Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1822

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“How could this happen, without a guard?”

Walking in a deep tunnel, Luoge was puzzled. He even suspected that he was taking the wrong path, but the green paw prints that were visible on the tunnel from time to time indicated that it was left by the Shadow Guard, so the tunnel they are now walking indeed is a shadow corridor. What’s more, those nameless luminous bacteria exude purple fluorescence, everything shows that this tunnel has a lot of Shadow Demon passing traces, naturally it is a shadow corridor.

The tunnel is rugged and stalagmites grow. Walking in it, I only feel the breath suppressed. Those green paw prints, everywhere with purple fluorescent moss, add a mysterious breath to this tunnel. This is the shadow promenade, and Shadow Demon is one of the many passages leading to The Surface. Allen stopped and asked Luoge: “Walking along the shadow corridor, will you reach the Nest of Shadow?”

“No, it’s not that simple.” Luoge reached out and said, “The shadow corridor is just a small part of the Underground World. They connect to the Shadow Hall, which is a subterranean Mother Earth system composed of caves, mountain vents, and tunnels. However. At the end of this trip, we will arrive at the group of Star Wells. It is a huge gap in the depths of the earth, which seems to lead to hell. In the underground well is the water from the underground veins, from the well water you can see the sparkle starlight. But those who do not explain that there are stars shining in the underground world, this is absolutely impossible. What they reflect is only the night sky where the Nest of Shadow is.”

“The place where Nest of Shadow is located looks like a huge river valley, with flowing water, distant mountains, and more stars. There is also a underground well there. I jumped from the well over there, but from the group of Stars underground. It appears in the Well, as if traveling through two worlds, the wonder of which is beyond the people’s ability to feel.”

Allen narrowed one’s eyes, said: “It sounds like Nest of Shadow is not located underground, but there is some kind of space connection between Nest of Shadow and the underground. The so-called group Star Well and Nest of Shadow’s underground wells in your mouth are two connected. Portal. It seems that these shadow creatures have also mastered a profound spatial technology.”

“If Zimei is here, he should be able to transfer the adults to the Nest of Shadow.” Tini said, glowing like an angel.

Allen looked up and looked towards the gloom in the distance: “The Shadow Guard is not on the promenade. The underground world is so terrifying and it seems that Frius has entered the Nest of Shadow. I don’t have time to wait for another Zimei, not to mention the spatial context. What is difficult.”

Speaking of the golden flames rising under Allen’s feet, he closed his eyes slightly, his perception spread. First, it penetrated all tangible things, so a vast underground world was quickly outlined in his mind. After penetrating tangible things, Allen began to perceive the existence of space. As he expected, the space of the underground world is not simple. If the underground world is regarded as a space, then there are many small spaces parallel and independent in this space. When Allen’s perception tenticles stretched into these small spaces, he quickly discovered that these small spaces are connected to each other. They are like countless tunnels in the underground world. Through any small space, you can reach any corner of the underground world.

So these small spaces constitute a three-dimensional transportation network, which is probably the reason why Shadow Demon can quickly reach The Surface. Those small spaces are completely open space channels.

Then at the bottom of all the spaces, Allen felt another huge space. It is like a black hole, after Allen’s perception explored it, it could not penetrate for a while. So he extended his perception, and after a while, he gave rise to the feeling of breaking through the water. Perceived tenticles finally came out of the black hole-like space, and suddenly they came into contact with a few nebulae, but they were full of darkness and lightless breath.

Allen opened his eyes suddenly, that was Frius’s energy!

“Luoge, you take them to the Star Well group, I have to take a step first. Frius has reached the Nest of Shadow, I have to stop him immediately!” Before Allen finished speaking, he had turned into a gold rainbow and went away. The gold rainbow flashed, then suddenly disappeared into the air. It was a small space that Allen discovered.

Next, he uses these small space channels as a jumping platform. In his previous perception, he has drawn up a route through which Allen will continue to deepen into the underground world. The space channels left by the shadow creatures are very stable, and the huge space in the underground world, the black hole-like space, should be the group of Star Wells if nothing happens. The group Star Well is a huge space channel, used to let a large number of Shadow Demon enter The Surface from the lair. Now Allen even suspects that Nest of Shadow is not on this planet, but somewhere else, otherwise, why would it be necessary to open up such a huge space channel for two places?

Thinking about it, his speed is not slow at all. When he stepped out of another small space, he was already standing in front of the so-called group of Star Wells. It’s a well, rather than a lake. The lake located in the ground really reflects the image of the Glittering Group of Stars on the water. Then I raised my head. Above the lake is the dim ventral dome, except for the scattered ones. Outside the luminous moss, where is there anything that glows. And those twinkling stars on the lake even formed a Milky Way, like a brilliant band of light across the lake, where there are things that can be reflected by some luminous moss.

Allen rowed out in one step and plunged into the lake, plunged into the starlight. He kept diving and swimming, and gradually went deep into the bottom of the lake. At first, the lake was dark, as if it were a Bottomless Abyss, but as Allen continued to deepen, a light began to appear below. Allen immediately accelerated, and the brilliant starlight grew bigger and bigger in his eyes, and finally he broke out of the water, opened his eyes, and the first thing he saw was the starry sky above the night sky!

As Luoge said, he emerged from another lake, but here the breeze was blowing and the air was fresh. With the sound of water flowing, the night sky is full of stars, where is it like the underground of Thin Sun Star. Allen broke through the water and fell to the shore of the lake. Looking up, there is a palace in the distance. The palace was shining bluish green fire, and in front of the palace, Allen saw an army.

Composed of countless shadow creatures, among them are the Shadow Guard and the Shadow Arbitration that Luoge said. They are fighting, and even if they are far apart, Allen can still see bursts of energy storm!

The object of their battle was Frius, and Allen did not dare to hesitate, and let out a long roar that shook the night sky. The Golden King Flame emerged from the soles of the feet, the Endless Sword Garment was draped on the body, and Allen rose to the sky, drawing a gold rainbow and falling to the side of the palace.

The shadow army near the palace felt the majestic air force falling from the sky, and immediately dispersed 4 times, and Allen fell onto the open space. Already holding Ashes Hymn in his hand, burning the long sword to point to the side of the palace gate. By the gate, Frius was picking up the Guardian with one hand, and the Lightless long sword had not entered his chest. The two green fires in the Guardian’s hat suddenly rose. He saw Ashes Hymn in Allen’s hand and suddenly understood.

“Son of Dawn, stop him, he wants to take Will of Dusk!”

Frius long sword swept across, sword edge drew out of Guardian’s cloak, Guardian’s upper and lower body immediately ignited green fire, and fell to the ground amidst the screams. After a while, he lost any sound. Allen’s eyes were cold. Since the man called himself Son of Dawn, he also said Frius’ intentions. This place is indeed the fourth King’s Warehouse. Now that Guardian was wiped out by Frius, Allen’s mood was naturally out of the question happy.

The shadow creatures seemed to have planted some kind of order early in the morning. When they saw the Ashes Hymn in Allen’s hand, a shadow arbitration gigantic sword squatted on the ground, and then half-kneeled towards Allen. Then all the shadow arbitration and Shadow Guard took a half-kneeling position, and the lower shadow creatures all prostrate oneself in admiration. At the moment the crash-bang and the entire shadow legion all knelt to the ground, indicating the acknowledge allegiance to Allen.

“It’s a big show.” Frius applauded softly. “Good evening, Allen.”

“Frius!” Allen stepped forward, “Why are you here!”

“Why can’t I be here? Even if this is your Specter Country’s forbidden area, I would dare to break through, let alone this is not.”

Allen squinted slightly, his eyes like a sword. Frius did not give in. Although the two of them did not move, the air between the two of them constantly stirred up black lightning and golden flames! Allen said solemnly: “Frius, this is not where you should come, and Will of Dusk is not what you should get. Please leave!”

Frius laughed: “Who said Will of Dusk is yours? Why can’t I take it? Is there something that allows me to break through the bottleneck, and even have a chance to get a glimpse of the scenery above Supreme. You think, based on these two sentences Just want to get rid of me?”

Allen sighed: “If you don’t leave, there is only war. Will of Dusk can’t be handed over to you, no matter what!”

“Don’t, don’t, don’t, don’t be so sure.” Frius said with a smile, “maybe we can make a deal.”

“Even if you trade Dobiya for it, I won’t give you Will of Dusk!” Allen said directly.

“Dobiya? I’m still reluctant. That’s my painstaking effort.” Frius shook his head and said, “I plan to exchange 2 people with you, one is Laura and the other is Adele. What do you think?”

Allen shook his whole body, and sharp rays of light shot in his eyes: “They are in your hands?”

“No, but it’s almost the same.” Frius said: “They are in the gray area. Unfortunately, I arranged a chess piece there. Now, the two ladies should be controlled by him. Don’t worry, just to show my respect for you. , I have confessed that I will not touch two distinguished ladies’ hair. But if you insist on competing with me for Will of Dusk, it is hard to say what will happen!”

Allen thought about it for a moment and knew who his pawn was. Frius will know about Will of Dusk. Most of it was told by the chess piece, and now that the chess piece is still in a gray area, his identity is ready to be revealed.

“So Schmiller betrayed.” Allen said solemnly.

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