Dragon Whisperer Chapter 292


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Sitia watched the Third Young Master walk out of the royal study room, and when she turned around, she saw pope Your Majesty looking at herself eagerly…

Legendary over two hundred years old, except for a white hair. There was no trace of age on his body, and his face was as smooth as a boy of sixteen or seventeen.

People like this make young girls like Sitia feel a little uncomfortable.

“Pope Your Majesty, what’s the matter?” Sitia tried to hide the discomfort.

“This…” Pope was a little hesitant, “That… Aisha, are she still with Red Calamity?”

“passed away.”

“Where did she go? Is it okay?”

“I don’t know, I separated from them for a while, and when I met again, Aisha was gone.

Chi Lin and Bain don’t know where she went.

As for whether it’s well, I guess Pope-sama don’t need to worry about it. “

“This…” Pope’s expression is a bit low.

Sitia said nothing, Aisha still has no news… even if she is good or not.

“pope Your Majesty!” Sitia shouted.

“What?” Pope was surprised and lifted the head.

“What is the relationship between you and Aisha?! As the Church of Light pope, you…” Sitia saw pope’s desperate look and couldn’t get out of her anger.

Indignantly started a head, but didn’t know what to say.

“I have nothing to do with her.” Pope spread his hands and looked innocent.

Sitia’s eyes jumped!

Honesty is the creed of Church of Light!

But as the Church of Light pope, he actually lied such an obvious lie!

This is shameless!

Sitia looked at pope and hated gnashing teeth. How did this kind of people become pope? !

“Royal Father, when shall we go back? I want to see the mother and queen.” Sitia turned her head and asked.

“Good child.” King Shengming took Sitia’s hand and gently patted him, “Don’t worry, we still have some things in the Central Empire. When things are done, we will leave immediately.”

“What do we have in the Central Empire?” Sitia was taken aback.

“In order to fight against the red disaster, the Central Empire proposed a plan. This plan requires all our emperors to be present. So we can’t go yet.” Shengming Wang said.

“We…have a way to fight Chi Lin? What is it?” Sitia widened her eyes in shock.

“This matter, to be honest, I don’t want to tell you, because it does sound like a fantasy story, even I don’t believe it now.” King Shengming hesitated, “The specific details and methods are all It is a side word of the central empire, without any basis. Whether it can be achieved or not, I am not quite clear.

But, anyway, we have nothing to do, why not give it a try? Am I right. “

“What the hell is it?” Sitia asked.

“The Central Empire calls it, the Human Sovereign plan.” Shengming Wang said.

“Human Sovereign project?” Sitia frowned. The name sounds a little unreliable. “What is ‘Human Sovereign’? Please let Royal Father express it.”

“Human Sovereign is the emperor of Human Race, the co-lord of all mankind, and bears all human power and luck. Every move is unstoppable, and it can represent Human Race and talk to the gods.”

“In other words, that is a god-like person, and all human power will be concentrated on him, right?”

Sitia can always accurately grasp the key points.

“It’s not just that simple.” Pope said suddenly, his face full of profound mystery, “But you can understand it this way, there is nothing wrong with it.”

Sitia gave pope a white look, and said that she thought he had any ideas, but it turned out to be nonsense.

“Human Sovereign, who is that candidate? Does it already exist? Is it Royal Father? Or is it the War King?” Sitia asked several questions in a row.

From the frequency of speaking, she was obviously anxious.

But this is also inevitable. After all, it is the Lord of all mankind. Looking at the current power of mankind, it is not an exaggeration to say that it is the King of the world.

Such a candidate, it is for him to control the world, a flip of the hand gather the clouds, another flip turns them to rain. Must be cautious!

Otherwise, if there is a mistake, then this “Human Sovereign” may become a disaster not inferior to Chi Lin…

For the candidate for Human Sovereign, Sitia inadvertently proposed two people.

One is her father, and the other is War King.

Sitia believes that her father, who bears the name of sage, is a true wise monarch and the best candidate for the co-lord of mankind.

But considering that the Human Sovereign chose to fight Chi Lin… Thinking about it this way, it seems that War King is more appropriate.

That is Human Race Number One Powerhouse after all.

“hehe.” King Shengming smiled and shook his head, “The candidate has naturally been determined. But it is not me, nor the War King, but the Golden King.”


Sitia was taken aback and thought she had heard it wrong.

“Golden King.” Shengming Wang said again.

“This, this, this…”

Sitia stared at King Shengming. For the first time, he was so at a loss and completely messed up…

Let the Third Young Master go to fight Chi Lin? !

Which mentally retarded plan came up with this? !

Is it the brother of Third Young Master?

Are they trying to kill the Third Young Master and then seize the throne by themselves?

The fate of Human Race is bet on this battle!

What do you want to do?

Stop Human Race inheritance?

Slaying the dragon…

Third Young Master, isn’t this something you should do?

You are as gentle as jade, and your face is like a spring breeze.

People like you should wear a plain gown, stand upstairs in the 2-Layer of a brothel, look over the wine to the horizon, embrace the beauty, and lament the loneliness of life!

This is for you!

Fight with Chi Lin…

“This…” In Sitia’s heart, as if was struck by lightning, it really seemed like ten thousand horses galloping past, messy and unable to control herself. After “this” for a long time, finally “this” came out.” This Golden King has no power to bind chickens! How can he fight Chi Lin?! As far as I know, Golden King has never even fought with anyone himself! He can’t fight.”

“This is, after all, they were the Imperial Family of the Central Empire back then, so naturally you don’t have to do it yourself. As a result, didn’t expect this first time, the opponent turned out to be such a thing, the Imperial Family of the Central Empire, descendants of Li Family , It’s really extraordinary…”

pope sighed, seemingly sighing, but looking closely, the expression on his face is so careless, and the voice is so take pleasure in other people’s misfortune.

“pope Your Majesty!” Sitia finally couldn’t help it, “This is the world’s first major event! It’s about the world, how can you be so childish!”

“How is the child’s play? What about the solemnity?” Pope looked at Sitia, still smiling.

Sitia was stunned, because she was familiar with the attitude contained in these two sentences.

It’s a kind of bystander attitude. The blue sea turned into mulberry fields, the blue sea turned into mulberry fields, has nothing to do with me.

The sea is rough with heavy rain and wind. I stood on the beach, laughing and cursing, drinking tea and watching a show.

How is the child’s play? So solemnly?

Like Aisha!

Sitia suddenly felt that pope and Aisha are really similar. But after thinking about it, this resemblance might be normal.

Because in this world, there are only these two humans who have lived two hundred years old! If you live for two hundred years, you can still count as a human…

Their experience, no third person can imagine, they have witnessed the passing of all their relatives and friends, and witnessed the alternation of two or three generations.

Perhaps because of this, they will deliberately put themselves in the position of a bystander.

In any case, everything in the world will not make them happy or sad.

If the world is ten thousand zhang, then Aisha and pope have already come out.

No wonder they are so careless in such major events…

Sitia wanted to understand, and the anger in her heart dissipated. Sitia looked at pope and called out: “pope Your Majesty.”

“What’s the matter?” Sitia was so serious that pope was also taken aback.

“Suddenly, I have a feeling that I don’t know if it should be said or not.”

pope looked left and right, and finally looked at Sitia and said, “There are no outsiders here, Saintess, but it doesn’t matter.”

“I want to say that pope Your Majesty and Aisha really match.”

“Really speaking?”


“As expected of Saintess of Light, my vision is extremely accurate!”

“pope Your Majesty…”

“Aiya, you deserve to be a person trained by Church of Light, honest! Talking is real!”

“pope Your Majesty, what is the relationship between you and Aisha?”


pope suddenly got into a playful air, looked at Sitia, and finally said nothing, and walked out silently.

On this matter, he is hard to tell, nor does he want to make up a lie seriously.

Can only walk away silently.

Although this is not his style.

But most of the time this World is so involuntarily.

“The relationship between Pope and Aisha is not simple.” Sitia looked at Pope’s back and said in a low voice, “Perhaps for so many years, Church of Light captured Aisha to no avail, all because of this.”

“It’s no secret.” King Shengming said.

“Do you know?” Sitia suddenly turned around, “Do you know that Church of Light pope has an unusual relationship with a witch?”

“On the mainland, there are only two people with such a long life. With a little brain, you can guess that these two people are related.” Shengming Wang said, “It’s just that few people dare to think about that’s all. . After all, it’s the Church of Light pope, who would have thought that he would be confused with heresy?”

“You already knew about this?” Sitia said.

“Don’t say it’s me, you, Great Grandfather, knew it then.”

“Then what is the relationship between Aisha and Pope?”

“Your Great Grandfather didn’t pass it down, but vaguely learned that Pope can be in the position of pope, which is inseparable from Aisha.”

“For so many years, Church of Light has not been able to catch Aisha, so she has been doing misfortune for the world. It is also pope’s hands and feet?”

“This is not true. Pope generally does not care about church affairs. But for so many years, Church of Light’s arrest of Aisha has been loud thunder, but only tiny drops of rain, it’s true that it’s perfunctory.”

“Will the many believers criticize it?”

“No, because even if Church of Light does its best, it may not be able to catch Aisha. So this behavior of pope is a very sensible behavior in the eyes of believers. It does not consume church resources and does not please Thing.

Since you may not be able to catch it if you catch it, it is better to perfuse and deal with the world. “

“Did the Church of Light fall here?”

“Can’t tell.”


Sitia looked at King Shengming in a daze. For a long time, sighed, and said, “Then you should tell me about the Human Sovereign project. Why are we staying here? How did Golden King fight Chi Lin?” /p>

“When the Golden King becomes the Human Sovereign, he will gain power like a god. With this power, it is enough to fight against the red disaster.”

“This is a baseless statement of the Central Empire, which is unbelievable.”

“I said the same before, but it’s worth a try and there is nothing to lose anyway.”

“How does he become a Human Sovereign?”

“If you want to become a Human Sovereign, you need to collect the luck of the human race in the world, let the luck of the world gather in one person, and then go to Yunpi Mountain to seal the Zen. Be recognized by Heaven and Earth and become the emperor of the Human Race.”

“Yunpi Mountain?”

“It is said to be a mountain in the center of the world, and also the highest mountain in the world. In the middle of the Central Empire.”

“I know this, the highest peak in the world. Is it because this mountain is in the Central Empire, so it must be the Golden King ascending the Human Sovereign?”

“Yes. The Central Empire occupies the most central position of Human Race. Therefore, only the emperors of the Central Empire will be recognized by Heaven and Earth.”

“Then how does he collect the world’s luck?”

“This is the reason why we are here. Now Human Race is divided into five Great Empires. Although there are many kingdoms underneath, Duchy, they are all under the jurisdiction of the Empire.

So the world’s air luck is divided into five parts, one point for each empire.

And every empire has a national device, which is used to collect air luck and enhance national luck. “

“The rule of the country depends on the king, Shengming, and the people and officials. This is the Royal Father. What you said, why is there such a mysterious thing now?”

“National transport is really useless in governing the country. However, it is okay to reduce earthquakes, natural disasters, and disasters.”

“This…so, we have to hand over our respective national instruments to the Central Empire?”

“Yes, the Golden King will bring all the national weapons to the mountains. From Heaven and Earth’s point of view, the Central Empire has already obtained our national weapons, and it is considered to have conquered us. The Human Race has been completely unified. The co-owner of Human Race has been born. In this way, the luck of the five nations will be concentrated on Golden King. Heaven and Earth will canonize him as Human Sovereign, making him not just in name only, but also in reality.”

“But this is fake, Human Race has no real unity.”

“Yes, Holybright Empire will always be impossible to be conquered.”

“Then, this is bullying…”

“Yes, the Human Sovereign project is to deceive the sky. Help the Golden King steal the position of Human Sovereign. Temporarily gain the power of Human Sovereign.”

“Steal…for the time being?! After it’s done, the Golden King will lose the power of Human Sovereign?”

“That’s natural. If the power of Human Sovereign can really defeat the red calamity, wouldn’t the Golden King really unify the Human Race afterwards? National tools can be borrowed, but you can’t have back players.”

“Royal Father really is not one drop of water can leak out, all aspects are considered.”

“As an emperor, this is commonplace.”

“Human Race has reached such a field, the Divine Dragon empire has fallen for most of the time, but still refuses to cooperate without reservation?”

“Child, you are too naive. Unreserved trust is not something I wait for the emperor Aristocratic Family to do. The defensiveness is indispensable, this is also the basic quality of the emperor.”


“Then what is the national weapon of my Holybright Empire?”

“The Holy Scriptures of Light.”

“so that’s how it is…”



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