Dragon Whisperer Chapter 408


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Chi Lin put down the Third Young Master and took the ingot subconsciously.

“You… have a child…”

“Yes.” Third Young Master said with a smile, “Human Race should have a child after marriage, why is Brother Long so surprised?”

“What is it called?”

“Li Wuyou.”

“Who made it?”

“I, I’m not like my old man, I have to let the prime minister of the court help me to name the child.”

“It’s simple and straightforward.”

Third Young Master in the heart lightly sighed, the heart said that there are no simple and straightforward things in the Imperial Family.

“This child will take my place in the future. If he is not worried, the central empire must be the country and the people.”

Chi Lin nodded, “How do you know she will take your place?”

“Because he was my Eldest Prince, he was born of a queen.”

“I remember you called the Third Young Master…”

“I will only have one prince.”


“Because Xue Qing gave birth to another daughter last year and decided not to have another daughter.”

“You humans… why don’t you give birth?”

“Because it hurts too much.”


The Third Young Master suddenly looked at Chi Lin, smiling slightly, warm as a spring breeze, and reaching out his hand to Chi Lin gracefully.

The meaning of Third Young Master, obvious at a glance.

Chi Lin squinted his eyes, feigning ignorance.

Put the gold ingot into your Small World without a trace.

“What do you mean?”

“What’s this Brother Long?!” The Third Young Master was deliberately surprised, “You and I have a very close relationship, which can be called Life and Death Friends, plus you are my matchmaker. This relationship, in My central empire even if my child recognizes you as an Adoptive Father, it is as it should be by rights.

Now that the child has been born for two years, how can your uncle say nothing? !

Didn’t Saintess teach you? “

Chi Lin was taken aback for a moment. Sitia, a word full of commercial atmosphere like “means”, was rarely taught to him at the time…

“What does it mean?”

The Third Young Master was speechless, saying, “Two years ago, I, Eldest Prince Li Wuyou, was born at the time of the war, so I didn’t take it seriously.

However, even though Saintess of Light was far away in the Holybright Empire and was very busy, he still took time out of his busy schedule and sent a copy of the Scripture of Light to show congratulations.

Brother Bei also gave away a children’s toy he made by himself, with great care.

Even Master Aisha, who didn’t know where he won, sent a body protection symbol with a crow…”

Third Young Master looked at Chi Lin with expectant eyes, but Chi Lin didn’t eat this set at all.

“Although you have changed a lot, you are still as shameless as before.

Two years ago, you brought the entire Human Race to crusade me, and asked the Elf Queen to plot against me, saying that it was an enemy of life and death is not too much, but also Life and Death Friends, if you want to fight for life and death, you can also be regarded as Life and Death Friends. There is no problem. In this case, why should I give you a gift? “

“Brother Long, this is not the case~” Third Young Master exaggeratedly waved his hand and shook his head. The squeaky look made Chi Lin really want to punch him in the face, “The adult’s matter has nothing to do with the child, even if we are really. Become an enemy, Wuyou still has to call you uncle when he sees you?

What should be given, absolutely must not be less. “

“You actually want to get something out of my hand?! I think you are crazy!” Chi Lin finally gave up impatiently and pretended to be.

Chi Lin has always been the only one who took other people’s shares. When did he get something out of his hands?

He has a mountain of gold, but he doesn’t pay for food… It’s all Sitia, Aisha pays.

“Brother Long… Xue Qing is still fresh in your memory…” Sangong sighed, “You are now stingy…in case you meet Xue Qing or a child in the future, it’s hard to imagine. How do you dignified red disaster lift the head…”

Chi Lin’s complexion darkened, as cold as water in the underground of a cave…

Chi Lin fumbled all over…Suddenly he found that he had nothing to give away…


Chi Lin thought for a while, pulled out a strand of hair from his head and held it in his hand.

Then hand it to Third Young Master.

When the Third Young Master got the hair, the red hair had become several meters long, that’s what it was originally…

“According to the Dragon Clan family rules, I couldn’t give you this, but the divinity in this hair has now been refined by me, and it has become just a more solid mortal thing. It cannot be counted as a True Dragon clan hair. Silk, so there is no problem.”

Third Young Master was taken aback, Chi Lin’s ceremony was a bit big…

Third Young Master didn’t expect to change the subject just for gagging, but it turned out to have such a big surprise.

This is red catastrophe’s hair. Although it lacks a lot of divinity, it is just right.

Otherwise, how can a tenacious hair with extremely high temperature and iron cut like mud make humans use it?

“Brother Long! What a shame!”

The Third Young Master quickly took it, treasured it into his arms, and then looked up at Chi Lin, “Brother Long is afraid that he is negligent? Only below did he say that he has a daughter…”

Chi Lin’s face was dark, but he was in a bad mood today, so he didn’t want to be entangled with the Third Young Master, so he pulled out another hair out of anger…

“What is the girl’s name?”

“Li Wuwei.”

“What a good name.”

“That is nature.”


“I’m leaving, don’t stop me.” Chi Lin looked at Third Young Master and said, “I will tell you the location of Sitia’s tomb. I know that humans have a habit of worshipping the dead.”

The Third Young Master was silent for a while. He was still sitting on the ground. At this moment, he lowered his head in shame, afraid to look at Chi Lin’s eyes, “Brother Long, sorry. This is not what I meant, but when I really When I sat on the throne, I realized that sometimes people do things not because they want to do it, but because his position makes him only do that…Sorry.”

“Humans are also intelligent creatures. Now that you know that you are tired by your position, why not kick your position and take a quick picture?

Human life is so short, it should be just for fun in time.

You can’t always force yourself to do what you don’t want to do. “

Third Young Master still keeps his head down. He doesn’t want to talk about this issue with Chi Lin. In human understanding, the kind of things Chi Lin talks about is called “responsibility” and “work”, and no one can kick them away.

Chi Lin is also very heavy. He said these words to the Third Young Master, but he also said to himself.

Not doing what you don’t want to do sounds free and easy and handsome, but it’s really not that easy.

Even Chi Lin is so…

“Brother Long, sorry.”

Third Young Master lowered his head again and whispered.

As the voice of the Third Young Master fell, a group of white silhouettes walked out from the darkness at both ends of the passage.

The passage is very narrow, so they watched a lot and stuffed the passage full.

There are more people deep in the darkness.

After the defeat of the Third Young Master, he talked to Chi Lin about his parents, and asked for Chi Lin’s gifts for the child, in fact, all to delay time.

He is waiting.

He waited for the people from Church of Light to come, and he wanted these people to keep Brother Long and Sitia’s coffin.

He knew that these people were not Chi Lin’s opponents, nor could they stop him.

As long as Chi Lin thinks, he can ignore these Church of Light people and go out normally.

All those who stand in front of him will be crushed to death.

It was not Chi Lin who killed them, but they blocked Chi Lin’s way, and Chi Lin didn’t try to avoid them.

It’s like an ant stopping on the road of mankind.


In front of Chi Lin, these people are really just ants that can’t be seen without paying attention.

But the Third Young Master didn’t believe it. Today, when Sitia just died, Chi Lin was able to cruel his heart, carrying Sitia’s coffin and killing the people of Church of Light into a river…


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