Dragon Whisperer Chapter 356

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CHI LIN disk knee, bathing in the Holy Light in the sky.

Sacred Holy Light flies back in his body, it is the Light GOD force that is nothing.

that is the force that can cure everything.

and Chi Lin, stayed under this power package for three days.

The many injuries in his body have already been Recover Completely, and the speed of the healing is extremely slow.

around the brightest wound before and after, can clearly see the green light of a layer of greenery.

Although it is small in the dazzling Holy Light, it is still clear.

That is the strength of the Elf Queen, not so good.

around Chi Lin, it was originally never to take the red dragon palace that came to take the initiative.

Driving a large number of BEASTMEN’s wounded teams walking in the Red Dragon Palace by Dwarf Race.

I went around in a large circle in the Red Dragon Palace. During this time, I took a wounded soldier.

These beastmen, either it is blood, dying, or missing arms, legs, limbs.

Simple, there is no one to go to the Red Dragon Palace, no one is walking.

but amazing is how long these beastmen can’t take out, and every one is a god, and the limbs are sound!

Life and death, the miraculous picture of the meat and white bones appear in the Hedger’s eyes, naturally cause great impact on him.

Singer has never been like this, deep proud of himself gave the beast king to chi Lin.

Looking at the Beastmen soldier who walked out from his own, Singer excitedly trembled, from the bottom of his heart, I wanted to give Chi Lin a few heads.

“How is the battlefield now?” The sound of Chi Lin came from Holy Light.

Singer is shocked, “Back to the beast, Human Race dispatched a huge weapon, the power of the power, the Dwarf king used five godslayer guns to compete with it.”

chi Lin heard Singer, a little silent, “The progress of human progress is really fast. Five godslayer cannon, actually falling down.”

“Please beast and heart to hear, the situation is still under control.” Singh said.

“Where is the front of the front?” chi Lin asked.



“Cough Cough.” Singer’s cough has two sounds. “Because the beast king now is unstable, I agree with the dwarf Wang, to shrink the front, steady, so now …… Volcanic border. “


Chi Lin is silent.

Maybe he may be passed by Singh.

But when he is today, he has already been in the past.

Singh means that the red forces have been hit by humans.

only changed a good point of listening.

“Why?” Chi Lin said to the scene today, “Third Young Master and mobile cities should have paid, Will it be placed in humans? “

“This … The gold spaceship of the Central Empire is a little tricky. We didn’t make it with it before, and the Beastme northerners who flew flying did not find a good response.”

“I know.” Chi Lin Lightly Saying, “Waiting for me to hurt, kill them.”

“But …” Singer is obviously doubts.

“No problem.” Chi Lin said, “If the Queen of the Elf can shoot the second arrow, I am afraid that I have died, and I have a preparation in the future, she shots me.”

“That … How long does you have to recover Completely?”

“gives me another four days, during this time, don’t be played with human beings, then the casualties are not necessary. If you want to overcome humans, we must have enough quantity.”

“Yes.” Singer Cup One Fist in The Other Hand.

嗡嗡 …

Singer suddenly felt that a shock came from the waist, he was slightly robbed, then pulled out a iron card from the waist pocket.

“What is this?” Chi Lin smashed.

“Back to the beast, is a short-made Sound Transmission Divine Divine Item.”

“EN?” Chi Lin Brows Slightly Wrinkle, “Dwarf King Yes. What?”

Singer listened for a while, then suddenly looked up, “Dwarf Wang said, there is a team of human beings Moved Towards we rushed. Their direction should be …”

Singer’s look has become wonderful, and suddenly, his lion face is very cute.

Singer’s finger point.

“They seem to be from this Volcanic Crater invading red Dragon City.”

“HEHE, oh ​​~” Chi Lin can not help but laugh, he looked up at the sky outside the volcanic craater, said that human wisdom is really a big life.

When smart, he feels unexpected, and sometimes it is stupid.

Directly Attack The root of the problem, it sounds quite Imposing Manner, feeling very much, but it is very easy to become Walking Right Into A Trap.

Willfully Going Towards The Mountain Although Knowing That It has tigers.

can call the hero of hero from Tiger Mountain.

is not coming, just the “stubborn and stupid passerby” in the mountain wine at the mountain.

chi Lin really does not understand, where there is a confident that come here …

I was hurt, and those arrogant people were hot.

is time to let them wake up.

Giant Dragon’s majesty, even if it is dying, Trifling Human offends.

Even more how, Chi Lin can recognize the point where you are dead.

is it coming … Chi LIN looks up.

Silhouette is like a boyeine, continuously into the WHITE light column!

The strong White Light is perfect to cover their figure …

but Chi Lin can see.

Because Chi LIN eye is extremely good, and this is the light he sent.

Chi Lin Lightly Sighed, now the surrounding of this Volcanic Crar has been mad by DWARF RACE from the top, and a strict cave is dug near Volcanic Crater.

The Beastmen’s wounded soldiers are placed everywhere.

Beastmen’s place for treatment, far more than one Red Dragon Palace.

If the Human Race’s guys come in … The Beastmen’s wounded soldiers will suffer heavy injuries.

When the Chi Lin is considered, Singh’s roar suddenly sounded.

“Red Dragon City welcomes the enemy! War mode starts!”

With the Singer’s roar, a burst of Rumbling Sound sounded.

One-sided stone wall does not stop, put those cave and Volcanic Cra load, perfectly protect the soldiers of the Beastmen.

Dwarf Race Digs the cave, natural impossible is just a simple cave.

Don’t make a hands and feet, showing Ability, how to deserve DWARF RACE FAMOUS?

Chi Lin is also very surprised, watching the bright light on the stone wall and the flasmatic symbols from time to time, he suddenly has a little confidence in the strongness of the stone wall.

I don’t know when the Red Dragon Palace has no longer transported the wounded, and the injured soldiers sent in the previous year will go out.

The battlefield has been cleaned up.

until the last injured soldier stood up, Chi LIN put away his handprint, floating the body to the ground.

The WHITE light column is gradually converged until disappeared.

Everything in Volcanic Cra is suddenly clear.

Sword Saint Saint Sites are displayed.

They stand on the Volcanic Crater on a convex Stone Wall. It is a look at the quiet touch, quietly close to Chi Lin, then Sneak Attack him …

Chi Lin quietly looked at Legendary, Legendary returned to CHI LIN to stare.

The atmosphere is somewhat 尴尬 …


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