“Brothers are united, their profit is broken! Don’t say anything polite, I am not for you, nor for the world, I am for Little Yu, for our happiness!”

Jiang Chen smiled lightly and calmly.

The tyrant Monk nodded, Jiang Chen decided that it was ten horses that could not be pulled back. The tyrant Monk can only recover his injuries quickly. The Western Extremity Divine Region is the true land of Buddha. On this land, there was a boundless Buddha rhyme, spreading between nothing, but now, The Buddhist scriptures, the Buddha’s rhyme in the sky, have long since disappeared.

But the tyrant Monk firmly believes that one day, he will let the Buddha’s radiance of thebet Heaven and Earth be splashed on the land of the Western Extremity Divine Region to reproduce the ancient glory.

Central Region Divine Land, Buddha Pagoda, Buddha Mountain!

As the highest mountain on the top of the state, Buddha Mountain is the base of the entire Buddha Pagoda. Above the Central Region Divine Land, countless experts are eagerly awaited. In addition to the Martial Pill Palace, Buddha Pagoda is the supreme presence of the entire Central Region Divine Land.

Although countless Emperor Realm experts are now available, but the existence of Buddha Pagoda is still quite taboo, and its status is even more impulsive. On Divine World, people who can make Buddha Pagoda or The forces are far from being there.

Since the battle of Immemorial, the forces of all parties have been hit hard, more and more experts have fallen, disappeared, and finally dissipated in between Heaven and Earth. Numerous experts have gradually died down, countless forces have alternated, and finally Buddha Pagoda replaced the most in the past. The powerful Buddhism became the super power coexisting with the Martial Pill Palace, standing behind the Central Region Divine Land, the fate of all the experts of the master.

Buddha Pagoda The situation is very different, and it is not allowed by countless forces, but it is still difficult to change their Overlord status in Divine Land in Central Region and even Divine World.

At this moment, in the depths of the Buddha Hill, in the ancient land of Buddha Pagoda, on a barren land, there are ten stele standing on the floor, hence the name of the tower.

Among the ancient land, surrounded by mountains, snowy scenery, surrounded by mist and long, like a chaotic general. The ten towers are already mottled, the years are long, the time is bright, and the weather is frosty. It seems to be writing the endless history of millions of years.

“kā chā ……kā chā 嚓……”

One of the black towers, at this time, was torn apart, and the inch collapsed, turning into a piece of lime, dissipating in between Heaven and Earth.

“Not good, the tower is broken!”

The two God Sovereign Realm peaks that guard the ancient land have a look at each other, and their faces are changed, and they are exclaimed, and the heart is even more shocking.

At the same time, in the mountains of the Buddha, four figures, but also rushed out, went straight to the top of the clouds.

The four experts, the strength is all with Venerable Emperor Realm, the strength is strong, no doubt! The anger of the sky, above the clouds, circling, the entire Central Region Divine Land, seems to feel the four-Venerable Emperor level super expert’s heaven-shaking roar.

“What happened? How did the black cock die?”

“How is this possible? In Divine World, is there anyone who dares to move him? Even if you want to move, you have to measure your strength and say it.”

“It seems that someone is challenging us at Buddha Pagoda.”

“In any case, the black cockroach Buddha is dead, and his tower card is completely gone. We can’t take it lightly now. There are such terrifying experts, which are beyond our awareness. Eight Buddhas are indispensable. Nowadays, the black scorpion Buddha has been gone, and it is quite tricky for us. For the sake of the present, we must find out the people who killed the black buddha Buddha. Otherwise, the majesty of my Buddha Pagoda will exist.”

The four people face each other, each person’s face is covered with dignified color, the death of the black buddha Buddha, the impact on Buddha Pagoda is very great, especially for the eight Buddhas, eight Buddha want to come forward and retreat, but Now, the black buddha Buddha has passed away. For them, whether it is the dignity of Buddha Pagoda or their strength, it is a great blow.

“Dare to provoke the majesty of Buddha Pagoda, this person must be impossible to let go, and must be severely punished.”

I Buddha sighed, clenched my fists, and killed intent.

“Who knows how the black scorpion Buddha died?”

King Kong Buddha’s brow is locked, and it is also a fog for the death of the black pheasant Buddha.

“I heard that Black Hawk was going to the Western Extremity Divine Region to find the Buddha and wanted to bring the Buddha back. He should have been poisoned in the Western Extremity Divine Region.”

Buddha Long Xiang slightly daggers, said with a sullen look.

“When it is not too late, we are now departed. Go to the Western Extremity Divine Region. Be sure to find out who is going to kill the black buddha Buddha.”

Kowloon Buddha is already ready to go to the Western Extremity Divine Region and avenge the black scorpion Buddha.

“Black Donkey Buddha died in the Western Extremity Divine Region. It’s really confusing. You know, we all came out of the Western Extremity Divine Region, the Buddha’s sitting place, also in Western. Extremity Divine Region, now Black Buddha wants to go to the Western Extremity Divine Region to capture the Buddha’s reincarnation Golden Body, but is left there. It is hard to imagine how the Buddha’s reincarnation Golden Body reached its strength. Western Extremity Divine Region, it is necessary to be quite careful, the strength of the black 魇 Buddha, we all know, not to fall in a very easy task. The Buddha’s reincarnation Golden Body does not divide, for us, always It is a threat.”

I Buddha said silently, and the worry in my heart is gradually rising.

“One world is right, we have to go to the Western Extremity Divine Region this time, we must be fully prepared, and we can’t take it lightly. The Venerable Emperor level black sable Buddha can be degraded. We are also duty-bound. Go to Western Extremity Divine Region, remember to be careful.”

Kowloon Buddha nodded and quite agreed with the words of Buddha.

“The worm of the hundred feet, dead and not stiff, even if it is a reincarnated Golden Body, how much wave do you want to roll up? This Buddha is really damn.”

King Kong Buddha gnawed his teeth and said that he was very angry, but the Western Extremity Divine Region was already imminent, the death of the black buddha Buddha and the majesty of Buddha Pagoda, and the Buddha’s threat to their endless years must die. Terror-stricken, they can be assured.

“You three go first, I went to see the Venusian Venerable. Anyway, the changes in the Western Extremity Divine Region are enough to attract our attention. The heaven and earth Great Tribulation is just around the corner, the Western Extremity Divine Region has changed. It’s so tricky, it’s not good news for us. If the Buddha can make a comeback with the Western Extremity Divine Region, no one can say.”

I Buddha saw a trio and agreed. It is a step ahead to find the Venerable Venerable.

“If you don’t want to be late, let’s go quickly. No matter who you are, you have to tremble under the glory of Buddha Pagoda. If the Buddha is dead, then you will never be able to reproduce the rays of light!”

Buddha Long Xiang fiercely said, I am ready for everything, just waiting for life and death! The three Venerable Emperor experts, going all over the sky, turned into three azure lights, disappearing in time.

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