Dragon Whisperer Chapter 329


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Chi Lin clamored to kill Third Young Master. Although he scared Third Young Master a lot, he didn’t at all really do it.

Because Chi Lin looked towards Third Young Master finally there was a hint of appreciation and approval in his eyes.

“Third Young Master, do you remember the man named Xichu Bawang I told you about?” Chi Lin suddenly said with emotion.

Third Young Master was nodded on guard, he certainly remembered and was impressed.

Chi Lin almost killed him when he told him about it.

So much so that for a while he still wondered who was who.

Although he also questioned many people afterwards, he found nothing in the end.

“Your imposing manner just now looked very similar to him.” Chi Lin walked to the Third Young Master and looked at him like a rare animal, “He also said that back then,

People who are a few years old in the world, Hungarian and Hungarian, only use my ears, and are willing to challenge the male and female with the King of Han, instead of suffering the father and son of the world.

How? Very bold, right?

You can also challenge me…

Although you are impossible to win, depending on your ambition, I will play with you.

After one month, wait for death. “

“Oh.” Third Young Master was a little dazed, “many thanks Brother Long.”

“Good to say.” Chi Lin waved his hand.

“But from what Brother Long said, this Xichu Overlord is really a hero, why is he unheard-of?” Third Young Master said.

“A hero?” Chi Lin slightly smiled, “Not at all.”

“What do you say?” Third Young Master said.

“Because if you really want to go heads-up, Han Wang should be impossible to beat the King of Western Chu. At that time, the King of Western Chu was Human Race Number One Powerhouse, and Han Wang’s personal military force… and you without the power of Human Sovereign Almost.

In other words, what the King of Western Chu said is very bullying…” Chi Lin said.

Third Young Master looked up and thought for a while, feeling a little confused in his mind.

“This…Since it has been agreed, let me say goodbye. There is still one major thing left to be done next. Brother Long will forgive me.”

Third Young Master decided that if he didn’t understand it, he didn’t think about it. There is still a big deal on his side.

As for who is the King of Western Chu…

Where can I take care of this now, who he loves…

“What else do you have?” Chi Lin asked curiously.

“Go back to have a child…”

Third Young Master whispered. The head is also very low, slightly moved towards Chi Lin, arching his hands, and his body transforms into a golden dragon, which disappears into the cloud…

Chi Lin looked at the silhouette of the Third Young Master going away, and said in his heart how the dragon in the human imagination is so weird… How does it fly without wings?

Is there a son of human dragon?


Somewhere in the Holybright Empire.

In a seemingly ordinary manor, there is a closed underground space deep below it…

Completely enclosed space.

The space is rectangular, about the size of the entire estate.

This is one of Aisha’s secret bases.

The faint purple light comes on, illuminating this space with Yin Qi, like Ghost Domain……

“Um… Sister Aisha, this… Can this light be changed in color?” Bain came to Aisha and asked trembling with fear.

Aisha squinted at Bain, “Yes, what color do you want to change to?”

“White.” Bain said.

“I don’t like white.” Aisha decisively vetoed it.

I know… Bain complained in his heart.

But there is nothing he can do if Aisha is so determined…

“Sister Aisha, we have been here for several days, why can’t I find the exit?” Bain looked around the huge basement.

“Because I don’t need it.” Aisha didn’t lift her head either, seriously writing and drawing on a table against the wall.

The light is too dim. Bain can’t see clearly what she is writing, but he vaguely sees that the painting by Aisha is not some paper, it seems to be a map.

“No need…” Bain was silent.

Aisha really doesn’t need things like passages and doors.

She possesses the Dark Scripture, using an ordinary Transmission Formation, which is simpler than walking.

If she doesn’t want others to discover this space, she does not set up passages, exits, and close them directly, which is in line with Aisha’s practical philosophy.

This is a space that only Aisha knows and can enter and leave.

“How was this basement built?” Bain asked.

Not designing the exit of the passage does meet Aisha’s needs, but it definitely does not meet the design concept of a human architect.

“It’s very simple. When I was building the manor, I said I wanted a basement, and then they dug it. When they got the basement almost done, I said I didn’t want the basement anymore and asked them to fill in the passage…”

Are you a human… The manor above is also yours!

“So this basement has been sealed since it was built?”

“en. ”

“Why is the air not dull at all?”

“I used a magic array.”

Don’t ask, just ask the array? Bain twitched his lips.


“get lost! ”



There is a limit to human patience. Once this limit is exceeded, one will collapse.

Of course, some people will explode.

Like Aisha.

Bain frivolous is gone.

But his expression became gloomy as soon as he turned his head.

They were locked up by Aisha!

This is a completely secret room, and there has been no designed entrance or exit from the time of construction.

It doesn’t want people to come in, and it doesn’t let people who have already come out.

This is an inhuman building, and it was built so absolutely.

Even the tomb of aristocrats and nobles meticulously cultivation has tomb doors and tomb passages.

Although they have no practical effect other than facilitating tomb robbers, they do!

Of course, it is not ruled out that the owner of the tomb has the idea of ​​coming out by himself after a thousand years.

But apparently, Aisha didn’t have this idea…

It’s a bit difficult, Bain suddenly felt like he had just left Longtan and entered the tiger’s den…

Chi Lin and Aisha, if you have to choose one to deal with, Bain would rather choose Chi Lin.

Chi Lin is absolutely powerful, but compared to Aisha, he is absolutely stunned and straight.

Although Aisha is not as desperately powerful as Chi Lin, she is deep and unmeasurable, which is chilling.

The secret room is very big. Bain walked for a long time before reaching Lisana’s current residence.

A simple bed, not even a room.

But all kinds of tables, chairs and benches, books and toys are quite complete, all of which Aisha has collected for many years.

This area is obviously where Aisha stores debris.

On the bed lies a mummy covered in bandages.

Although the breath is weak, I still cough every once in a while, as if to prove that I am not dead…

I’m not dead yet… Bain sighed as he watched hero.

A sturdy human who suffered from Chi Lin’s breath and was still alive. Bain has only seen this one.

Hero is worthy of being a hero.

But that’s all.


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