Dragon Whisperer Chapter 407


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The Third Young Master was very depressed. He thought that he would lose, but didn’t expect that he would lose so directly, so…as it should be by rights.

There is almost no room to fight back.

This time against Chi Lin, he lost faster than ever.

Third Young Master thinks he is better than two years ago, but why…

Could Brother Long also become stronger?


“A lot of things change when you do it. I thought you would be an exception, but obviously you are not.” Chi Lin looked at Third Young Master.

Chi Lin’s eyes are slightly dim, and his eyelids are drooping.

This look caused the Third Young Master to be in a daze for no reason.

If this expression appeared on human faces, it would be easy to recognize and disappoint.

But it appeared on Chi Lin’s face… Third Young Master couldn’t understand.

Third Young Master only felt uncomfortable in his chest, as if having a fish bone stuck in one’s throat.

“I will never forget!” Third Young Master said loudly.

Chi Lin looked at him indifferently, his expression unchanged.

Because Chi Lin knows that words like this are unbelievable.

Mankind cannot guarantee the future at all, but solemnly vowed the future, and always promises easily without thinking.

“How many women do you have now?” Chi Lin said suddenly.

The Third Young Master was taken aback and looked at Chi Lin in surprise.

He looked at Chi Lin, but he was stunned.

He suddenly remembered what Sitia had said to him on the famous observation deck that day.


Don’t forget, you and Xue Qing’s matchmaker is more than me, Chi Lin and Aisha have all thoughts…


The Third Young Master suddenly felt a chill rushing up his spine, and he shivered fiercely.

That was his illusion.

As a Human Sovereign, he has the blessing of the entire Human Race.

No cold air can penetrate his body.

He only realized one thing with hindsight. It turned out that Sitia had already had a dying intention at that time!

She knew that she was going to die, and could no longer complete the important task of “supervising herself for Xue Qing”.

That’s why she had no trace at that time, and casually reminded herself. Her matchmaker is not only her, but also Chi Lin and Aisha.

At that time, the Third Young Master didn’t think there was anything, just a very ordinary sentence.

But thinking about it now, isn’t Sitia saying “Even if I die, you can’t bully Xue Qing, because someone will look at you for me”…

It turned out that all this was in her expectation!

At that time, the Demon King hadn’t come out suddenly, and no one knew how strong the Demon King was.

But Sitia she expected it.

She anticipated everything that would happen next.

She even expected her own death!

But she still rushed out at that time without hesitation.

So much so that the Third Young Master just hesitated and failed to stop her…


Sitia is almost suicidal in doing so!

Can she commit suicide as a Saintess of Light? !

Even if the Third Young Master has never read the Scriptures of Light, he still knows that the Church of Light lists suicide as a taboo…

Besides, Sitia is the kind of cowardly person who would easily give up his life.

She died so firmly, as if choosing honor over life, she must have a purpose.

A generation of Saintess Wang is willing to sacrifice himself…

She must be doing this for what!

What is worth her doing?

She must have exchanged something with her life…

But what is the problem…

The Third Young Master suddenly fell into deep thought, and even Chi Lin’s question was forgotten to answer.

When did Chi Lin receive this treatment? He took the Third Young Master’s neck and lifted him up against the wall.

“What am I asking you, how many women do you have now?”

The Third Young Master has both feet off the ground. Although he will certainly not be suffocated by his strength, it will definitely not feel good.

The Third Young Master only felt it was difficult to breathe, and instantly came back to his senses. When he glanced at it, the first thing that entered his eyes was Chi Lin’s golden eyes.

Third Young Master has never seen Chi Lin’s eyes so close.

He didn’t dare before, but now he has no choice.

Now the Third Young Master’s strength is equally outstanding, with excellent eyesight.

He can see the subtleties invisible to the ordinary person.

I used to think that Chi Lin’s eyes are the same as those of the human form, but the colors are different.

But at such a close distance, the Third Young Master can see that there are tiny to extreme lines on Chi Lin’s eyeballs, like scales!

But this is not what attracts the attention of Third Young Master the most.

What caught the Third Young Master’s most attention was that a thin layer of hazy liquid appeared in the fundus of Chi Lin’s eyes.

As soon as this layer of liquid appeared, it was instantly evaporated to nothingness by the extremely high temperature of the eyeballs!

There is no chance to become white smoke!

Third Young Master’s heart was shaken.

So… Has Brother Long been crying since I don’t know when? !

Chi Lin actually cried…

The Third Young Master didn’t know what Dragon Clan’s tears meant, but he subconsciously brought the meaning of human tears into Chi Lin.

In an instant, the Third Young Master seemed to understand why Sitia died…

I understand why I lost so simply this time.

The fall of holiness, do you even cry for disasters…

These literary and hypocritical words appeared in San Gong’s heart like a godsend.

Third Young Master shuddered. Sitia

“I want to ask you something!” Chi Lin was angry, his palms pressed slightly.

He asked the Third Young Master twice but ignored him.

He Chi Lin has never seen such an amazing human!

Is Human Sovereign that awesome? !

Don’t you know that your neck is still in my hand? !

As soon as I tried hard, you would be gone!

“One, just one!” The Third Young Master reacted and said hurriedly, “Brother Long, how can I dare to treat Xue Qing if you are alive! No, no!”

“One is the best.” Chi Lin hummed twice, then suddenly asked, “What did you see just now?”

Third Young Master was taken aback first, then hair stands on end!

A huge sense of crisis enveloped the Third Young Master’s heart.

How dare he say that I saw you cry…

Although he really wanted to say so.

But he was really afraid of provoke Chi Lin, but for a moment he didn’t know what to say to divert the subject.

Third Young Master reluctantly turned his head and glanced at “Brother Bei”, only to find that Brother Bei had fainted after being swiped by Brother Long…

President Long Aisha did not put such a heavy hand, it should be because Brother Bei could not accept the impact of the facts, and then fainted after being caught by Brother Long.

However, the Third Young Master suddenly turned his eyes when he saw the black dagger falling beside Bain, and he became addicted.

“That…nothing.” Third Young Master hurriedly said, “By the way, there is one more thing. I forgot to tell Brother Long. I really shouldn’t think about it now…”

Chi Lin looked at Third Young Master and waited for him to continue talking.

“Two years ago, thanks to Brother Long’s work as a matchmaker, he and Xue Qing gave birth to a son.

Logically speaking, you should give red envelopes to matchmakers, but there are so many things that I actually forgot…

This is for Brother Long to make up. “

Third Young Master took out a fist-sized gold ingot from his sleeve and handed it to Chi Lin…


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