Dragon Whisperer Chapter 328


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Third Young Master suddenly became a little anxious, and Chi Lin’s response was beyond his expectations.

According to his original assumption, Chi Lin’s attitude in launching this war should be very contemptuous.

Chi Lin shouldn’t put human beings in his eyes at all, assemble an army and crush humans, maybe he still has the idea of ​​finishing early.

For such Chi Lin, humans are like insects, and the most efficient and trouble-free way to eliminate a large number of insects is to gather the insects together.

The main armies of the two sides are completely gathered together for a great decisive battle of the century. After completing the work, this should be Chi Lin’s vision.

It’s like no one wants to divide and wipe out a colony of ants.

But… now looking at what Chi Lin means, it doesn’t seem to be the case.

If Chi Lin does not choose to fight head-on, humans will become very troublesome.

Countless beastmen warriors are divided into thousands of small armies, harassing the human border day and night… Human Race will only be exhausted.

There are too many places where humans need to defend.

Fortunately, at least Human Race can also rely on Jiancheng Natural Hazard to defend itself, but now there is Chi Lin on the opposite side. Where does Human Race come from Natural Hazard, Jiancheng at all? !

While sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces blocked the beastmen’s march, Chi Lin came over to flatten the sheer cliffs and precipitous rock faces.

A huge city blocked the beastmen’s advancement, and Chi Lin came over and bombed the city.


There is no way to fight.

“Brother Long, this is not your character.” Third Young Master smiled reluctantly.

Chi Lin chuckled softly, “What is my personality?”

“You are so proud.” Third Young Master said, “You should be dignified and face Human Race face-to-face, so that’s your style.”

“Head-on-head confrontation? hahahahaha…” Chi Lin laughed up to the sky, “You are also worthy?!”

Third Young Master was silent, he suddenly realized that in Chi Lin’s eyes, perhaps humans can’t even compare to ants.

To destroy mankind, Chi Lin doesn’t bother to pick a way to save trouble…

“Brother Long.” Third Young Master narrowed his eyes, “I have a proposal.”

“Talk about it.” Chi Lin smiled enough.

“Brother Long started this war. I can understand what it means and what it intends to do.” The Third Young Master looked very serious, “Brother Long is kind to me, and now he is a Human Sovereign , Also has the responsibility to protect the people.

For work and personal, I should help Brother Long find Lisana. “

“Who?” Chi Lin was taken aback.

Third Young Master was also taken aback, then he sighed long, “It is the Divine Dragon Empire Princess you want.”

“Oh.” Chi Lin nodded, motioned to the Third Young Master to continue.

“I can post a war notice throughout the territory of Human Race, stating that you are going to attack humans in order to catch her. As long as she has the consciousness of being a Royal Family, I believe she is willing to sacrifice herself for countless people. A killing can naturally be avoided, and Brother Long can also save a lot of things.

I thought, Brother Long’s idea should be this. “

Third Young Master said with a “you and I have a good understanding”, with a very confident tone.

Chi Lin’s eyes drooped slightly, looking at Third Young Master blankly.

Because his idea is not this…

What Royal Family’s consciousness… Does the human Royal Family really have this thing?

The black hair humans will sacrifice themselves for others, for the public… Chi Lin never thought about this kind of thing.

Because in Chi Lin’s view, this kind of thing violates the natural instincts of all living things and is unreasonable.

Even if there are heroes who are willing to sacrifice and dedication among human beings, they are only a very rare exception.

It is extremely small and rare in the entire huge human population.

To describe in human terms, as rare as phoenix feathers and unicorn horns, in ten-thousand does not have one, tip of the iceberg, one hair from nine oxen.

It’s really not worth mentioning.

Such a small probability is really worthless for reference and expectation.

Chi Lin doesn’t believe that his luck is so good. Whenever he encounters a human Princess, it is Sitia.

So he really didn’t expect things like the things Third Young Master mentioned.

He didn’t start the war for this.

The black hair mankind was rescued by Aisha, and Aisha’s purpose, Chi Lin, was almost clear at this time.

Aisha will definitely do something if she scraps such a big thing.

As for the importance of black hair human beings to themselves, Aisha must have known at this time, time has passed so long, Chi Lin does not believe that Bain can be tight-lipped in front of Aisha.

It must have been Aisha’s question, and Bain would be completely blown away.

So black hair humans will definitely be firmly controlled by Aisha, even without the freedom of movement, so waiting for her to jump out is an impossible thing.

Then, I can only make Aisha jump out.

As long as the war breaks out and the world is in chaos, Chi Lin does not believe that Aisha will not take the opportunity to stir up the storm.

To fish in troubled waters…

“Brother Long.” The Third Young Master thought he was right, “You want to find someone who can help you with all your strength, but I don’t know, can Brother Long speak clearly to you?”

“What’s the matter?” Chi Lin asked.

“If this person cannot be found anyway, what does Brother Long think? Or, if this person is dead, what about Brother Long?” Third Young Master said solemnly.

“Third Young Master, humans have such a saying, living, then must see the person died, then must see the corpse.” Chi Lin said, “I gave you a month to find someone, human The quantity is like mud and sand, and there is no reason to find it under normal circumstances. However, if you really can’t find it, it means that this matter is beyond your ability. Method.”

Third Young Master nodded, he expected this result.

“I promise Brother Long, I will help Brother Long find this person within one month. However, I will give back to you and I want Brother Long to agree to the next thing.” Third Young Master solemnly cup one fist in the other hand.

“What’s the matter?” Chi Lin asked.

Third Young Master took a deep breath, “If you can’t find someone, when Brother Long’s army arrives, it’s inevitable that whoever wins or loses will lose the life. I also know that Brother Long is also compelled by circumstances. , But how innocent are the soldiers of the beastmen and Human Race? I am Human Sovereign and I must stop this.”

“How are you going to stop it?” Chi Lin rubbed his nails, sparks splashing.

“If I can’t find someone, I hope Brother Long will stand up to me at the junction of Mount Greta and Holybright Empire in one month! The world witnesses.” The Third Young Master looked serious and sounded like a bell. The imposing manner rises suddenly, “If we lose, it will naturally be all for nothing, but if we win, then we can only ask Brother Long to do other things for him. Before the outcome is divided, ask Brother Long not to hurt. A citizen of Human Race.”


Chi Lin was silent. He looked up and thought for a moment. What the hell the Third Young Master said…

“Do you want to fight with me?!”

Chi Lin thinks he wants to understand, but it seems a bit lacking…

“Not bad! Hope Brother Long will do it!”

“You are courting death…” Chi Lin said, hesitating. After all, human beings like this courting death are a bit suspicious…

“Brother Long, don’t you dare?”

“I will kill you now!”


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