Dragon That Devours All Things Chapter 218


Chapter 217

In the blink of an eye, Woz was promoted to Heavenly God.

Woz’s dragon body, with its chaotic bloodline, has become more and more pure.

Woz is also the god of Primal Chaos Heaven.

Divine Physique of Chaos Attribute, even if there is no law, it still has the power of terror. The ordinary same realm powerhouse can be easily suppressed by Woz.

In addition, the breath of Woz is still growing.

The entire eastern region has undergone tremendous changes due to the changes in Woz.

Especially the Heaven and Earth environment, are constantly disintegrating and reorganizing.

More distant places, you can also feel a terrifying Primal Chaos Heaven dragon breath, covering the entire world.

The endless demons in this world, and even Demon God, have been strongly suppressed.

This abyssal cage seems to have received the influence of Woz’s power, and thus “transformed” to the color of Woz.

The power of Woz is assimilating and polluting everything nearby.

Woz is not a pure god, it has the attributes of the old god.

And things like the old gods are very contagious.

Especially in the face of the weak, the effects of assimilation and infection are even stronger.


Isaac’s hands are empty. The “Woz” that was captured inside disappeared.

Isaac was stunned.

Yaki and Raleigh watching the game not far away have some scalp tingling.

“How is this possible? Although that guy is powerful, he is far behind the great Your Majesty.”

Yaki screamed,

Raleigh couldn’t believe it, “It’s incredible.”

Isaac came back to his senses, he was very unwilling, but as a great Divine King, his ability to withstand it is still very good.

“Forget it, if you lose it, you will lose it. A giant beast with good battle strength is nothing but a giant beast. In such a galaxy, although it is rare, it takes a little bit of thought and is easy to get.” Isaac said. After a word, the eyes and big hands were also disappeared.


Isaac has slowly entered the Bitmos continent.

The terrifying power suppressed the audience, making the original monsters shiver coldly and dare not move.

The time and space of Bitmos continent, in this brief moment, seems to have stopped because of Isaac’s arrival.

“It’s really an ancient world that I didn’t find.”

“Such a world.”

“A long time ago, I couldn’t even think about it.”

Isaac muttered to himself.

Bitmos continent, although on the surface it is a common world in the universe, this kind of strength, in most cases, seems to be able to make Heavenly God only pay a little attention.

But Bitmos continent a long time ago, it was not like this.

Strictly speaking, Bitmos continent, some very glorious past.

Unfortunately, time is a little bitch, but how powerful the world was at first, as time goes by, it will fall into decline and weakness.

Isaac looked towards the sea of ​​chaos, it vaguely felt that it was full of incredible things.

Isaac frowned slightly, he could feel some dangerous breath.

“I won’t enter the sea of ​​chaos for now.” Isaac said helplessly.

Just when Isaac was observing the Bitmos continent.

Behind Isaac, a translucent black clothed person appeared silently, and it quietly raised its hand and pressed it against Isaac’s back.

Isaac was hit without a single reaction.

Don’t look at this hand silently, but it also possesses terrifying power,

Isaac, the Divine King, was beaten out on the spot.

Isaac couldn’t help but vomit blood.

“Who is it?” Isaac screamed in shock.

“My name is Hankster, one of the kings of the old gods. The young King of Demon God, you don’t think this galaxy is something in your pocket, do you? You think it’s great The old emperor Volon was blocked by the powerhouse and it was difficult for the old gods to come down. Do you think you are determined to win?” the black clothed person said with emotion.

Isaac forcibly supported his body. The previous owner was in midair. It looked at Hankster ferociously and said: “An old god of your level should not appear in this World.” [19459002 ]

Hankst nodded said: “You are right, but it is not absolute. The power of the past is beyond the abyss.”

After Hankster finished speaking, he rushed up.

“Do you think I am afraid of you? Don’t underestimate me, let alone the abyss.” Isaac fluttered his wings and rushed up,

In an instant, the two Divine Kings collided.

Their power is terrifying. In an instant, the entire Bitmos continent was destroyed by heaven falls and earth rends because of the power leaked during the battle.

This is definitely an end to the world.

And Divine King wants to destroy the world, it is really not that difficult.

Bitmos continent, in this brief moment, really started to go into destruction.

And this is just the impact of the 1st Strike they fought.

“Dark Aurora Cannon.” Isaac was hit and flew back again, and in terms of brute force, it couldn’t compare to Hankster.

However, fighting is not pure strength.

The outcome of the battle is also closely related to other things.

When Isaac saw that he was not strong enough, he began a long-range attack. This is the magic divine technique.

A huge black light was released from Isaac’s hands.

“This light is far inferior to the old days.” Hankster said with emotion.

Immediately afterwards, a pale sun appeared behind Hankster, which released pale light, competing with the black light.

I only looked at my son for a few seconds, and the black light kept routing.

“Great abyss, please give me strength.” Isaac called out anxiously.

Behind him, a translucent image of the abyss appeared. On the surface of this abyss, there is a huge stack of countless worlds to form a “melaleuca”.

Moreover, it seems that it is not well-developed, and it looks chaotic, which makes it hard to look at it directly.

However, the power of the abyss is indeed terrifying.

As soon as the abyss appeared, the time and space in the vicinity of the suppression were all still and frozen.

Even Hankster, who was obviously stronger than Isaac, was retreating steadily and his body was constantly collapsing when facing the illusory shadow of the abyss.

Bitmos continent is getting worse.

The illusory shadow of the abyss is also accompanied by a terrifying magic power. This magic power begins to pollute the environment, and it also keeps all beings demonized.

More demons appeared.

Bitmos continent, in this brief moment, is definitely assimilated into a part of the abyss.

In the marginal area of ​​the Chaos Sea in the distance, a huge blue eye suddenly opened.

“The world is going to be destroyed?” An old voice rang. On the surface of the ocean, mouths, eyes, noses, hairs, and ears appeared again.

It looks like there is an old man’s face, made up of boundless sea water.

“The Great, please give me more power.” Hankster is also a guy who refuses to admit defeat, facing the power of the abyss illusory shadow, without counseling.

Hankster raised his hands up, as if accepting something.

A huge giant snake illusory shadow emerged,

Then, grinning hit the abyss illusory shadow.

After the two huge monsters collided, both were broken and disappeared.

“Oh.” Isaac couldn’t help vomiting blood, and his whole body was quietly shattered. The abyss illusory shadow and the giant snake illusory shadow perish together, which also caused a lot of backlash for Isaac.

Hankster is similar.

“Next, is the collision of the old day and the abyss. The master of this galaxy has not yet been determined. The war, if you want to continue, you will never win. The old day will destroy everything.” Hankster stared in embarrassment. After a glance at Isaac, he turned and disappeared.

“Although not quite clear, this is a good opportunity.” The huge face made up of sea water was also staring at Isaac.

At this time, Isaac discovered that there was a guy with harboring malicious intentions.

“As expected of Bitmos continent, it’s about time, there is actually a powerhouse comparable to Divine King dormant.”

“However, depending on your appearance and aura, you seem to be a bit imaginary.”

“Are you seriously injured, too?”

Isaac looked at the other side coldly.

That sea water face was nodded: “I was hit hard in ancient times, and I haven’t fully recovered until now.”

“However, it is barely enough to deal with you now.”

“Remember me, my name is Amoeba, one of the ancient Guardian Gods of Bitmos continent.”

As Amoeba was talking, he suddenly started,

The sea turned into a huge blue giant, carrying a terrifying breath, and crashing towards Isaac.

Isaac quickly retreated, “When I recover as before, I will come to you.”

Isaac didn’t mean to fight Amoeba to death.

However, there must be a fight in the future.

It has not completely dispelled its thoughts about Bitmos continent.

Isaac ran very fast, and in the blink of an eye, he left Bitmos continent.

Seeing Isaac’s departure, Amoeba quietly turned into endless raindrops, and then descended towards the entire Bitmos continent,

This raindrop seems to possess incredible energy, thus resurrecting the Bitmos continent.

Even the endless lifelessness and all kinds of evil pollution that shrouded the Bitmos continent are gone.

Bitmos continent, barely changed back to the original normal scene. However, the original intelligent race was almost extinct.

At most, there are only a few poor demonic beast wild beasts left, and they barely survived.

Looking at the situation, in the past for a few years, this Bitmos continent should open up a new wisdom civilization.

Of course, if an outsider re-roots here, then civilization will be built faster.

After the amoeba had done this, it was completely disappeared.


“Ah, it’s really bad luck.”

“I was wrong, this galaxy is not easy to occupy.”

“I shouldn’t underestimate the old gods.”

“Bitmos continent is not a big problem.”

“When I reply, amoeba will definitely die. However, in Bitmos continent, is there only amoeba? Is there a stronger one? Of course, even if amoeba is not the only one, It’s okay. At worst, I will ignore the Bitmos continent in the future. Anyway, the Bitmos continent is just a tiny bit of this galaxy. It doesn’t matter if you occupy it or not.”

Isaac did his best to relax himself.

“In addition, since I have all come out of the abyss, I must not be able to play in this galaxy. The more distant Star Domain should also be my goal.”

“And I also need some partners to help.”

“With the power of a King of Demon God, I am still not strong enough.”

Isaac thought.

Suddenly, a huge bone spur shot from a distance.

Because Isaac was not in good condition, coupled with the trance thinking, so he was spurred close to him.

Fortunately, when the bone spurs were less than ten thousand li away, Isaac finally reacted.

“Damn guy, even if I get hurt, this thing can’t hurt.”

Isaac slapped his hand up.

The bone spurs and the starry sky seem to have been smashed into pieces.

However, after the bone spur collapsed, it turned into a huge black hole.

In the black hole, there is also a huge bone spur dragon head drilled out.

“Scarlet Roar.”

A strong red light sprayed out.

Isaac is still very calm, it dodges and avoids this red light.

Immediately afterwards, Isaac quickly approached the black hole.

“Magic shock wave.” Isaac clenched his fist and beat.

The black hole was blown up on the spot.

The faucet inside was also broken by a half.

The leader screamed, subconsciously retracted and disappeared.

Isaac looked at the broken bone spurs and flesh and blood left in place with some dissatisfaction, “I didn’t kill it. The defensive power of this strange dragon is a bit extraordinary.”

“It seems to have some rich chaotic bloodline.”

“Hehe, what a funny guy, dare to attack me.”

Isaac couldn’t help but sneered, “Even if I am injured, I am not a weak existence like you that can be attacked.”

Isaac’s eyes, looking into the distance, it can feel the residual breath of the bone spur dragon.

With its strength, it is not difficult to find a weaker in the same galaxy.


Far away.

Woz was holding his head with a headache.

“Damn fellow, even if I get promoted, can’t I get the injured Isaac?”

Woz has been promoted to the end, and its body is comparable to the fifth-order Heavenly God.

The body is so powerful, the clone of Woz, of course, also has a surge in strength.

Now, the battle strength of Woz’s only clone of Star Domain near Bitmos continent is comparable to Rank 2 Heavenly God.

This kind of power was originally a top powerhouse in this galaxy,

Not long ago, Woz discovered what happened on Bitmos continent.

When Woz saw the injured Isaac, he also suddenly had a thought. It wanted profiting from somebody’s misfortune.

Unfortunately, it failed.

Even if Isaac is injured, it is not capable of being an enemy. Instead, he was almost shot headshot by Isaac with no difficulty, violent death.

It didn’t take long before Woz’s head almost recovered.

Then, Woz couldn’t wait to take his Divine Kingdom away from the secluded no man’s land.

Woz vaguely felt that Isaac was killing him.

“You think you can kill me? You can only think about it.” Woz smiled cunningly.

Of course, Woz also considered the consequences of the failure of the attack.

Woz also left a way for himself.

Woz turned around and ran shortly before he saw a huge space tunnel.

Woz dived in.

In the next moment, a huge Space Crack cracked on the north side of Bitmos continent.

Woz took the Divine Kingdom and rushed out of the crack. It fell into the great valley of a glacier north of the continent of Bitmos continent.

“Bitmos continent hides the old monster, Isaac should not have the guts to chase here?”

“If it is really brave, then I will recover this clone.”

Woz didn’t panic at all, it this can be considered has prepared two ways for himself.

Woz cautiously reduced Divine Kingdom.

The normal Divine Kingdom is difficult to shrink.

However, Woz controlled Space Law and its followers were greatly reduced due to the destruction of the Bitmos continent. As a result, the Divine Kingdom was also weakened.

In this way, Woz can forcibly compress the body of Divine Kingdom.

Of course, the most important thing is that the power delivered by the Woz body is strong enough.

If the force is strong enough, then you can forcefully act wilfully on Divine Kingdom.

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