Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1826

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This is Ranger’s Dusk!

When he was on mission in Dobiya that day, Allen showed this style to Frius. But at the time, he only had his intention. The strongest killer in Ten Styles, not at all, was completely released, so strictly speaking, it only showed half style. But now it is completely different from the day. The vast boiling murderous intent that spreads across the sky is 100 to 1000 times stronger than that I didn’t know.

Allen was really angry.

Frius didn’t see any movement, he just squinted slightly, like a traveler stopping to watch a sunset in Dusk. But in Supreme’s eyes, the blurry and magnificent light is full of terrifying energy, that is the ultimate move that can truly destroy the planet!

Dusk is gradually descending, and all the clouds have been penetrated by Dusk’s rays of light, like a splash of golden water pouring down the sky, and 10000 things are stained. In that gorgeous rays of light, there was a bit of melancholy and sadness that was indescribable. As the peer glanced at the lost love in his arms for the last time, the nameless sorrow, even Frius’s heartstrings were shaken. The corner of Emperor of Darkness’s eyes is slightly foggy, he is astonished, know that there are few people who can affect his mood now. Not to mention that it was the first time that such a heavy emotion was conveyed to him through a killer technique, which made his heartstrings slightly chaotic.

He looked towards Allen, looking thoughtful.

Dusk is here.

At this time, there is no wind and no clouds in the sky. All the matter dissipated like blue smoke in the magnificent light that slowly descended. They lost their original color, and then lost their sense of existence. Finally, they were gently erased from the space, as if they had never existed. . Thick clouds, wind and snow, and even the dim sky, were submerged in the light of Dusk, quietly disappearing.

But just when Frius wants to meet this, it is inevitable, only when he chooses the hard-shaking killing style. Allen suddenly said “Yi”, and then the light of Dusk that was about to fall began to dim, then rose up little by little, and finally disappeared into the sky.

The world is back to dim.

Frius angrily said: “What are you doing, don’t you think I can’t hold you this move!”

Allen turned a deaf ear, Frius was coldly snorted, and was about to kill with his sword, but when Allen heard Allen suddenly shouted: “Not good, someone invaded Nest of Shadow! This aura…this aura is Son of Dusk!”

He abandon Frius, brought a gold rainbow straight to the ground. Frius froze for a moment, and then chased Allen, thinking that if this kid dares to play with himself, he must make him look good! However, after dealing with Allen that many times, he is more clear about what Allen is. Allen would not avoid fighting in this way. If there is anything important to make him abandon himself, then I am afraid that only Son of Dusk is really left.

Thinking of this, Frius eyes slightly narrowed, with a sneer on the corners of his mouth. He thought to himself that he was fighting Allen here, and Son of Dusk over there wanted to pick up the omissions, but made a good calculation.

In a blink of an eye, the two people had already swept to the ground, Allen pointed towards the ground, and a touch of Dusk’s light that had not yet dispersed, suddenly a soft golden light descended. The golden brilliance fell to the ground, the color of the frozen soil faded, became transparent, and then disappeared like an illusory phantom, revealing a circular gap straight through the ground. The golden light is still declining, and everything goes into nothingness.

Frius stretched out the tenticles of perception and wanted to seizes an opportunity to analyze Allen’s Dusk. Unexpectedly, as soon as his perception touched the golden light, he felt a burning sensation. His perception of tenticles, not to mention penetrating into the golden light, just touch them, and disappear into nothingness like those materials, and they cannot be restored! Frius immediately tried Dusk’s power, if it was just annihilating matter, he could do it too. But Allen’s Dusk is not as simple as annihilation. It erases the existence of matter or energy from the source, and even the spiritual power of illusory can be completely erased.

To put it simply, once you are injured by Dusk, it is impossible to recover, even Supreme. After all, what Dusk erases is 10000 things!

Frius heart startled, and he is now somewhat glad that Son of Dusk interrupted. Otherwise, because of his temperament, he would not even analyze Dusk just now, and he would directly meet him. The consequences would be unpredictable for him. The eyes he looked at Allen couldn’t help being dignified. With this kind of killing, Allen could not be too much to be called a Supreme killer.

The Emperor of Darkness does not know that the layout of Dusk species for several generations is not only to give Son of Dawn the power to fight Son of Dusk, and more importantly, to deal with the Creator. Therefore, the inheritance they leave to Allen, in addition to everyone’s own life experience, also leaves Allen sufficient to fight the Creator. From Endless Sword Garment to Eternal Bulwark. And Dusk, as the strongest one killer, was created by Ranger simply to obliterate the Creator.

It’s just that even Ranger hasn’t reached Allen’s current destructive power. The current Dusk is based on Ranger, integrated with Taylor’s understanding of sword dao, and used Golden King Flame as the basis of strength to improve and evolve.

Thus, the Dusk that can erase things from the source appeared!

Each Supreme has its own Rule.

The darkness of Frius, the balance of Orpheus, the chaos of Spanac, are all like this. As for Allen’s Dusk King Flame, its Rule is Combustion! destroy! Dusk type is to evolve this Rule to the fullest.

At this time, the 2 Allen have entered the underground world, and through the space channels connected to each other, they have appeared next to the group Star Well after a while. From the surface of the lake, the starlight in the lake is dim, with dim lights flashing from time to time, and Heaven and Earth turning upside down in the Nest of Shadow. Frius was coldly snorted, and when he jumped into the lake first, Allen followed. In a blink of an eye, two people broke through the water in the big lake on the side of Nest of Shadow. Two streams of light, one gold and one black, cut through the space and fell to the great hall. However, I saw a black knight holding a gigantic sword there, constantly swaying a dim sword light, and a large swath of sword light slashing many shadow creatures.

Seeing Allen and Frius rushing over, the black knight issued a long whistle, suddenly the origin force surged, turning into a meteor and blasting at the two people. The decisive mood couldn’t be clearer, actually planning to have a perish together with Allen 2.

It is a pity that he ran into Supreme, and it was two.

Frius’s Lightless long sword swept out, and a black light flashed across the waist of the black knight that came, and then the body of the black knight together with the origin force was cut off with a single sword! A scarlet light suddenly lit up in his helmet, and desperately, a golden light passed through the middle of his body vertically, forming a cross with the previous black light. The red light in Black Knight’s eyes quickly disappeared. When Allen and Frius passed by him by one’s side, the king split into four pieces and fell to the ground.

Before Allen fell to the great hall, not even think rushed to the door. Frius followed, and the two quickly passed through the doorway and crashed into a hall. This hall is quaint and mysterious. There are stone pillars in the hall, and iron chains are wrapped around the stone pillars. On the iron chains are pieces of crystal stones emitting green rays of light. The blue light of the spar illuminate the hall, and there is a high platform deep in the hall. On the platform is a throne made of green crystal stone, and Son of Dusk is sitting on it. He looked at the two people playfully, with a sneer at the corners of his mouth, holding a ball of dim yellow light in his hand.

Seeing the ball of light, Wei Chen knew that it was the will of a certain generation of Son of Dusk, and he gasped immediately.

“It’s too slow, Son of Dawn.” Son of Dusk said to Allen with a smile as if he hadn’t seen Frius. “I’m still thinking about waiting for me to leave, will you still not come. But now Come, you are not so slow at last, but you are still too slow. This is your layout. Each Dusk species leaves a will and delusional to oppose me and the Creator?”

“Then I want to ask, if you miss one Will of Dusk, or even two, can you fight me?”

Frius turned into a black light and flashed over, and went straight to the man on the throne: “I don’t care what you are, now, leave Will of Dusk to me!”

Lightless long sword swish a black sword light towards Son of Dusk.

Son of Dusk stood still.

Sword light cut down and divided the Son of Dusk and the throne into two. Frius was taken aback, stood still, and cursed: “Damn, he’s gone.”

The silhouette on the throne gradually became transparent: “Finally found it, yes, this is just an image I left for you. Will of Dusk is already in my hands, Son of Dawn, this way, You seem to be unable to hold the winning ticket securely. What are you going to do? Is to recover the last will, a lot of chances of winning. Or come to me immediately to decide the winner? Anyway, I am waiting for you, you know where Where can I find me.”

“But you have to hurry, no matter what decision you make, you have to hurry. Otherwise, Dusk will come completely, and you will come to me again, but it will be meaningless.”

With a bang, the throne fell apart, and the image left by Son of Dusk flashed twice and disappeared.

“The so-called Son of Dusk is not so good.” Frius coldly snorted and said, “I didn’t dare to stay to fight. It seems that he is only a snake and rat. But I dare to fool me, I will definitely not Let him go!”

“He said you know where to find him? Tell me, where is he?”

Frius looked towards Allen.

The latter stood there in silence. After a while, he responded to Frius’s gaze: “You have to take full responsibility for this matter, Frius. If you didn’t make trouble, he would not get a Will of Dusk!”

“The layout of the entire 5th generation of Dusk Clan may be so ruined in your hands!”

Frius lowered his face: “Then what are you going to do, do you want to fight another round here? Then I can’t ask for it!”

Allen took a deep breath: “I have no time to talk to you now, but Frius. This is not over. From this moment on, the agreement between our two countries is invalidated. For everything you did today, I will be rewarded!”

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