I Buddha looked at the figure of the three Buddhas. The expression was extremely dignified and the hands were constantly stunned. It seemed to be counting on the changes of the Western Extremity Divine Region. In a sudden, his face changed and he muttered:

“How could this be? The Buddha relic, is there any major thing happening? It seems that the Western Extremity Divine Region is really going to change. It is impossible to go without a trip. I have to hurry to find the Venerable Venerable.”

I Buddha turned and went straight to the emperor’s house, Venerable’s cave, and his eyes were extremely worried.

The Buddha of the First World can count, and can have the ability to predict the prophet. This time, the death of the black buddha Buddha is to make him feel an unusual flavor. Sure enough, the Western Extremity Divine Region seems to have a major earthquake. Turbulence, and even the future of heaven and earth Great Tribulation.

Buddha Shandong, Sumi Canyon, is the dojo of Venerable Venerable, and Venusian Venerable has been retreating. For many years, Buddha Pagoda has basically been in the hands of the Eight Buddhas, but this time even the Black Buddha. It’s hard to escape bad luck, so Buddha has to go to find the Venerable Venerable, because only he can come out to preside over the overall situation. After all, the Buddha’s reincarnation Golden Body reappears on the land of the Western Extremity Divine Region, allowing countless people They are all rushing, and if they don’t go, they will definitely lose quite a lot of things.

“The emperor of the day, Venerable, I Buddha. See you.”

I Buddha said in a loud voice, resounding through the Sumi Canyon, between the immediately, the two portals in the canyon, quietly opened.

“Buddha Venerable, come in one.”

The voice of the emperor reverberated between the canyons, letting a Buddha look bright, heavily nodded and flew between the canyons.

Among the caves, there is a hole in the sky, the spiritual energy gathers, and the entire Sumi Canyon is like a spiritual energy vortex. It looks like a black ink, sitting cross-legged and facing away from Buddha.

“Venerable, Black Buddha is dead, Western Extremity Divine Region has experienced major turmoil, Kowloon Buddha, King Kong and Buddha Long Xiang have already traveled, I am worried, predicting and discovering the Buddha of Western Extremity Divine Region In the old place, there is a possibility of a great change, resulting in the entire Western Extremity Divine Region, which is chaos.”

I Buddha said straight to the point.

“I already know that in the next six months, I will be able to leave the country. When the Buddha becomes stronger, it will not be able to slip away from me.”

The emperor’s coldly said that for the Buddha and Jiang Chen to escape from his Divine Sense, he is always worried, and now it is a crucial period of retreat, he naturally can’t go out, but he has already decided The Western Extremity Divine Region is bound to have a big change.

It used to be that he let the Buddha and Jiang Chen slip away. This time, they must be able to escape from the wings. With their own true body, let him have three arms and six arms, and it is impossible to escape.

“So, now, let me take the first step?”

I asked Buddha.

“Alright, I will catch up with you soon, I hope that when I go to the Western Extremity Divine Region, the Buddha has already been taken by you. Remember, you must not kill the Buddha, he is for our Buddha Pagoda. Words are significant.”

The emperor released the sky again and again, and immediately closed his eyes and entered the cultivation.

“Leading the law.”

I Buddha withdrawed from the Sumi Canyon, and the expression was rigorous. Looking over the void, I asked the Buddha to go to the Western Extremity Divine Region.

However, in another Earth Domain above the Central Region Divine Land, the atmosphere of the Emperor Realm expert is also endless.

The only thing that can compete with Buddha Pagoda is the Martial Pill Palace.

Among the main halls of Martial Pill Palace, there are more than ten people standing, all of them are waiting for each other. Everyone’s expression is extremely dignified. The head of the people, white, cold eyes, calm and composed.

“I didn’t expect that my Martial Pill Palace has been defeated for the first time in many years. It is actually in the hands of a hairy boy. You are talking about it. What do I want you to do?”

Middle-aged coldly snorted, everyone is arrogant, dare not say more, these ten people, all Emperor Realm expert, even four people, all reached the Emperor Realm peak, from the Venerable Emperor level of expert, but also It is the difference between the first line.

“Scarlet Moon, the Jiang Chen is too terrifying, and our Martial Pill Palace was originally in the hands of several Emperor Realm experts. It was a metamorphosis.”

“Yeah, Tianzun, this time please be sure to be the master of us.”

“Tianzun took action, we must come to the hand, our Martial Pill Palace is absolutely impossible to suffer such a big shame.”

“Please ask Tianzun to guard the glory of our Martial Pill Palace.”

All the people are very flattering to Scarlet Moon, and the rigor of the face, no one dares to take it lightly.

“Hey, a group of gits, what else do you use? Let a little boy of Half Step Emperor Realm, so ruthless, you have lost the face of our Martial Pill Palace.”

Scarlet Moon sullenly fell asleep and fell asleep.

“Hunting the wind, lightning, inviting the moon, Biyun, and going to the Western Extremity Divine Region, I have to see, this so-called Zhongzhou number one genius, how many metamorphosis.”

“Yes, Heaven!”

The experts of the four Venerable Emperor peaks are all expressions. Follow the Scarlet Moon and go straight to the Western Extremity Divine Region.

At this moment, above the Western Extremity Divine Region, Jiang Chen and the monk Monk successively visited the top ten monasteries, all of which were rejected, leaving Jiang Chen to be speechless. The monk Monk wanted to use his own Buddhist scriptures. On the road, changing the Western Extremity Divine Region, changing the Buddha, and retrieving the former Buddha, is almost a fantasy.

The ten monasteries are all closed. At this moment, everyone knows that the Buddha has become the object of the pursuit of Buddha Pagoda. The entire Western Extremity Divine Region is in danger. Even the small temples are closed. The door does not come out, Feng Shan Feng Zen.

The tyrant Monk is also a distressed face, but he is still speechless, but he still has to practice the original meaning of the Buddha. Only in this way can he have the opportunity to reshape the Buddha.

“I am afraid this is not the way. Monk, even I think that you have too many foods to eat behind, they have long forgotten, the former Buddha, is your support.”

Jiang Chen sighed.

“Amitabha, I believe that there is always a reward for paying.”

The tyrant Monk whispered, but it was still difficult to disappoint.

But at this time, in the distant sky, an unparalleled heaven-shaking vortex, descending from the sky, rising from the sky, lingering in between Heaven and Earth, hurricane rolls, black waves, thunder, sparkling, heaven and earth discoloration .

Above the sky, it turned into a black and gray color, so that Jiang Chen and the tyrant Monk all changed their faces, and they looked at each other with a stunned heart.

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