the person who wants me to go to hell in Jiang Chen is not born yet. I have to see, this Western Extremity Divine Region, what Demon ghosts will be, I Jiang Chen will not let go.”

“Those people will come to me, you are here, too dangerous.”

The tyrant Monk waved his hand.

“Do you know the danger, don’t I know the danger? Haha, but I can’t let my brother, I was suppressed, and now Little Yu is no longer with me. What are my concerns? Confront soldiers with generals and Stem water with earth, as the Buddha Supreme, I have to see, how do you re-establish the Buddha, the Buddha is destroyed, the responsibility is not in you, heaven and earth Great Tribulation is coming, I believe that you also belong to the heart The goal is to stop the heaven and earth Great Tribulation. Although I am not together with Little Yu, I am trying to fight for the same dream. I will sit here and see if these visitors come from. What are the ghosts and gods?”

Jiang Chen stood up with the sword and crossed the knife. He smiled slightly and joined forces with the tyrant Monk. He did not intend to leave.

Monk Monk is very touched, Jiang Chen is strong, and he is better than himself. If he is there, the ten temples may not be so arrogant, but Buddha Pagoda will once again commit crimes, maybe not like before. The Black Dragon Buddha is only an advance force. The forces above the Buddha Pagoda, the Martial Pill Palace, the Divine Region, and the sects and even the experts with the enemity of the Buddha are bound to follow.

Knowing that there is a tiger in the mountains and Hushan, the tyrant Monk is the real hellwalker in Jiang Chen’s view.

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