“No, we can’t sit still. If there is something in the husband, what is the meaning of living?”

Ling Yun Xiu Mei picks, the eyes are extremely determined, although their strength, all just broke through the Emperor Realm not long, can not hurt the two Great Emperor Realm’s Buddha, but also can not see the sights at the husband Being oppressed, life is on the eve.

“Yes, for the husband, although there is no regret.”

Long Ying’er is also biting her red lips and looking at Ling Yun Yue’er. They have already set their own lives and deaths. If Jiang Chen has three long and two short, they will be meaningless if they live.

“Grandma’s, right, Little Chen, even today, even if you die, you have to bite the two bastards.”


Big Yellow roars again and again, fighting intent is unparalleled. Although there is a gap in strength, but there is no fear of intent, but there is no fear, even if it is the Buddha of War God? Once upon a time, they were in Saint Origin Continent, in the Nine Regions Immortal World, and no one was their opponent. Today, even the Buddha War God is no exception.

Big Yellow holds Divine Spear, a leader, Ling Yun and the others followed, and instantly joined the battle group. The super expert of the Venerable Emperor level is far from being able to fight, but knowing that there is a tiger in the mountains. Even if they know that they must die, they must stand by Jiang Chen. Ling Yun and the others, as well as Big Yellow, none of them are greedy and fearful.

“Be careful!”

Although Jiang Chen is at a disadvantage, it is not incapable of countering the two big Buddhas, but the addition of Ling Yun and Big Yellow and the others has made him become a slap in the face, although he knows that they are all kind, but after all, this Buddha Long Xiang With King Kong Buddha, it is too terrifying, and it is not a trick and a half can beat it.

“A group of people who don’t know how to live, give me a roll!”

King Kong Buddha punched into the sky, instantly swaying the spiritual energy fluctuations of the sky, the space collapsed, Big Yellow held Divine Spear, stood out, but under the prestige of this boxing, it has been forced to a hundred miles. Outside.

Ling Yun and the others, are heavily wounded, blood spurted out, the seriousness of the three women’s faces, for their love of the husband, there is no hesitation.

“Son of a bitch!”

Jiang Chen gritted his teeth, and his eyes were red. This King Kong Buddha actually injured his brother and woman. At this moment, the blood in Jiang Chen’s body continued to burst, and his body was full of blue veins. His eyes were full of gloom.

“Wait for me, no one can hurt you anymore.”

Jiang Chen looked at Ling Yun and the others, and said softly, the moment when the head was raised, it has become a demon from hell.

A heaven-shaking anger, constant spread, not only the tyrant monk, even Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva, feels a sense of suffocation, this guy, it is terrible, the anger that broke out in a flash, even able Desperate.

“Bunny rabbit, if you are not convinced, come over, you will die very rhythmically.”

King Kong Buddha said with a sneer, Jiang Chen’s raging anger, although he felt a hint of jealousy, but not yet let him bow down to the point, and they are two super expert at the Venerable Emperor level, Jiang Chen is just Emperor Realm Middle stage peak Only, do you want heaven defying to change your life? It’s just an idiotic dream.

“You will definitely pay the price.”

Jiang Chen clenched his fists tightly. At that moment, his body became incomparably strong. Under the Dragon Transformation, the Ancient Soaring Dragon Technique reappeared and directly promoted his strength to the Venerable Emperor level, although the gap may not be large, but the gap may not be large, but At this moment, Jiang Chen already has the battle strength of destroying the Heavens and exterminating the Earth.

King Kong Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang, completely irritated him.


Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva seems to feel a sense of silence, which has already filled the sky above the Buddha’s homeland. At this moment, Jiang Chen is like a light, the light of death from hell.

“BHeavenly Seal !”

Jiang Chen is unparalleled, like the King of the World, coming to the world, Dao Accumulation, a record, a wind thunder surprised, heaven and earth.

“Heavenly Seal!”

“羡Heavenly Seal!”

The three seals are in full, the strength of Dao Accumulation is so strong that the faces of King Kong Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang are changing, especially the terrifying Dao Accumulation exhibited by Jiang Chen, which directly blocks their retreat. That is the heaven fighting intent Just like Supreme above heaven and earth, they simply can’t match it.

“Dao Accumulation, how is this possible? Impossible!”

King Kong Buddha’s face changed greatly, Dao Accumulation’s strong imprint, once upon a time, in the ancient era, is also well known, can display the Dao Accumulation imprint of the people, that is the between Heaven and Earth Xingqiang Tianzun, no one can Competing.

Even Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva is a complexion. I didn’t expect Jiang Chen’s Dao Accumulation to print. It can be terrifying, and King Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang look back and quickly retreat. It is not only shocked by Jiang Chen’s Dao Accumulation, but also Because this seal is too strong, they can’t compete.

The ruined seals filled the sky, even though King Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang were ready, but they could not resist the light of Jiang Chen’s Dao Accumulation.

“Give me a roll!”

Jiang Chen screamed, printed and printed one after another, and they did not give them two room to fight back. Every print, with the power of Dao Accumulation, irresistible, dead breath, filled the air, two people Already on the verge of enemies, I feel the breath of death.

“No one of you can escape the palm of my hand, hurt my lover, and die for it!”

Jiang Chen rushed to the bullfighting, a seal of heaven-shaking, and the world.

Ksitigarbha Bodhisattva even felt the life and death of King Kong Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang.

“King Kong is alive, still my Golden Body!”

King Kong Buddha hardly took Jiang Chen’s Dao Accumulation, but his palm was cracked, his bones were completely shattered, his arms completely lost his fighting power, his flesh and blood was twisted into a pool of blood mist, and he fled. And retreat, only the horror of the eyes, although the arm regeneration is not difficult, but just now he easily broke his own body, it is simply unacceptable.

“The peerless dragon elephant, only I am the only one!”

Buddha Long Xiang The palm of your hand, if you are amazed, the body of the dragon elephant is also unbeatable.

However, all of them, under Jiang Chen’s Dao Accumulation, are completely torn like autumn leaves, and Buddha Long Xiang is no exception. The body is already riddled with ailments, even if it is not Jiang. Chen’s killing is also dying.

The two looked at each other and eclipsed them, even when they were at the last heaven and earth Great Tribulation, they had never suffered such a terrifying blow.

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