The wind swelled in the wind, the waves were raging, and the clouds shrouded the distant sky. It was the place where the Buddha of the Buddha was the place of the Great Dao relic.

A strong hurricane, falling from the sky, almost attracted the gaze of the entire Western Extremity Divine Region, so shocking, it is incomprehensible.

On the occasion of the surging, on the Nine Heavens, the color changes, making people unpredictable, heaven and earth vision, like the end of the world.

The Shahai depression, the wind and the wind, the entire Western Extremity Divine Region, everyone is ashamed, especially the people of the once Buddha, found that the vast, dangerous lurks on every side of the land, turned out to be the Buddha’s hometown, so they are all It is getting nervous.

“What happened? Is it the place where the Buddha was born, is Demon born? I have never heard of it for so many years, there is such a big turmoil in the place of the Buddha.”

“It’s hard to say that the Western Extremity Divine Region has changed its voice. Not long ago I heard that the Buddha’s reincarnation Golden Body has arrived in the Western Extremity Divine Region and is likely to be caused by him.”

“The rice can be eaten indiscriminately, but can’t be said indiscriminately. Even if it is the ancestor of the Buddha of the Buddha, I am afraid that there is not such a big ability. You see, within a thousand miles, the Buddha’s place has been swept away for the sake of the wind. The land is worrying.”

“It seems that those old and not bad are going out to see it. The Buddha’s place has such a change, I don’t think anyone can sit still.”

“You are wrong, but I have heard that the top ten monasteries have led countless Buddhism disciples. Now they are all closed temples and cultivation. This time, the Buddha’s place, this situation may not make them rush. ”

Countless people are feeling for it. The Buddhism disciples have been completely scattered in the Western Extremity Divine Region as long as millions of years ago, and even the other Great Provinces exist. Although the Buddha’s homeland has already been destroyed, it is no longer Exist, but countless believers, but still incomparably pious to the Buddha.

However, the turmoil in this place of Buddhism has caused many people to fall into a panic. I don’t know how it is, the Buddha’s reincarnation Golden Body reappears, and the Buddha Pagoda expert’s fall of the Western Extremity Divine Region is a shocking thing. People are heart-wrenching, and they are also reasonable.

After all, the Western Extremity Divine Region has been calm for so many years. It’s too quiet.

“No, I have to go back and see!”

The tyrant Monk said quietly.

“Go, go together.”

Jiang Chen said, this situation, he knows that the tyrant Monk wants to return to the Buddha’s place, must have his own reasons.

“what have you found?”

Jiang Chen couldn’t help but ask.

“A familiar atmosphere.”

The tyrant Monk has a meaningful look at Jiang Chen.

“Maybe it will help me.”

“That’s good, let’s go, in this Western Extremity Divine Region, 800 Temples, you have been repeatedly rejected, it depends on whether this Buddha’s homeland can reproduce the past glory. Haha.”

Jiang Chen said with a big laugh.

“Well. Many people in the temples are also wall-headed grasses. They are watching. Many of the top ten monasteries where the Rahan Venerable is located have never appeared. Those small monasteries will not be easy to take action. If they express their opinions, it is very likely It will become cannon fodder. One thing I always believe is that they must wait for the return of the Buddha. In the past, the ancestors of the Buddha are not a kind of faith. The true faith is their self-confidence.”

Monk Monk is extremely serious. He looks at Jiang Chen and two people go straight to the Buddha’s place. Venerable Wood Spirit has already been there, because before that, Monk has already anticipated it.

In a short time, two people appeared in the Buddha’s homeland. At that moment, the heaven and earth changed, dark and dull. It seems to be the end of the world. No one understands the mood of the tyrant Monk. The change of the world is the real creation.

The wind and sand around it is getting bigger and bigger, and the hurricane is connected with the sky. Jiang Chen and the tyrant Monk are at the top of the cusp. If it is not the Emperor Realm expert, it has already been torn into pieces. Even so, Venerable Wood Spirit can only be in the outer area, silently watching, Jiang Chen and the tyrant Monk step by step into the hinterland, the Buddha’s place is already in ruins, and now it has become the current touch Like, heaven-shaking has changed, attracting all the experts, gaze are all condensed here.

“You see, there are six beams of light above the sky, all of which fall on the land of the Buddha.”

“Yes! What are these six beams of light?”

“Who knows, I think only the real Buddha can know what these energy light columns are.”

“It seems that the rise of the Buddha is not even a wind. If the Buddha of the divine giant Buddha’s ancestor is really reincarnation, then maybe he can really lead a Western Extremity Divine Region, maybe.”

Above the Western Extremity Divine Region, although seemingly calm, but countless forces, countless experts, are undercurrent, are watching, what is the reason for the Buddha’s hometown, it is heartbreaking.

“It’s him, it’s really him!”

The tyrant Monk said very harshly.

“who is it?”

Jiang Chen asked quite a puzzled question.

“Hell is not empty, swear not to be a Buddha!”

The tyrant Monk said excitedly that the familiar atmosphere, though full of a dark flavor, although the Darkness of the Darkness is inscribed between Heaven and Earth, but it is the most familiar atmosphere.

“Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva ?”

Jiang Chen finally knows who the monk Monk is talking about. Is it such a big move that Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is called?

“Amitabha. Yes, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is the true prophet of my Buddha, and it is comparable to the Buddha Ancestor. It is only Samsara, Demon Dao, and Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva. It is a source of macro: hell is not empty, no oath Chengfo! As a prophet of Buddhism, Xiao Yan is also difficult to compare with Daxie.”

Monk Monk said with a sincere face, the glittering of the eyes, the incomparable expectation, the arrival of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, will make the entire Buddhism become splendid.

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is not in the Western Extremity Divine Region, but under the hell, it is the ancient admiration that the Buddha’s people admire most. Although it is not a Buddha, it is not because of the lack of status and strength, just because of his ambition, let There is no hardship in the world, no Samsara in hell, he can become a Buddha!

“It seems that this Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is really compassionate and sad.”

Jiang Chen said that even the reincarnation of the Buddha, Monk, claimed to be a small man in front of him. It is enough to foresee how deep and far-reaching the meaning of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is to the Buddha.

This time, Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is sure to have its cause. For the monk Monk, it is the return of a Buddha!

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