Buddha Long Xiang screamed and was shocked, and the power of the dragon elephant was pushed to the extreme, but still could not escape Jiang Chen’s offensive.

“Now want to retire? It’s too late, hurt my loved ones, I want you to die all.”

Jiang Chen is also furious, and has already made up his mind to die with the two men, or they will not give up. If you dare to move your own woman, then there is only one dead road.

Dao Accumulation was ruined and smashed, and it was swept away in an instant. It suffered a great deal. King Kong Buddha did not go anywhere. It was both a double attack with Buddha Long Xiang, but the result still could not stop the impact of Jiang Chen, terrifying The power of Dao Accumulation is simply that they can’t resist it. The kind of silent offensive, the handprints are all over the place, and they are invincible.

Jiang Chen is proud of the Vault of Heaven, like a divine weapon, and it is unstoppable. King Kong Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang have lost their battles in a row.

“Grandma’s, good, Little Chen.”

Big Yellow couldn’t help but scream at the side. At this time, he had just stepped out of the six Samsara. He couldn’t help Jiang Chen at all. He could only cheer for him.

On the other hand, the battle between the monk monk and the Kowloon Buddha is also intensifying. The two sides have played back and there are no more. The current monk monk is no longer the time when he was seriously injured. He went to Kowloon, Buddha, and the Buddha. It is extremely powerful.

“Amitabha, Kowloon Buddha Venerable, bitter sea is boundless, turning back is the shore, you still hurry to convert to my Buddha, now the trend has gone, you can not win Jiang Chen.”

The monk monk said with a dignified face, Bao Xiang*, very calm, Kowloon Buddha can’t help him with him, the Buddha is melodious, the atmosphere is magnificent, and even today’s tyrant monk has already had a fascinating momentum of the Buddha Supreme. Even Jiang Chen had to look at it.

“Don’t think, my Buddha Pagoda will never recognize it.”

Kowloon Buddha is still expression gloomy and cold, does not change the attack, even if you see the situation of Buddha Long Xiang and King Kong Buddha more and more passive, still with the tyrants and monks are not dead, the death of the black buddha Buddha, completely aroused His anger, his relationship with the black buddha Buddha is the best, now this time Black 魇 Buddha is killed, he can not sit still, Buddha Pagoda is the most powerful force of Divine World, how could he What does the Buddha bow down to? Even if it was once Buddha, it was above 10,000 people, its status was outstanding, and divine power was awkward, but after all, it was a while.

“I see when you can stick to it.”

Jiang Chen sneered, and the Heavenly Dragon Sword in his hand opened, he won the battle, his left hand was printed, his right hand Heavenly Dragon Sword, King Kong Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang complained that they could only be beaten passively and the injury was getting worse.

“Jiang Chen, don’t you deceive too much, it won’t take long, wait for the emperor to come to the Venerable, you all have to die!”

Buddha Long Xiang said that he was constantly forced to retreat, and he was so embarrassed that he was in a hurry. The eight Buddhas at the Venerable Emperor level were in the hands of Jiang Chen, and it was difficult to fight back.

Jiang Chen angered and rushed to the top of the sky, and the means were so hot that he had no intention of leaving them any chances. The tyrants and monks kept their hands, Jiang Chen was rushing to the sky, and the momentum was flourishing, and Buddha Long Xiang and King Kong Buddha suppressed the horrible.

“Let you pretend that this is not a good match, give me a grandson.”

Big Yellow sneered, dancing, and the long-haired Buddha Long Xiang and King Kong Buddha bite their teeth, but they can’t help. After all, Jiang Chen’s offensive is too fierce. Two people have already felt the difficulty, and even after a long time, they may be Jiang. Chen obliterate, even the Expert at the Venerable Emperor level, has no way.

Who can think of Jiang Chen, who had never been in the eyes of their apprentices, but now they have pushed them to the road, just like a nightmare, the speed of this Jiang Chen’s growth is too fast, so they are too late Start.

“Jiang Chen, you must not make your own mistakes. If you surrender now and attach to our Buddha Pagoda, then there is a slim chance of survival. Otherwise, if the Venus is coming, you will run even if you want to run.” Lost. Buddha is the enemy of our Buddha Pagoda. Do you really want to sell for him? You know, what is the end of the Buddha Pagoda?

King Kong Buddha roared and said that he wanted Jiang Chen to retreat.

“Jokes, how can I offend you to Buddha Pagoda? You Buddha Pagoda is not going to kill me twice or twice. Which one is successful? It’s a shit, don’t say that the monk is my good brother, even if it’s not As long as it is the enemy of your Buddha Pagoda, then it is my friend of Jiang Chen. Even if I vote with you, can you protect me from innocence? You may not believe it yourself, Hahaha. You two, I may not be able to wait for the emperor’s release. Even if your so-called ancestors came, my Jiang Chen is absolutely not afraid. Now, let’s take a few of them first, and Black Buddha is your end.”

Jiang Chen’s bloodthirsty eyes are constantly glittering. King Kong Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang look at each other and feel deep fear. Because Jiang Chen’s momentum is terrible, they are forced to push them into the 18th floor of Hell.

“Pull it! Don’t fight again, we all have to die here, this is a binary to the bad, the oil and salt does not enter the bastard.”

King Kong Buddha knows that at this time they have no retreat, and it is likely that the next second, Jiang Chen will let them consigned to eternal damnation, only one battle, backwaters.

“Xuan Heavenly Seal!”

Jiang Chen held a heavy fist and printed it. Dao Accumulation’s power was so powerful that he rushed to the sky and completely blocked King Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang, leaving them both to go back and forth.

“The daring dare!”

After a burst of sound, after Watund Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang, a figure came along, and the two palms together, shot on the shoulders of the two, combined with the power of three people, finally Jiang Jiang’s mysterious Heavenly Seal’s skyrocketing momentum has been offset, but King Kong Buddha and Buddha Long Xiang are already an arrow at the end of its flight. They are very embarrassed and have a suspicious face.

“One World Old Ghost, you are coming too soon, a little later, we both have to go to see Black Buddha.”

King Kong Buddha breathed a sigh of relief, sweat was falling on his face, and the two of them were never so close to death.

“Jiang Chen, I didn’t expect your strength to be so powerful. It seems that we all underestimated you.”

I Buddha nodded and looked at Jiang Chen and the monk monk, standing in the air, and the eyes were incomparably calm. It seems that Jiang Chen was not in the eye.

Jiang Chen’s eyes are small, coldy’s said:

“Another Buddha is it? No matter how much I come today, my Jiang Chen is, then I have to see, who can help me.”

“If you don’t want to say it is too full, maybe you will be at my feet, and you will bow down and say, but maybe?”

I Buddha smiled a little, calmly calmed, let Jiang Chen look more gloomy and cold, this guy, where is the confidence?

“I have to say, you are really ruthless, males are like this. Yes, good. Do you remember the two of them?”

When Buddha was in the palm of his hand, the four figures appeared in his behind, and it was Wu Ningzhu and Yan Qingcheng, which were suppressed by two Emperor Realm experts.

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