Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1823

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When Thin Sun Star was still young, before death in Star King, it used to be a wide treeless plain. Clouds flow in the sky, sunlight shed golden light through the gaps, and cast mottled but brilliant rays of light on Mother Earth. When the wind blow passes on the grassland once, there will be waves of green. as for South, where there are rolling mountains, the tops are covered with white snow, A path of black strips of folds spread among them. The grassland stretches all the way to the foot of the mountain, and finally enters into many gloom within the valley that even the morning light can’t reach. When passing through the valley, the mountains will spread out like a bay, revealing a vast highland.

In those old days, this highland was full of animals that loved the sun.

However, Big Dipper Turns and Stars Move, as time goes by. The once luxuriant grasslands of highland are now covered by snow and ice. The sun no longer comes, and Mother Earth enters the winter of eternal night. Pasture is difficult to grow, and animals have long turned into stiff corpses under the ice. The Floating Light Sweeping Shadow of the past, now only the cold wind sighs in the air.

I don’t know when it started, a gate was erected on the top of this highland, with unrestrained lines on the gate, like a flame. The door door opened, but inside the door was not the desolate scenery on the other side of highland, but the tossing flames. Creatures continue to emerge from the flames in that door. They have different shapes, but no matter if it is what kind of creatures, they all have an aura that is incompatible with Thin Sun Star on the body.

That is the breath of flame.

Just 300 kilometers north of this highland, there is a collection field. Now this gathering ground has been occupied by monsters, and the gold nuggets have been slaughtered. The monsters melted it with Shadow Iron and made a throne. Sitting on the throne is a black knight, his whole body is wrapped in a hideous heavy armor, two magic pupils at the mouth of the heavy armor flash with blazing red light, and even his face is hidden under a demon-like helmet. A dark red cloak hangs behind knight, the end of the cloak is flying with arrogance, and the fire star is constantly floating in the air.

Suddenly, knight stood up suddenly as if feeling something. Then he raised his hand, and placed a giant blade next to the throne into his hand. He blew his whistle and suddenly ran out a colt from the depths of the gathering ground. This war horse is completely dark, with shiny hair, but has four footsteps, and on the back grows a pair of wings, it is like a pegasus in the myth. The knight leaped on its back, the dark horse flapped its wings, its front hoofs stood up and stepped on the empty space, so it jumped up into the sky.

The war horse carried knight to highland, and the people were in the air. Knight had already seen someone walking in the Gate of Raging Flames.

He jumped directly from the horse, like a meteor, hitting the top of the highland heavily, knocking out a shallow hole. Knight walked out of the pit, leaned on the front giant blade, under one-knee kneels: “Your Highness, you are here.”

It was Son of Dusk that walked out of the Gate of Raging Flames. He who possessed the body of Archimedes under his eyes, looked towards knight: “Son of Dawn appeared on this planet?”

“Yes, my lord, this is the picture seen by the scout eagle.” The gem on knight’s helmet shot a beam of red light, and the light cast into the air to form a picture. The picture shows a Starship stranded on an ice sheet. Some people stepped out of the Starship one after another, and one of them was Allen.

Son of Dusk narrowed one’s eyes, said: “Dusk Clan has a plan for me and the Creator. Son of Dawn is the key to the plan. They have been recycling the so-called King’s Treasure House. If Son of Dawn comes If there is a purpose to reach the edge of the universe, then I can be sure that there is a King’s Treasure House on this planet.”

“After I found Son of Dawn, I looked towards and sent a message to His Royal Highness, simultaneously watching their whereabouts secretly. Your Highness, they have entered the ground, and they should be heading to the Nest of Shadow.”

“Nest of Shadow?”

knight nodded, “Yes, your lord. Nest of Shadow is a forbidden place on Thin Sun Star. According to the information I collected from the brains of local collectors, it should be a treasure house. On this planet, Any gathering base can go to Nest of Shadow, and I can lead the way for His Highness.”

“Then what are we waiting for, I won’t ask Son of Dawn to continue recycling Will of Dusk, don’t think about it!”

What Son of Dusk didn’t know was that not only Allen who would patronize Thin Sun Star, even Frius came.

Nest of Shadow.

“Schmiller…” Frius nodded, “Yes, yes. A young general, wild ambition. I promised him a lot of benefits. What he can get in Dobiya is far more than your Specter Country. He is very capable and brought back a lot of news for me, including King’s Warehouse and Will of Dusk. Allen, you are so lucky. I have been thinking about what is behind your luck. It turned out to be Will. of Dusk. Fusion of will, another life experience gained, and it is Supreme, or no less than Supreme‚Äôs powerhouse experience. This is too precious for us, and it shortens the process of our search for power.”

“So, here’s Will of Dusk, I’m going to make it.”

Allen shook his head, “Frius, you don’t know what Will of Dusk means to me, or what it means to this universe. Will of Dusk must be received by me, so I can stop Universe’s Dusk!”

“Block, why block?” Frius laughed, “Think about it, Allen. Combining Will of Dusk, breakthrough, and the current Supreme realm, we may be above this universe. When the time comes, we can break open the universe, Enter other universes to explore endless mysteries. Compared to this, what Universe’s Dusk can be ignored, isn’t it?”

“Well, take 10000 steps. It may be important to you to stop Universe’s Dusk, so what are you going to do? Ignore Laura’s 2 Young Lady?”

Frius’s long and narrow eyes fixed on Allen.

Allen laughed suddenly: “You don’t know Laura and the others, you don’t know my women. They are not the kind of weak people. If I let them know that I will compromise because of this, I will make them look down on.”

The Golden King Flame rises.

“Frius, today, no matter what, will not hand over Will of Dusk to you!” Allen stepped forward.

One step, across the distance between and the Emperor of Darkness.

Ashes Hymn appeared in the air and cut off with the Golden King Flame. Frius groaned, pushing the sword out of its sheath, it was obvious that the sword was out later than Allen, but the sword edge of Lightless still held the Ashes Hymn, and then the night turned into day, and a round of sun rose in front of the great hall of Nest of Shadow. Illuminate the entire space. The stars were eclipsed, and they spread out with indescribable force, and “blowed” all the shadow creatures all around to the distance. Even the Shadow Guard and the Shadow Arbitration also pushed this bursting force back and forth. Then all around appeared a twisting, brilliant light band. In those light bands, you can vaguely see the scene of underground potholes.

Then there was a sudden sword cry.

Ashes Hymn and Lightless did not know how many times they fought in an instant. The silhouettes of Allen and Frius flickered. The speed of the two of them was so fast that the naked eye was hard to detect, leaving only a few afterimages in the space. The collision of the two long swords exploded the black electric serpent and the dazzling golden flames, and suddenly an iron tree and silver flower-like picture bloomed in front of the great hall. In the maddening light and shadow, the two silhouettes quickly separated again, each taking a corner, and then the chaotic energy flow gradually subsided.

“You are crazy.” Frius coldly said: “You actually made a move. Don’t you know the consequences of Supreme’s full fight? Or do you think that suppressing the power of the peak can defeat me?”

“It depends on how much you value Will of Dusk.” Allen indifferently said: “Frius, I don’t want to go to war with you. But as I said just now, Will of Dusk can’t be handed over to you. If you insist To seize, then I can only shoot with all my strength, what kind of consequences will as for cause. I think that is much lighter than not being able to stop Universe’s Dusk.”

“Youngster, being too stubborn is not necessarily a good thing.” Frius raised Lightless and said, “Since you insist, let me see, how are you better than Orpheus?”

“As you wish.” Allen took a breath, and then every piece of armor in the Endless Sword Garment lit up. The Golden King Flame no longer ascended, but condensed into a light like substance, forming a perfect circle around Allen. ball. Allen’s silhouette disappeared into this small sun, and then the sun slammed into Frius.

Too the sun rises, the shadows retreat.

Frius suddenly discovered that Allen’s light was the nemesis of his dark Rule. Under the radiance that was so brilliant that he couldn’t directly look at it, he couldn’t find a trace of where he could use Rule. But the Emperor of Darkness didn’t anger but smiled instead. The Lightless long sword exuded black matter like a thick fog from the inside out, and the surrounding space was instantly stained with pitch black. Since it can’t be used, create it yourself. This is the terrifying feature of Supreme, and it creates the possibility in impossible!

Then the large black fog diffused out, and the thick black fog patted the sun hit by Allen. next moment The entire space roared, and the spatial light bands that were about to disappear suddenly tore even more severely. Although they hadn’t tried their best, the collision of the two Supreme’s forces suddenly broke the space where Nest of Shadow was located. The origin force of this space was very stable, but under the battle between Frius and Allen, it couldn’t last for a minute.

The black fog envelops the sun and continues to diffuse, but there are bright spots in the black fog. Every time a light spot is generated, a group of black fog is annihilated, and the light spot is floating, and there are dull blasts. Suddenly a black fire exploded, until the midair split into countless small fire streams, and fell to the ground like rain. The building of Nest of Shadow was hit by those tiny fire streams, and no matter what material it was, it was difficult to prevent it from penetrating. At the moment, a part of the building was poured with 1000 sores and 100 holes by black fire.

The black fog suddenly shined again, a sharp sword shadow burst out of the fog, 10000000 million light rays pierced the black fog as thin as a hairspring, and then the large group of black fog was instantly annihilated. Inside, Frius slipped back, long sword pointed finger towards, and the remaining black fog gathered and condensed, forming a fist sized ball of light and hitting Allen!

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