Dragon That Devours All Things Chapter 192

Chapter 191, Jin,>

The monster Demi-god is tearing up to hide the Divine Kingdom hidden under space.

then, a place named Spirit Refinement array, blocking the entire Jet Divine Kingdom.

Monster Alliance Leader, borrows hundreds of Demi-god power, starting the Divine Kingdom of Jet.

Divine Kingdom does very difficult to deal with, Kette is a half-dead disabled.

adds the terrorist power of the Spirit Refinement, and the Divine Kingdom is slowly broken, turning into a pure Divine Force, which is extracted.

This is the same as Pill ConcOcting.

The Powerhouse of the parties is also startled for this move of the monster alliance. Everyone Didn’t Expect Monster Alliance actually partnership.

and it seems to be successful.

Between a time, everyone beg.

As an opponent, All Influence, of course, does not want the monster alliance to succeed.

One by Powerhouse, rushing as much as possible, wanting to engage in things.

Monster Alliance Leader, but it seems to be expected.

actually has a group of monsters Demi-god, appearing in all directions. They joined hands and arranged a large migration array, and the entire Divine Kingdom took the Spirit Refinement array, all moved to unknown places.

Everyone is stupid, this can let them find someone.

Some people who have no patience give up. Some patient people are in the Demonic Beast forest, Tyrannize’s chaos, want to find the specific location of the Spirit Refinement array.


All arrival from the Bitmos continent is the big sea of ​​Boundless.

in the distance of the sea, there is a brand new continent and islands.

On the sea surface of Bitmos mainland Southwest, there is a turtle, which is a few hundred miles of islands, slowly approaching.

On the island, there is a variety of humanoid organisms, and is diligent training.

There is a huge gray palace in the top of the island, and a lot of Powerhouse is gathered at this time.

“finally broke the chaos, returned to the vicinity of the Bitmos mainland.” A temporadic Knight said.

“Next, it is officially logged.”

Chaos is a source of everything.

woz Divine Physique, at this time, actually started a subtle chaotic mutation.

woz evolution in chaotic biological.

Chaotic organism is one of the cosmic HIGHEST terrorist creatures. Even in other All Heavens Myriad Realms, chaotic creatures, are also the great existence of cream of the crop.

For your own changes, Woz is some unexpected.

“I am going to wake up bloodline, become a dragon of chaos? This is very interesting.”

woz can’t help but laugh, as its Divine Physique starts chaoticization, its body strength is greatly increased.

Even Defensive Power, immunity has become very strange.

The horrible god robber, hitting it on Woz, there is no big killing.

has a strong “chaotic”, WOZ’s phagarization method, actually broke out more powerful swallowing.

woz can’t help but rush into the lobby, starting to roll.

The black cloud lightning of the gods, is made by Woz as a bath water.

woz is also a force that plunders the robbery.

woz is the practice, so that God robbery is “infrared”, it has begun to release more powerful Destructive Power.

woz has just started chaoticization after all, and it is a mixed-blood chaotic organism.

Such a hybrid chaos, and the chaotic organism is stamped, and a silky capacity of chaotic organisms.

I want to use a silky ability invincible in the whole world, that is Impossible.

The top of WOZ is also a few laps that are enhanced by the mixed blood chaotic. It is only a lot of Spiritual Gods than Same Realm.

can have this powerful, and ignore the DESTRUCTIVE POWER of God.

With the gods of robbery, woz is still hard, such as Divine Iron, is slowly cracking.

is good, Woz’s recovery, still has no weakening, but it is more powerful than before.

woz injury, fast recovery.

woz and fast injuries.

Newborn and destruction, these two extreme situations appear on woz.

Woz Transcending Tribulation caused by the movement, still very huge.

The small half of the abyss, all felt this scene.

Countless devil is very clear, there is a horrible Demon GOD, is in Transcending Tribulation.

After the abyss, there will be a new Demon GOD, which is over endless demon.

The lobby of this Time lasted for more than an hour, finally stopped.

Ultra-cloud, slowly spread, disappeared.

woz is in In The Sky, at this time, WOZ, greatly changing.

The original WOZ or dark red. It can be now a dark purple.

This is a chaotic bloodline, resulting in a subtle change.

. Woz’s body shape, there are some changes, its Dragon Horn, becomes large, spiral. There is also a weird magic pattern above.

In Woz’s systemic surface, Densly Packed bone thorn has replaced the original Dragon Scales. Especially the position of the spinal bone, the bones are very huge, it looks like a row of hills.

woz seems to wear a tired bonender.

These bones, very sharp, hard.

woz raised his hand, using the long Dragon Claw, rushing to the chest, actually bursting a lot of sparks.

These sparks also burned the space, blown ONE AFTER ANOTHER SPACK.

“Today’s dragon body, far superfine Formidable Power.”

woz is somewhat helpless.

Originally its dragon body strength is comparable to Rank 2 True God, today its dragon body, inevitably reach the level of 7th grade true Divine Physique.

and, it is not that ordinary 7th grade true Divine Physique.

Apart from this, Woz’s dragon body strength is still growing.

woz can feel that the chaos outside the distant universe is “connected,” it instincts from chaos into a chaotic energy, absorbs, more powerful and pure chaotic blood. .

“Traditional Truth Physique Realm Division seems to be uncomfortable to measure my dragon body.”

woz said some distressed.

“In addition, the elf mag curse has a problem, and finally did not follow the outbreak. Is this a curse really wisdom? It actually screens the right time, and discovered that I was Very Difficult to DEAL with, the god robbery is also After the crisis did not cause the crisis, he was soaring that Woz was a bit surprised.

a huge hell dog, flying from the distance.

is feeling the new “own” woz, which has attracted attention.

woz twist watch, “You, some face familiar.”

This hell dog is very powerful and is a TRUE GOD.

Hell dog said: “I am a hell dog, you can also call me Pitt.”

Woz’s eyes, weird and confused, this name can really let Like Thunder Piercing the EAR.

woz remembers that Bitmos has encountered an empire called Pitt.

Of course, it is nothing wrong with it.

The universe is so big, there is a repetition, it is normal.

“Do you seem to know me?” Pitt saw that Woz did not impress it, it had some helpless said: “You are not long, but a descendant, what is the child call?” /P>

said, Pete is a bit confused. It started thinking, wanting to think about what Bad Luck Child called.

woz is at this time, but the reaction is over.

Speaking of a dog, it is no shortly, it doesn’t kill one.

That is Gilon.

Killed this Gyon at the time, there is Terrifying existence, and looks at Woz.

“It turned out to be you, do you have to retaliate me?” Woz asked with a smile.

Pete shakes: “Not Ah, I have been killed in a child. I have been used to it. Otherwise, I will kill directly, and I will not wait for you to come to God. “

“is so ruthless.” Woz couldn’t help but vomit.

Pitt is not a good, “Child is too much, dead, no matter what. And, I am a devil, do you think that I am a good person of the outside world?”

woz can’t help but laugh, it is indeed wrong.

“Since you are not coming to revenge, what do you have to find me?” woz curiously asked. It can not feel that Pitt came here, it is idle. Woz believes that Pitt is absolutely.

Pitt is serious, it said: “I want to represent all Demon Gods within the whole cage, invite you to join us.”

woz start, “All Demon god? Add you? What does this mean?”

Pitt explained: “We are all prisoners. We are all eager to leave this cage. Can be personal power, it is a bit weak, so we need to unite, join hands to fight against the impersonal Demon God, Escape alive., “

woz suddenly realizes that Nodded said: “If this is the case, I can promise you.”

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