“Do it, monk, this group of guys, just don’t see the coffin without tears!”

Jiang Chen sneered, holding Heavenly Dragon Sword, arrogant, unstoppable.

“Amitabha, Amitabha.”

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva eyes closed, whispered, mourning the Buddha, constantly shaking his head and sighing.

For Buddhism, this is indeed a very bitter civil war. The battle between the Buddha’s reincarnation Golden Body and the eight Buddhas made Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva unbearable. For the Buddha, it was a shame and even more incomparable. The great morality is lost.

The Buddha once gave birth to a Buddha for the world, but he was betrayed by the people of the world. Although he was wrong, he did not wish. No one in the Buddha is willing to forgive the Buddha. Even the eight Buddhas and the emperor are all betrayed. This is almost a fatal blow for the Buddha.

At this moment, he knows that this is the end of the matter. There is no room for manoeuvre. Only whoever has a big fist and whoever is the last word is the last word.

Jiang Chen, with an enemy two, directly greeted Buddha Long Xiang and King Kong Buddha, holding the epee, squatting, and the sword crossed the between Heaven and Earth, unrivaled.

Jiang Chen directly promoted Dragon Transformation and upgraded his strength to Emperor Realm peak. Together with the support of Heavenly Dragon Sword and Sword of No Realm, even if he faced King Kong Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang alone, he was not afraid.

On the other hand, the monk monk also greeted the Kowloon Buddha alone. Compared with Jiang Chen, the strength of the monk monk continued to improve. The greater the change of the Buddha rhyme, the stronger his strength, and the strength reached a certain realm. Almost very strong, relying on the infinite Buddha rhyme, the power of faith superimposed, the strength of the monk monk has also reached the Emperor Realm peak, not only absorbed the original Relic, but also the self-existing Tuas. Buddha rhyme, perfect integration, the monk monk at this time, has long been not the original.

“Buddha’s radiance shine!”

A simple memory of Buddha’s radiance, tens of thousands of roads, so that Kowloon Buddha does not dare to take a nap, even if it has the Emperor Realm cultivation base, but it is somewhat psychological pressure to fight with the ancestors of this 10,000 Buddhas, to know the original Buddha However, Buddha Boundary Supreme, the ancestor of Wanfo, even if it is the Venerable Venerable, is not his ten-in-one. If it is not because of the rebellion of the ancestors, I am afraid that they will always be a small soldier in front of the Buddha.

Today, I have caught such an opportunity. He naturally cannot let go. He can reinvent the ancestor of the Buddha. This sale is still quite cost-effective, even if the injured one is hurting 800.

“A terrible sword! The strength of this guy is simply terrifying, dragon elephant, be careful.”

King Kong Buddha said with a grim face, two people dare not have the slightest scorn, who can imagine, whether it is the Heavenly Dragon Sword in Jiang Chen’s hands, or his unfavorable Sword Technique, has reached the peak, even if the strength is far worse than them But its power, but shocked Celestial.

On the basis of the sword two thirteen, the sword is the perfection of the essence of Sword Technique. It is a thousand miles. The sword twenty-four is the transformation of the sword two thirteen, Heavenly Dragon Sword is in hand, this The Divine Tool at the peak level allows King Kong Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang to be discouraged.

“Little Chen is really more terrifying, this guy is hard to imagine.”

Big Yellow said with a dignified face. At this time, his strength seemed quite chilly, but he was trapped in the six Samsara for so long. There is no way to do this. He can rely on the Buddha charm of Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva to break through. Emperor Realm is alive and hard now.

“Frank, keep it up!”

Ling Yun murmured, Jiang Chen’s divine might make them feel very embarrassed, but in the end they can’t turn the tide, it’s still unknown. After all, the other two people are both Venerable Emperor level experts, slightly careless. It may be defeated.

Jiang Chen has a terrifying chill in his eyes, and he is bound to leave the Buddha of the Buddha Pagoda here.

King Kong Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang looked solemn and looked at each other. Both of them were already furious and even suppressed by an Emperor Realm kid, which made them intolerable.

“Took action, King Kong, this kid, do you really think we are afraid of him? humph humph, let him see what is the strength of the Venerable Emperor level.”

Buddha Long Xiang corner of the mouth slightly cocked, murderous aura traversing, holding a heavy fist, like a Hong Zhong, instantly released, ten feet body, unstoppable, dragon head like body, domineering side leakage.

“Dragon elephant changes!”

The body of the dragon elephant, the divine might, the Buddha Long Xiang across the void, punched out, the dragon elephant’s power, unstoppable.

“Sword twenty-four! Nothing wins the border!”

Jiang Chen’s pupil tightening, retreating, Buddha Long Xiang’s dragon like the divine might, he did bring a lot of trouble, and his strength has reached the Venerable Emperor middle stage, and even more than that, then Waiting for the terrifying oppression, Jiang Chen had to go all out.

A dominate the heaven sword intent, with the Sword of No Realm, shines in the sky, and Buddha Long Xiang, against the court.

“King Kong body, undying and unextinguished !”

King Kong Buddha’s palm linkage, the body of King Kong, like a divine weapon, a punch and a punch, the Jiang Chen is complaining, the King Kong body and the dragon like the divine might, they are their supreme means, the real Assassin Hey, the two Venerable Emperor experts, the means to do it, Jiang Chen’s situation is also a very crisis.

“My day, your whole family!”

Jiang Chen bites his teeth, and the body of King Kong and the body of the dragon elephant are laminated, which makes his face more severe. On the other hand, the monk is also extremely oppressed. Although the Buddha is full of rhyme, but after all, the battle strength of Kowloon Buddha, It is also quite terrible. The eight Buddhas used to be War God, its battle strength heaven-shaking, no doubt.

“Golden Boxing! Give me to die, something that can be changed to differentiate good from bad!”

King Kong Buddha holds the gold fist, gas-filled bullfighting, sharp and unpredictable, King Kong Buddha’s King Kong body, compared to the divine weapon treasure, not much more, a punch, Jiang Chen’s Heavenly Dragon Sword, just in his gold fist Underneath, left a shallow blood mark, the power of the force, ear-splitting.

Jiang Chen step by step retreat, pair of heroes, the two crazy Buddha’s crazy crit, Jiang Chen had to stick to the square.

“Divine Bell Golden Cover !”

Jiang Chen spurred the Eastern Emperor Bell. Today’s Eastern Emperor Bell has not been completely perfected and has not been completely repaired. But when Jiang Chen reaches Emperor Realm, it is the crazy repair of Myriad Things Source Qi. The Eastern Emperor Bell, also can not be underestimated, under the Divine Bell Golden Cover, with King Kong Buddha a punch against the together, shaking all directions, the mountain river broken.

Big Yellow and the others changed their faces and were shaken away. Jiang Chen was the first to bear the brunt, and was suppressed by the pair of heroes. Buddha divine might and War God, the name is well-deserved. Jiang Chen is constantly suppressed and the situation is worrying!

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