Dragon Whisperer Chapter 291


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Golden King lowered his head and closed his eyes, and rubbed his forehead for a long time. He didn’t hear any movement for a long time and felt strange in his heart.

When I looked up, I couldn’t help being amused.

The other four emperors acted similarly to him…

“cough cough!” The Golden King coughed and broke the silence, “Um…I heard Lord Saintess repeatedly claim that he was unfilial, but as far as I know, Lord Saintess was taken away by the red disaster, involuntarily , Why are you not filial?”

Golden King decided to change the subject first. Regarding the issue of “red disaster weakness”, he has no hope.

At first, having witnessed the strength of Brother Long with his own eyes, Third Young Master felt that there should be no way to easily defeat him.

“Emperors, frankly.” Sitia said, “I have been around Chi Lin for a long time. Although I was arrested, I still have half of my own wishes.”

“Yes, if not, my Holybright Empire would have been fighting the red disaster! How can I let my baby girl fall into the hands of the dragon and leave him alone?!” King Shengming said for himself The daughter testified.

The other emperors looked at each other and slowly nodded, believing that Sitia had been around Red Disaster for many years because part of the reason was voluntary.

As for the ruthless words of King Shengming, they would not believe it.

Any emperor present was impossible because his daughter was taken away, and he took the entire empire and other people desperately.

It’s about hundreds of millions of people and thousands of people.

Impossible to let so many people be buried for any one person, and take the national luck as a bet.

Being an emperor is not that wayward.

If there is, it is estimated that he will not survive a good death.

The reason why King Shengming wants to say this is entirely because of love.

All the emperors can understand, so no one can reveal it.

“Then I don’t know why Lord Saintess is willing to stay with the red disaster? I don’t know what Lord Saintess wants to do?” It was Golden King again.

Everyone present except King Shengming, only he and Sitia had a relationship with Sitia, which is relatively familiar.

And he also believed most what Sitia said.

When he was not in position, he often went to Chi Lin’s small courtyard by the lake.

He really couldn’t tell that Sitia was unwilling and uncomfortable with little bits.

It really doesn’t seem to be caught.

It’s like a big sister in the family… She always urges her all the time, she points to it all the time, it doesn’t work for this, and that doesn’t work either.

I always educate Brother Long from time to time, and I almost point to the nose to curse.

So, Sitia said that she voluntarily stayed with Brother Long, and Third Young Master had 120 letters.

“This is a long story.” Sitia raised her head.

“Please…Jane…shorter.” Ironblood King said. He hates long-speaking people.

The other emperors couldn’t help but glared at the Ironblood King. After all, this is about red disaster, maybe just some trivial life, but maybe there will be some important information that will be revealed inadvertently?

More short!

Ironblood King doesn’t like long talks, and other emperors know about this, but they privately agree that Ironblood King is pure jealousy, because he doesn’t have the capacity for long talks.

“Okay.” Sitia simply complied, “When I saw Chi Lin for the first time, you probably all knew what time it was. I felt very weird when I saw him at that time.”

“What’s weird about him?” Shengming Wang said.

“Royal Father, although his strength at the time was already extremely powerful, terrifying like Demon God, but his intelligence does not seem to match his strength.” Sitia said.

“Really?” Golden King couldn’t help frowning.

When he first met Brother Long, he didn’t think there was any problem with his intelligence… On the contrary, he had a good conversation and had a drink together.

Later, when I was pursuing the queen, others made suggestions…no wonder it was so difficult to pursue the queen at that time! Was it because Brother Long was mentally disabled? !

Golden King has a suddenly realized look, as if he had figured out something in a moment.

The other emperors showed admiration and said that the new Golden King was no worse than his old man. Young, but serious!

“Yes.” Sitia didn’t pay attention to this. Each minding their own business said: “Chi Lin at the time, in my opinion, should only have the wisdom of a seven or eight-year-old child! This should be very much like growing up alone all the year round. The relationship is not deep in the world. Although the strength is invincible, the wisdom has not grown.”

“Then you voluntarily stayed with him to…” War King asked.

“I wanted to influence him.” Sitia said, “Chi Lin was like a child at the time, so I had this thought. I thought, if I could influence him with human civilization, teach him etiquette, civilization, In principle, if he can accept the idea of ​​Human Race, he may not be able to influence it from the hands of the witch and let him stand on our side of Human Race. Wouldn’t it be the best of both worlds.

So I started teaching Chi Lin to read, read, and clearly understood the principles of Human Race. “


Everyone present looked at Sitia and couldn’t help being sucked in a cold breath. They said that Saintess of Light was so great that they didn’t care about being caught, but they wanted to tame the red disaster!

“No wonder…it turns out to be…so.” Ironblood King rubbed his chin, nodded in contemplation. When he saw Chi Lin in a moving city, he felt that the dragon’s idiom was very good. It sounds Somewhat strange.

At the time, he was far from alone.

It’s confirmed now, it turned out to be taught by Saintess of Light.

“Teaching the dragon…red to read and read, it must be extremely difficult, isn’t it? It’s really hard for Saintess.” Golden King said with emotion.

education for everyone, irrespective of background, has always been respected by their central empire, but did not expect Sitia to achieve the ultimate.

“No.” Sitia shook her head. “The talent of dragons is beyond description. Human words can be completely mastered in less than two hours. As for reading, it is more common for me to remember. we Human Race, beyond reach.”

“So…Saintess’s education has been very successful?” Golden King said.

Sitia was silent, and slowly shook the head, asking her heart to take her education as a result, how could the following series of things happen?

“I am ashamed. Although I am Saintess of Light in Church of Light, I have a doctrine dissemination job, but I only know how to teach courses according to the text, and I don’t know how to work around…I ignored the fundamental gap between Chi Lin and Human Race, and finally made Cheng Da was wrong! I did not teach well.

I told Chi Lin that the strong should protect the weak. But Chi Lin has always firmly believed that weak are prey to the strong is right.

I taught Chi Lin that people should deny themselves and return to courtesy, and cannot indulge their desires, but they are laughed at. Chi Lin said that humans are the most indulgent creatures.

I said that we should all living things are equal and not kill other lives at will. Chi Lin rarely agreed with me, but he said that humans kill more lives than other creatures combined. Dragon is life, man is life, pig, dog, cow and sheep are also life. I was speechless.

I also said to Chi Lin that the chosen person should take the world as his own responsibility, and Innate will worry about it. Chi Lin said that what I said was reasonable, and he also said that beastmen, dwarves, and demonic beasts are all people in the world. You can worry about them. Human beings don’t need it. They have a good life. “

The emperors uttered their teeth. Xin said that this teaching is all good things, why this result is so terrible…

“Master Saintess, you said that you voluntarily stayed with Red Calamity. You stayed with him to educate him. Then you are back now…” The hero king did not speak for a long time. At this time, finally Can’t help but speak.

“I gave up, I admit I failed.” Sitia sighed.

“What’s the matter?” King Shengming asked.

“Chi Lin, he has been fully mature. Although it is not long, I can no longer teach him with his current wisdom, which is not weaker than any human being. Moreover, his hostility to humans has taken shape. It won’t be easy to save.” Sitia’s heart is full of regrets.

“Why is it like this…” King Shengming didn’t understand, he knew that his daughter wasn’t waiting. She can become Saintess of Light not only because she is her own daughter, but the Princess of the Holybright Empire.

Sitia is born with the power to infect others. When she devoted herself to publicizing the teachings of Light God to the public, even herself was quite upset.

The people are completely influenced! The tears filled my eyes that were driven, people like this are born to be leaders and are born to inspire others. Their words and deeds, like rays of light, can illuminate others and let others dye their own colors.

For such a person, it is impossible to take a dragon that is not deeply involved in the world.

“Is it Aisha?” Pope suddenly said, his voice low, rare and serious.

Sitia nodded, “Master Pope said yes.”

The eyes of King Shengming suddenly appeared suddenly.

so that’s how it is, that Aisha has been with Red Calamity all the time, and it must be the witch who played tricks on it!

Sitia is true for Saintess of Light, but Aisha, who has completely inherited the witch’s inheritance, has lived for at least two hundred years.

Sitia is naturally a little tender in front of this kind of old monster.

even more how, even in Sitia, it is not easy to teach people to be good, but for Aisha, to lead people to evil is just one sentence, a hands-on thing…

This is always the case in the world.

“We already know the true attitude towards red disaster.” War King said, “However, this king believes that Saintess of Light came back so anxiously, and that must be more than that. Saintess just said, red The disaster has to worry about other races, how does he want to worry?”

War King clearly grasped the point.

“Yes, I want to say more than that.” Sitia said, “Before I came back, I had learned that Chi Lin was planning a war, and he would lead the races to declare war with Human Race!

So, I took the charge without authorization, instead of you, negotiated with him.

He made a condition. “

“What are the conditions?!” Everyone felt energetic. As long as they could talk, there was still room for discussion. They were good at this except Ironblood King.

I’m afraid that this dragon doesn’t understand human language and can’t talk.

“Divide half of the human territory and give it to other races…” Sitia said.

“What?” The emperors felt that they didn’t understand too much, or that they understood, but didn’t dare to believe them.

“Chi Lin said, divide the Divine Dragon Empire, Nanxin Empire, and half of the Holybright Empire to him.” Sitia said clearly this time, but deliberately ignored Chi Lin’s intention to give her face Section did not mention.

The five emperors look at each other in blank dismay.

This condition is not mentioned.

In other words, red is a must-have, and there is no possibility of negotiation.

They understood that this kind of routine was left over from their early years, and they were too familiar.

“red calamity…has ever… mentioned…war…time?” Ironblood King said.

“That’s not true.” Sitia shook her head.

“Since…this is the case, then…nothing…nothing to say…you guys…can’t…more…with a fluke, we…have to speed up…Golden King.” Ironblood King said It was extremely resolute. When I said there was nothing to say, I really didn’t say anything. After I finished speaking, I turned off the illusory shadow, and I didn’t even see the Golden King nodded towards him.

When the hero king saw this, he quickly bowed his hands and turned off the illusory shadow.

“I’ll send you the war spear.” War King took a sentence and left.

It looks like it’s not nonsense to say that this thing is extremely resource intensive. Although the emperors are rich in the world, they are not willing to waste any more points on this.

In an instant, only the Central Empire and the Holybright Empire were left in the study.

Golden King still has a lot to say to Sitia. But he is a generation of Mingjun who grew up in brothel after all.

Still winking.

He looked left and right, he wanted to give the study to the father and daughter of King Shengming, and walked out by himself.

As a result, I didn’t want to, but Sitia stopped him.

“Golden King Your Majesty, please be slow.”

Golden King turned around and said with a smile: “Miss Chen, what is going on?”

Sitia couldn’t help but smile.

“Dare to ask Third Young Master, how many of your brothers are well?”

Third Young Master frowned, and the Blademaster on the side is all about sword energy!

“What does this mean? Brothers and brothers, most of them are well.”

“en?” Sitia was taken aback, walked to the Third Young Master and whispered: “Haven’t Chi Lin attacked them? How did you get to the top?”

“Brother Long, didn’t Brother Bei tell you?”

Sitia said in her heart that I was dying before you came to power, and there will be too many things after you live, neither of them talked to me…

“Something happened, they didn’t tell me.”


Third Young Master told Sitia in detail about the situation that day.

Sitia was stunned by the shock. She didn’t expect that Chi Lin would brazenly help the Third Young Master to take the upper position and directly participate in human affairs…

This is more crude and blunt than Chi Lin’s method of “killing the other princes”.

It’s really a loss for Bain and Chi Lin…

“That being the case, I won’t disturb the girl and father when they meet again. Other things can be discussed later.” Third Young Master wanted to leave again.

“Wait a minute.”

“What’s the matter with the girl?”

“It is rumored that the emperor of the Central Empire has three palaces and six courtyards, seventy two concubines. I don’t know if it is true or false?”

“Fake, there is no that many.”

“About how many are there?”

“The Golden Kings of the past are different. There is no fixed number, but there are at least dozens of them.”

“I wonder how many Third Young Masters are there?”

“This…what does Miss Chen mean?”

“Nothing, just want to ask, who is the Queen of the Central Empire today? In this Imperial Palace, have you ever been bullied?”

“hahaha.” Third Young Master laughed up to the sky, and he understood what Sitia meant, “Girls have trouble, I hope you Hongfu back then, the queen now is Xue Qing.

As for being bullied, this is the girl joking. The Queen of the Central Empire, the mother of the world, is in charge of the harem. In the harem, the law comes out, stand by one’s word. Who dared to bully her. “

Sitia handed over a central imperial ritual.

“Third Young Master does not forget his original intention and is worthy of admiration. Congratulations to Third Young Master for finally getting what he wanted. love will find a way.”

When I helped the Third Young Master to pursue the girl Xue Qing, Sitia and Xue Qing had the best relationship, the most talked about.

Sitia is now back in the capital. Although she has to bear a lot of big things, according to her personality, she has to ask about Miss Xue Qing anyway.

Now that she heard such a result, she was also very happy.

Although most things are contrary to expectations in the world, people often say “life is most likely to be unsatisfactory.”

But after all, there are two things that fit our minds.

It is these things that make this World more pleasing to the eye…


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