Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1825

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Two completely different Rule powers collided head-on. This is the first full-scale confrontation with an opponent of the same level after Allen achieved Supreme. Frius has been famous for a long time, even if he is the youngest of the original three Supremes, but he has become Supreme a lot longer than Allen. Allen knows very well that no matter if it is the control of Rule or the richness of combat experience, he can’t compare with him. But Allen has integrated 2 Will of Dusk. If there are 3 more periods of life, even if the experience of Taylor 3 has not been completely absorbed, if Allen’s experience alone is not much worse than Frius, what is lacking is that always It’s not his own experience, it needs actual combat to be perfectly integrated.

So for Allen, the battle of Supreme this time is a crisis, but also an opportunity.

The Chopping Heaven moon arc swayed with Supreme’s power tore through the sky and fully slammed into Frius’ power domain. The two different Rule forces immediately produced imaginations of resistance, repulsion, and mutual annihilation. After 2 black spots appeared at the end of the lunar arc, countless dense black light bands were ejected from the two arc ends of the lunar arc. These light bands spread and spread like branches and leaves, and disappeared in no time. When the front end of the light band swept 10000 miles, the end gradually dissipated, and it gradually appeared like the sky full of cracks!

Suddenly, there was a loud bang on the ground where the two people were fighting, and Mother Earth suddenly sprayed a row of frozen soil, and then a crack left and right of several dozen meters wide extended. In a blink of an eye, a giant Mother Earth seam of nearly 2 kilometers was formed, and the land on the left and right of the seam was strewn up and down, spraying and exhausting dust. In the distance, the mountains collapsed and the mountains fell in dislocation, hitting the ground and making a loud noise.

The whole planet is crying.

Between the loud sounds of Heaven and Earth, Frius’s roar suddenly sounded. Then a jet of black rays of light sprayed out in the darkness. Where the rays of light crossed, the space was swallowed and erased, exposing the subspace of the same area, and then all the chaotic turbulence in the subspace was overwhelmed. As soon as the sky splits A path of opening, active fire is like a waterfall rushing down from it, hitting the ground and causing pieces of explosions, fireballs rise one after another, and then turn into black red mushroom clouds!

The rays of light full of Darkness Strength crossed the Chopping Heaven moon arc in the center, and the golden arc moon was in the middle. The middle part was returned to nothingness. The waning moon on the two sides exploded suddenly, spewing out a large group of Golden King Flame. King Flame photographed Frius’s power domain, and it was like flooding with flames. The black of that space was ablated in large areas, revealing the true color behind the darkness. At this time, Frius swept straight out of the darkness, and the black flames all over his body vigorously. In the meantime, there was purple firefly flowing, like a mysterious nebula. He ran straight into Allen, obviously not planning to make a trial, but to make a full shot.

Allen’s body lit up, and the steel wings of the Endless Sword Garment spread out, transforming into 10000000 gold long sword and flashed away. In this golden stream of 10000000 million, Allen turned into a rainbow, and Ashes Hymn in his hand pointed directly at the enemy before one’s eyes. The whole person showed infinite determination, full of sword energy and overbearing, and he greeted Frius with fearless fear.

The sky suddenly appeared big rays of light.

azure bluish green fire, purple flame, dark red source fire, indigo frost flame… infinite flames of various origin force attributes suddenly filled the sky, reflecting the sky of Thin Sun Star in a monstrous and multi-colored color. . Golden King Flame, one flame controls 10000 flames. Driven by King Flame, Allen manipulated 10000 flames to attack Frius as he pleased. The Emperor of Darkness interprets the power of Black’s Rule to the extreme. No matter what kind of void flame Allen controls, his irrelevant long sword is the embodiment of Rule, slashing 10000 flames with one sword.

But Allen is also Supreme, how easy it is to do with. Controlled by the Golden King Flame 10000000 void The source fire is unpredictable. Every second, there are several different attributes of the source fire that impact the Emperor of Darkness. The power of black’s Rule can hold 10000 objects, and the void source fire is constantly changing. Strikes, Frius is also very strenuous. Only from beginning to end, there was a smile on the face of the Emperor of Darkness, and the smile became brighter and brighter. For him, it has been a long time since he encountered an opponent of comparable strength, let alone this kind of spare no effort, let him do what he did. Even if it was the last time and Orpheus in the Everlasting Night Star battle, it was far less exciting than this battle.

The sky is full of brilliant flames, and from time to time, a fire stream of different colors will fall down Mother Earth, or be thrown into the mountains 1000 to 100 kilometers away. Those blue or purple, or blue or red flames look beautiful, and they are all full of destructive energy. The blue flame fell to the ground, and 10000 objects decayed silently; the purple fire passed by, and the void vibration burst; the blue fire touched, the mountains were frozen; where the Red Flame reached, 10000 elephants turned into ashes!

Probably since the fall of the Star King, Thin Sun Star has not experienced such terrifying disasters. It has continuously projected from the sky where the two Supremes are fighting, piercing the 2 li different-colored fire stream, and randomly falling onto Mother Earth or the mountains. In the meantime, it brought the destruction of destroying heaven extinguishing earth. The origin force of the entire planet has become turbulent, and almost every corner of the planet has been continuously destroyed by those powerful forces.

Frius furiously shouted during the fierce battle, and the Lightless long sword drew out a plain sword, but before one’s eyes, those alien Skyfires were completely swept away. A strand of black thread, as thin as a hairspring, fluttered towards Allen. The latter showed the solemn expression he had never seen before, and retreated 100 miles in a flash. But when Allen appeared on the sky, the black thread still lightly posted. Allen narrowed one’s eyes, Ashes Hymn held high and cut down.

The moment the black thread was hit, the surrounding space was distorted, and then gave rise to a thunderbolt-like exploding sound, a black sun suddenly appeared above the sky and continued to grow.

When the surface of the sun touched The Surface, the ground eroded silently, and then the entire The Surface began to vibrate. The shock quickly spread from the ground to the ground and shook the planet’s core. Suddenly, those volcanoes on Thin Sun Star that have been dead for 10000 years suddenly erupted simultaneously. If you look from outer space, you will see a fiery red spot on the surface of the planet suddenly.

The black sun is still growing, but at this time a golden beam of light penetrates the black sun, and then 10000 golden beams of light break open the sun, the sun is like a substance, like a smashed black ball all split up and in pieces. Each piece of debris is a horrible Darkness Strength, and then exploded by the golden flames ejected from the core, the planet behaves like a fire wave. The fire wave spread out quickly, the snow on Mother Earth was first swept away, and then one after another Fireball spread all over the ground, and the Fireball turned into a pillar of fire. After the fire pillar released the energy cleanly, the ground appeared each and everyone fire star flashing blastholes. Thousands of blastholes exploded the Thin Sun Star’s 1000-mile-square-kilometer Mother Earth onto the surface of the moon. There are crevices, and the ice layer of 1000000 years ago was melted, spewed up countless dust and turned into frost and mist.

“It’s the Supreme, it’s more than enough to destroy a planet in battle. Maybe those guys are willing, as long as they can lower the Universe’s Dusk.” Standing in front of the group of Star Wells, Son of Dusk said lightly, and then jumped into the Star. In the Well, it quickly sank to the bottom of the lake.

Black knight follow closely from behind.

But for a moment, two people broke through the water from the huge lake on the other side of Nest of Shadow. Stepping on the shore of the lake, Son of Dusk’s gaze fell on the palace in the distance, and a smile appeared: “I feel it, this is the so-called Will of Dusk? These Dusk species are really cunning, and they have teamed up to create this layout, spanning countless Even I can’t help but praise them for the great layout of the times. It’s a pity that not everything will develop according to their wishes.”

“Go, let’s receive Will of Dusk.”

2 people flew to the great hall.

Above the sky, Allen looked dignified, his gaze straddled the distance of kilometers and fell on the Emperor of Darkness on the body in the distance. Then Frius’s voice rang in his ears, and the voice didn’t see how high it was, but it passed into Allen’s ears exactly.

“Is it that way? This is your full power, or do you still have extra energy, are you afraid of destroying this planet?”

“I understand, are you worried about the person who came to this planet with you? If I remember correctly, there is an Aidahua Star Princess? Or, let me solve your problem.”

Frius narrowed one’s eyes, Lightless long sword, swiftly towards void.

Allen suddenly yelled: “Frius, you dare!”

“Why didn’t I dare?” Emperor of Darkness sneered, there was a flash of black flame on the Lightless long sword.

Across countless distances, a dark beam of light suddenly shot down above the Itami pit and sank into the mine site. After a while, a huge black Fireball rose from the mountains, the Fireball slowly lifted into the air, and finally turned into a thick smoke column flashing with fire stars. In the thick smoke, the big mine has completely disappeared. Fireball not only flattened the mine and went deep into the ground, digging a huge abyss several kilometers deep!

Then in the bottomless abyss, there was a flash of fire, and then a Fire Dragon flew out and flew away. Fire Dragon held a ball of light in his mouth, and Lucy and the others still showed shocked and inexplicable expressions inside.

Frius seemed to feel it, lightly said with a smile: “You do have a good man.”

Allen simultaneously felt the energy of Twilight. After he quickly exchanged thoughts with the king, he began to relax. Frius long sword over there raised it again, and said, “But I can hide it once. I don’t know if I can hide it for the second time.”

Allen shook his head: “I won’t let you do this. Since you want to see my full strength so much, then I will show you.”

Ashes Hymn lifted up, and the burning sword pointed at the sky above Frius. The Emperor of Darkness raised his head, there was wind whistling, ice and snow surging, but apart from this there was nothing else. He wrinkled his frowned head and said, “If you dare to fight with me, I will make you regret it, regret it…”

Before he finished speaking, Frius said “Yi”, and then saw a golden-yellow glow quietly appearing above his head. The brilliance spreads like water, dyeing away layer by layer, the brilliance like the Dusk sun slowly unfolds behind the thick clouds, dyeing all over the vast sky, as if this planet ushered in the last Dusk!

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