Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1827

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After all, Allen wanted to do it.

Frius indifferently said: “You mean, do you want to start a war with me after you go back?”

Allen turned around in a whirlwind and asked, “Isn’t this what you want? Otherwise, you won’t come to Thin Sun Star to drip this muddy water, won’t you? Since you want war, then I will give you war, Frius!”

“Interesting, even Spanac wouldn’t dare to talk to me like that. Allen, yes, I want Will of Dusk. But I have been avoiding war with you, otherwise, I would not let Schmiller just take your woman Under house arrest, he was directly tied to Thin Sun Star to negotiate with you. Now, do you think you have time to declare war with me?” Frius calmly said with a smile, “You are still too young, and you are easily impulsive when you are young.”

“You’re right, I’m young, and I’m very impulsive. If I can, I don’t want to be an enemy of you. But this time, Frius, you have stepped on the boundary!” Allen pointed hard at the collapsed throne. “Look at what you have done. Son of Dusk has one of the wills. The entire layout may fall short. Even if you razed Dobiya, you will not be compensated for the loss this time!”

“In this case, it doesn’t make sense to declare war with me.” Frius shrugged, said, “Actually I have a suggestion.”


“Yes, it is totally meaningless for you and me to go to war. It just makes the bastard for nothing. That guy dared to play with me, so you have to deal with him and I will join.” Frius waved his hand and said, “not only It’s me, Dobiya will work with you as a nation. The two of us will join forces to beat up this bastard, what do you think?”

“The person who was going to fight with me just now, now tell me to join forces, especially after you have done those terrible things. Frius, don’t you think it’s trifling?”

Frius shrugged his shoulders and turned around: “Allen, there are not many things that attract me now. Will of Dusk is one, and that bastard is one. Of course, so are you. But now, I am more interested in that guy. , He hit the abacus on my head, this is the first time. Hey, I always want to return the color.”

“As for you, let’s put it this way. Even if you can defeat me, it may not kill me. Even if you can defeat me, if the two of us really fight, Specter Country and Dobiya must be finished. When the time comes, it will only be that guy who is cheap, so are you sure you want to do this?”

Allen narrowed one’s eyes and said: “Of course you are right, but you always have to give me an explanation on this matter. Is it all over with one sentence?”

“Hmph, cunning bastard.” Frius looked back and laughed, “Are you plotting against me?”

“I’m just asking for what I deserve.”

“It has become quite fast, just now I was impulsive, now you want to negotiate with me?”

Allen said solemnly: “It depends on your sincerity.”

“Sincere this thing, it’s always the weak who need to show it.” Frius spread his hands: “Do you think I am the weak?”

“Then needless to say, our account will be kept for later.”

Allen strode towards the hall door.

“Stop!” Frius shook his head: “You don’t believe me if you are impulsive, Allen. In the gray area, I will let people give up 20% of the territory immediately. Yes, it is the territory, drawn out from the area that Dobiya has already captured. for you all.”

“That’s not enough.” Allen turned around.

Anger was faint on Frius’ face: “There is a thing called just accept it when you see it, but now I haven’t even gotten a cent cheap. Do you think I am really afraid of you?”

Allen extend the hand: “At least, you should hand over Schmiller to me.”

The Emperor of Darkness was startled, but he didn’t expect this. To him, Schmiller was just a pawn, he didn’t even know what the general looked like. hearing this nodded, “If it is this condition, I can promise you…”

“Also.” Allen laughed, “Don’t think I don’t know. You chose to join forces with me, just wanting to recover the Will of Dusk. But Frius, the shame is the first, I won’t let you. If it does. If Will of Dusk has not been absorbed by his integration, at that time, the agreement between us can only be put on hold.”

Frius hummed, “You don’t want to eat at a loss.”

“Actually, I have suffered a lot. Without you, there would be so many things. But I want to remind you that Son of Dusk is not that simple role.”

“Is he Supreme?”

“It may be, it may not be.” Allen said, “But no matter how powerful he is, the important thing is that he does not belong to the rule of this universe. If you are not careful, you may be cut by him.”

Frius was silent for a moment, then said with a nod: “It seems you are really sincere.”

“I just don’t want to make that guy cheap.”

Since Nest of Shadow had lost Will of Dusk and had drawn up a new agreement with Allen, Frius felt it would be useless to stay longer and left now. Allen walked out of the great hall and looked at the remaining shadow creatures, sighed. This time the Thin Sun Star trip can be said to be a big loss. Will of Dusk was taken away. The shadow creatures in Nest of Shadow were killed by Son of Dusk and his king. In addition, the previous Frius shots, Now the number of shadow creatures is only more than half.

The new agreement between as for and Frius can barely make up for some losses. The key is that, as Frius said, it is difficult for Supreme to tell the winner in a short time, and the final result of their war, at most razing Dobiya, but Specter Country will also be destroyed by Frius. In the end, Son of Dusk is not cheap. Since the war is useless, it can only be made up in other ways.

Dobiya gave up 20% of the gray area is one, Frius joined the front against Son of Dusk is another, and it is a significant one. With Frius joining, it can at least make up for the loss of a Will of Dusk. At that time, if Orpheus is found again, and the three Supremes join forces, even if Son of Dusk has sharp power, the win will be bigger.

But the ultimate enemy is not Son of Dusk, but the Creator, and that is the real enemy of this universe.

Now there are 5 Will of Dusks, 3 of them have been recovered for Allen, one is taken, and only the last one is left. Allen thought for a moment, decided to include the shadow creature and left Fania Star Field.

The next day, Lost Paradise’s twin towers lake, in front of the round building in Luoge. When watching pieces of Abyssal Crystal piled up in a pile before one’s eyes, Luoge’s eyes were straight. Barrow on the body bandaged, who has been released, also accompanies Luoge 2 and his eyes straighten. Allen paid them exactly what they deserved, which made Luoge overjoyed. Although he failed to return to Nest of Shadow in the end, so many Abyssal Crystals were enough to make up for his regret.

What’s more, the extremely evil ones have made it clear that they will protect the lives of Luoge and Barrow. Coupled with this windfall, they can live well on Lost Paradise.

Of course, the premise is that Lost Paradise will not be razed by The Burning Legion.

In the bar of Fog City, Barrow looked towards the man sitting alone in the corner in awe. Allen was drinking sullen wine and Lucy was sitting across from him. The table was full of wine glasses. When Allen picked up the unknown glass, Lucy reached out and pressed him: “Don’t drink anymore.”

“Yes.” Allen shook his head. “Now I am a little bit nostalgic for the past, when I was terrible when I was drunk and once drunk, and now I am simply not drunk. Even if Barrow claims to be able to put down a giant beast spirit, I It tastes almost like drinking water. So you see, it doesn’t necessarily mean everything is good to be Supreme.”

“Are you worried about Laura and the others?”

“That’s not true.” Allen shook his head. “From the very beginning Frius clearly expressed his position. He didn’t want to be an enemy of me. He knew very well which line could not be crossed. If you step on it, then it is not trifling. A new agreement can smooth out the rift between us. So at that time I had no worries about starting the war, and based on this, he will not cause substantial harm to Laura 2.”

“However, it turns out that our Laura Young Lady ability is amazing.”

Allen shrugged and said: “When I came back, I had confirmed with Jalene that Laura and Schmiller had fought, and during the fight, Laura finally made a breakthrough, sensed and mastered a void origin force. Finally, I took Adele and left the base. Returning to Demon Ring City, Schmiller personally tracked him down, and when he found that Laura could not be stopped, he simply went straight to Dobiya. However, Frius had promised to hand him over, so the traitor was not so good.”

“What I am more worried about now is the will that falls into the hands of Son of Dusk. If the will is integrated, Son of Dusk may be promoted to Supreme. When the time comes, it has the power of Supreme, plus another universe. Rule, he will become more difficult to deal with. It will exceed the estimates of the previous Dusk species. He will become very tricky. At that time, even if two Supreme were combined, the outcome was really hard to say, let alone even more. There is the Creator.”

“Dealing with the Creator is the key to Daybreak’s destiny plan. For this universe to usher in a real Daybreak, it must cut the connection between the Creator and it. And that connection is by no means just a Son of Dusk. “

Lucy sighed: “I contacted the Institution of Truth and they are trying to resolve the coordinates of the last King’s Treasure House, but I am afraid that they will not be able to resolve it in the short term. The amount of information contained in the coordinates is too huge, and there are several key nodes in it. A very complex encryption was carried out. Even with our Wisdom Brain pivot, we still have to rely on luck to resolve it within a year.”

“Then now we can only pray, pray that this universe will last for at least a year…”

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