Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1824

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Even though he didn’t use his full strength, the fist sized black ball was transformed by the power of Frius’ Rule, and it didn’t leak any water. When the black ball submerged in the glow of Allen’s body, it continuously extracted Allen’s power like a black hole. black contains 10000 things and Exterminating All Living Things. If the unremarkable black light ball of Frius is ignored, as long as it is given time, it can even swallow the Thin Sun Star.

Allen feels that the origin force is constantly losing, although the amount of loss is nothing to him, but loss is loss. At the moment, he dared not to be careless, a sword drew towards the black ball, and when Ashes Hymn touched the black ball, the core of the black ball lit up with a touch of golden. Although the black ball has absorbed Allen’s origin force, Allen’s Golden King Flame is also the power of Rule. It is easy to absorb, but it is not that simple to obliterate. The Golden King Flame and Allen resonate in the black ball. This resonance is caused by the subtle, and the golden flash of the core is getting bigger and bigger. Eventually, the whole ball turns from black to gold, and then breaks like glass. Among them, the power of two rules broke out uncontrollably.

In the space of Nest of Shadow, a few huge dragon scroll winds suddenly rise, and some dragon scrolls are golden in color and flames are rising; there are also pitch black as black, if the Black Dragon dances claws!

The entire space was shaking, and the gap in the space that was split by the power of the two Supremes was getting bigger and bigger, and the width of the palm was pulled out from the width of the 2 fingers, and the scene of the pit behind the gap was clearly visible. An energy storm blew up in the Nest of Shadow, and all the shadow creatures dispersed in a panic. This space seemed to usher in World Judgement Day, and everything was shaking because the origin force that constitutes the space can no longer be maintained. The cause of stability. As a result, distant mountains collapsed, lakes boiled, palaces swayed, and the violent origin force seeping from Space Crack was like adding fuel to the fire, making this space even more unstable.

“Go on?” Frius asked with a smile.

Allen pointed towards the lake: “There is an exit. If you want Will of Dusk, you should know that if this space collapses and collapses, you won’t get anything. It’s too narrow here to accommodate our power. You still want to fight, let’s go to the ground, I will stay with you to the end!”

“Okay!” Frius was also simply, with a little tiptoe, and immediately turned away. A black rainbow cut across the space and plunged into the lake. Allen didn’t rush to leave, he narrowed one’s eyes, Ashes Hymn squatted, and then raised his hands to grasp and pinch, as if there was something invisible in his hand for him to pinch. In fact, he was repairing the gaps in the space. As the Golden King Flame pieces filled the space and made up for the missing origin force, the space gradually stabilized. Only after stabilizing, there were a few more faint golden light bands in the eternal night, adding more brilliance, which was the trace left by the Golden King Flame.

After doing all this, Allen pulled up Ashes Hymn, floated into the air, turned into a golden rainbow, and plunged into the lake. After a while, he broke through the lake and jumped out of the group of Star Wells in the underground world. Frius was on the shore of the lake. Lightless long sword shook out a few sword flowers in his hand. Then the Emperor of Darkness flashed towards a space channel, Allen chased it, and the two men almost entered the channel in no particular order. When flashing out of another channel, Ashes Hymn and Lightless long sword stood together, and sparks were rubbed between the sword edge. The two people joined and separated, and each escaped into a channel, and they were constantly in the underground world. flash. Divide or combine, and go all the way.

The Surface, an unnamed gathering base.

The collection bases on Thin Sun Star are mostly set up by the most evil ones, but there are also bases from other forces, just like before one’s eyes. Its scale is greater than those of the bases of the worst, and it only occupies a thin mine. The so-called lean mine means that the real value of the vein is not high. The Shadow Iron produced here has a high acrobatic composition and it is difficult to sell at a high price. But it is precisely because of this that this base can survive, otherwise the evil one would have been destroyed.

Minecarts to-and-fro on the base, and a team of escorts pass by from time to time. The time of the eternal night on Thin Sun Star, even though the sky looks dim as usual late at night, the base is brightly lit and the miners are mining. At this moment, a lot of workers in a mine were covered head and sneaked away like a rat. A guard saw him and they hurried forward. Seeing something flashed in the mine tunnel, the golden-yellow flame rushed out, rushing out of the mine tunnel, and the impact wave lifted all the guards away. They were frightened, and saw two streams of light rushing out of the mine tunnel and crossing the base. The minecart they had passed through flew up to midair, the building rumbling and falling, golden flames raging all over, and the dark electric serpent flying all over the sky. For a moment, the base was plunged into chaos, but the two rainbow lights went farther and farther, and finally disappeared above the dim sky.

With low evening clouds and the strange moonlight intertwined in the sky, Frius and Allen each occupy a corner of void.

The Emperor of Darkness smiled more and more, said with a nod, said with a nod: “Sure enough, Allen. I thought I could beat you with one hand before, but now you have reached my 60% level. Up.”

Allen indifferently said: “Only 60%?”

“Perhaps less.”

“Then I would like to try, what kind of scenery is your spare no effort.” Allen raised his sword to the sky. Above the sky and deep in the clouds, a gossamer-like golden light gradually lit up, smudging the sky, gradually Melt away.

“You won’t find it pleasant.” Frius didn’t see any movement, but the cloak behind him violently moved, and then the magnificent moonlight that fell on his side gradually disappeared. The night, clouds, and wind and snow were covered by darkness rising from nowhere.

The blizzard that was whistling suddenly stopped.

10000 Things are silent.

At this moment, all creatures on Thin Sun Star felt an invisible oppression. They can’t see anything, but they feel like a giant beast is looking at them in the distance. Apart from trembling all over, they couldn’t do anything else.

He was in a collection base of his own, waiting for a small ship to inspect and set off to return to Lost Paradise. But at this moment, Zimei and the other two people were shocked, and then they kept panting while pressing the chest. They looked at each other in blank dismay, and Zimei said with a bitter smile: “This is the power of Supreme. too terrifying It’s just the qi they released, covering the entire planet. It feels like the entire planet smashes at you.”

“Really didn’t expect, that one turned out to be Supreme. Fortunately, we wanted to stop him before. Now think about it, just being alive is the biggest luck, right?” Yarrow the drunkard shook his head.

The one-eyed Buhai muttered: “Supreme is fighting, if it’s not for the lack of strength, I really want to take a look.”

“Forget it, it’s so far away, and it’s been compressed into this by the gas machine they released together. If you watch the battle in the vicinity, I’m afraid we are all dead before we finish watching it.” Zimei shook the head.

Simultaneously, the black knight who was walking in a tunnel suddenly staggered and fell to the ground. Both of his hands supported the ground, but the arms were shaking. It wasn’t until Son of Dusk passed by and reached out to press on his shoulder, and a dim light fell, and the black knight’s hand became stable again. He stood up and looked at Son of Dusk and said, “His Royal Highness, that is…”

“Supreme, 2 Supreme.” Son of Dusk laughed, “Interesting, this aura is as deep and dark as an abyss, like a huge black hole Devouring All Living Things. Judging by Archimedes’ memory, it should be the Emperor of Darkness Frius. He even came to this planet, and it seemed that he was coming for Will of Dusk.”

“Let’s go, let Frius pester Son of Dawn, we just happen to be convenient.”

The black knight nodded, followed closely behind the man in front.

Little golden fire star floats down.

From a distance, it seemed as if a cloud of light rained down under the sky, and Allen was in the light rain, smeared with a layer of dazzling golden light. At this moment, his radiance radiated the sky and Mother Earth. In the golden radiance, the majesty was like a Spiritual God.

However, Allen’s brilliance occupied only half of the sky, and the other half was occupied by darkness.

Black, so thick that it can’t be turned away! black dyed the sky and Mother Earth, buried the silhouette of Frius, and shared half of the brilliance released by Allen.

Then on Mother Earth, strips of golden and pitch-black dragon scroll wind rose up into the sky, like giant pillars supporting the sky, surrounding the two people by one’s side.

At this time the darkness began to surge, and the dark and deep pillar of fire pierced the sky, and threw a low whistling toward Allen’s side. That is Frius’ black burial column, but after using the power of Rule, there are so many columns of fire, and the formidable power is destroying heaven extinguishing earth. They pierced through the air, leaving an indestructible black belt in the space. Even with the Thin Sun Star space, it could not withstand the pull of Supreme.

Seeing that the Black Burial Pillar had crossed Frius’ “land” and plunged into the splendid world where Allen was in, at this moment, Allen raised his sword and pointed up. The floating golden fire stars suddenly and continuously condense, forming a golden city wall. Every city wall faces a black burial, and the black burial impacts on the golden city wall. There is a circular ripple on the surface of the wall, but it cannot break through the city wall. It is blocked from the city wall.

Repelling City!

In the past, Allen could only raise one city wall with a single blow, but at this time, the golden light walls spreading across the sky are hard to count. What is even more rare is that such a large number of light walls can accurately intercept every black burial pillar. It can be seen that Allen has really had something to do with the accuracy controlled by origin force.

After the defense is the counterattack.

All the light walls disappeared, Allen squatted, Ashes Hymn closed behind his waist, held back, and swung his sword again.

Under the night sky suddenly a round of golden Half-moon, the giant of Half-moon, divided into two. Then this round of golden Half-moon slowly slipped away, and as the moon arc reached, the wind blow cloud moved, emptying out with an indestructible determination, and fell into the darkness on the other side in a flash. At the moment of contact, 10000 black spots appeared on the front end of Half-moon. That is the power of Frius trying to annihilate Allen’s Chopping Heaven!

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