Dragon Whisperer Chapter 374


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Chi Lin fell silent in deep consternation.

There are a lot of things to say in his mind, but he doesn’t know where to start.

He knew that Dragon Race, parents, must have something to put himself here so hard.

But what Chi Lin thinks should be to recover the dragon bones of the water dragon, or destroy the bloodline of the son of the dragon, and restore the dignity of the Dragon Race…

“The keel of the Water Dragon King is definitely going to be taken back.” Huang’s voice suddenly sounded, “What is the bloodline, the son of the dragon?”

Damn it.

Chi Lin has forgotten that his heart can be heard now.

“Hoo~” Chi Lin took a deep breath, suppressing the strong irritability in his heart, “Why do we want to rule the world? This is of no practical use to us.”

Chi Lin is right. There are only a few Dragon Races in total. If you count them, dozens or hundreds of them will be the sky.

They don’t have any “fame and fortune” intentions, and they have to be the obsession of Master Who.

Because they stand on top of all beings.

The concept of class in Dragon Race is not serious, and the only one who really stands above everyone is the Black Dragon King.

As for the other dragon kings, they give you face and call you the sound dragon king, but don’t give face and ignore you.

Even if I can’t beat you, I won’t care about you.

The number of Dragon Races is too small. They only use limited rules and extremely vague systems to live a good life.

According to human terms, when the clansman number is less than one hundred and fifty people, just talk about gossip to coexist harmoniously.

The society of Dragon Race needs nothing.

So, why does Dragon Race rule the world?

Are you okay looking for trouble?

“Why does Dragon Race rule this World? Good question.” Huang said interestingly, “Then you never thought, why is this World ruled by humans?”

Chi Lin replied decisively: “Because they are crowded.”

“Uh…” Huang obviously didn’t expect Chi Lin to answer so simply, but was completely unprepared for a while, “It looks like you are thinking about this question more than once.”

“Of course, human beings are so weak, but they can become the overlord of the world, and the reason is naturally curious.”

“Um… Then why are there so many humans?”

“Because the desire of human males to reproduce far exceeds that of other races, and the survival rate of human cubs is extremely high.”

“Hmm…” The Fire Dragon King suddenly felt that it was an elusive thing to communicate with his son, who he hadn’t seen for many years.

They have different perspectives on things.

“The reason why there are so many human beings is that they occupy the resources of the overwhelming majority, because they have the blessing of gods and luck.”

“Father, I’m talking about science with you, and you telling me about metaphysics?”

“Child, do you have many human friends? You let them take it away!

What metaphysics? Tiny humans can’t be real, but you and I should know that it is not a Profound Void. “

“Okay.” Chi Lin admitted that he was used to it, “You continue.”

“I don’t want to talk to you in detail anymore. Remember, lead the beastmen, orcs, and Sea Clan on behalf of you, conquer the world, and manage it well.

The world you live in is a crucial position in the universe.

As long as this World changes, then the entire universe will change accordingly.

Otherwise, the various races will not compete here for arrangement. “

“Then what can we gain from this change?”

“The beastmen and all races will seize the position of the protagonist race in the universe and the Great Destiny.”

“What does it have to do with us?”

“They are all Dragon Race.”

“So what?”

Chi Lin is puzzled. There are so many races that belong to Dragon Race, so many Dragon Race can’t remember them.

After so many years, how many of the Dragon Race races have disappeared like candlelight, but Dragon Race has never even bothered to look at it.

How come today, suddenly concerned about the life and death of those races?

Discovery of conscience?

No, Chi Lin thinks that his race does not have a conscience except for treating the same race.

Chi Lin slandered his own race. Judging from the current situation, it can be said that he pointed to the nose and cursed.

But the Fire Dragon King is not at all annoyed. “When Human Race loses its dominant position in the universe, the world will be completely new.

Changing the Heaven and Switching the Earth, a new universe was born quietly.

Divine Race will also become turbulent.

The power that should be exercised by Divine Race will be taken over by Dragon Race.

The downfall is our chance.

We can take its place and become the gods of the new universe. The tribe of the beasts becomes the protagonist race, humans will be expelled to the edge of the world, and the same is true for gods. “

“Tsk~” Chi Lin cast aside his lips, “Isn’t it what we have always despised to be gods? We can’t see gods from the point of view, and think that they are neither alive nor dying, neither happy nor sad, like monsters.

Why do we have to become gods?

Could it be that… You changed the part of the bloodline inheritance about Dragon Race’s views on Divine Race? !

The truth is that Dragon Race does not despise God, but yearns for it? “

Huang was silent for a while, somewhat speechless, “No, this part is correct, I haven’t changed it.”

“Then why?”

“Because of our way, we have seen the end.” Huang’s voice suddenly became distant.

As if speaking at the same time, this fire dragon king who has lived for countless years really saw the end of Tao.

The voice contained vicissitudes and despair that Chi Lin had never imagined.

It’s just that Chi Lin didn’t understand…

“What the end of the road?”

“My Dragon Race’s way of immortality. The Black Dragon King has foreseen the end of my Dragon Race’s way.

We went wrong, we have to change our way.

But they can’t start from scratch, they can only seize the dao fruit of other races, and follow their way.

We want to seize the Shinto. “

Chi Lin was confused, “Our Tao is Force Prove Dao, I know that.

Speaking of which should be regarded as the simplest and purest way, and also the most suitable way for Dragon Race.

As long as one’s own strength continues to grow, one can naturally live longer.

But what is the end of this road? “

“It is the destruction of the universe. The stronger the Dragon Race, the larger the body and the longer it will live.”

“Eventually we will break the universe?”

“It’s not us, it’s one of us. A Dragon Race breaks through the universe, and the entire universe will be destroyed.

All living creatures are buried, including our kinsmen. “

“Is the price of eternal life the funeral of a whole universe? The cost is really high.”

“It has always been this way.”

“The size of the water dragon king’s keel is not very large…”

“If you want to blend into the formation, naturally you have to be smaller.”

“Is the way of Divine Race feasible?”

“At least it now seems more feasible than ours.”

“Where are you now?”

“An ordinary blue planet, the Human Race here is called the earth.”

“What are you doing there?”


“Who is the Overlord of Western Chu?”

“A stronger human being.”

“The antelope jumps over the cliff what the hell is that?”

“An article of mankind, true or false is to be verified.”

“Who is he talking about?”

“Also a human being, he finally committed corruption and was arrested.”

“What the iron pestle grinds into a needle means…”

“Li Bai, a human being, a poet. It is estimated that it is also false.”

“What do you put these useless things in my bloodline inheritance?”

“I think it’s very useful…”

“How do I return to Long Island?”

“Why don’t you…you go the way of Dragon Race first?”

“You said this World is very important.”

“When we become the new god, it won’t matter…”

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