Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1828

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Here is the world of flames.

The flames were gushing, and a path of fire pillar rose from the ground to midair, swaying countless rain of fire, like a tree of flames. The pillar of fire is the trunk, and the sprayed fire rain is the crown. Such fire trees are scattered throughout Mother Earth. The breath of Liuhuang is everywhere, and the suffocating poison qi can be seen everywhere. Obviously, it is not suitable for ordinary creatures to inhabit, so looking at it, Mother Earth is dead silent.

A pair of iron boots stepped on blazing’s Mother Earth, the flame retreated before one’s eyes, and the man in armor looked vicissitudes of life. He looked into the distance, Mother Earth stretched endlessly ahead, the silhouette of a giant looming on the west side of the sky, and rolling mountains on the east side. The sky is always in the dim yellow light, as if Dusk is frozen in this World. In the distance, there is a high mountain thrust into the cloud, and the mountain top is hidden in thick clouds.

That is his end, that mountain is also the center of this World.

This World is called Ebouins, as for that mountain, it is called Dusk Hill. Although it does not look like a very small hill at all, it has been called that since Ebouins appeared. All the kings of Ebouins know Dusk Hill. It is the center of Ebouins, the Place of Origin, and the starting point of everything.

On Dusk Hill, is the palace of Son of Dusk. That palace is called Hall of Withering.

He picked up his steps and walked not fast, but Mother Earth quickly backed away under his feet. So Dusk Hill kept zooming in his eyes. Only when you really get to the vicinity of Dusk Hill will you know how huge this mountain called “Mill” is. It is too close for the view to contain it. It is like a huge barrier, completely isolating the sky and Mother Earth.

At the foot of the mountain, he stopped.

Entering through a gap, a stream flowing with lava flows in front. Across the Fire River, there is a deep valley, and in the depths of the valley there is a dilapidated temple. One side of the temple has collapsed, and rocks are piled up randomly. He raised his hand, and a yellow light gradually escaped. Something in the ruins resonated with his origin force, so Mother Earth vibrated, and the rocks on the ground floated into the air, and combined themselves according to certain rules, and soon the temple returned to normal. He walked in, and a fire was lit up in a brazier in the temple, followed by a circular symbol on the ground. Those are all Ebouins, the civilization of the universe where the Creator is located, and the earliest civilization. Each symbol contains almost endless information, and the combination of many symbols creates a space door to Hall of Withering.

He walked over and stood among the talisman, the rising brilliance of the symbol enveloped him, and when the temple lit up, he had disappeared in it.

When he walked out of the light, he was already standing in the Hall of Withering.

This hall has a long history, and the floor of the hall is paved with unknown materials. not metal, not jade, not stone, nor crystal. In fact, it comes from the Creator’s universe, and it covers the entire ground. With every step he stepped on, a corresponding symbol lit up on the ground. When he travels far, the symbol disappears. So he went all the way, the symbol Birthed Life and Extinguished Death. The hall is wide and surrounded by pillars. From behind the pillars, you can see the boundless Mother Earth and Combustion sky of Ebouins. As for the dome of the hall, there are clusters of nebula-like halos floating around. They move according to certain rules. If you observe carefully, you can find that some rules of the universe are hidden in it.

The zero adjustment hall is the palace of Son of Dusk and the coordinate where the Creator descends to Ebouins. When a Universe’s Dusk is over, the Creator will visit his “farm”, grab energy, and leave

At this time, a high platform appeared ahead of him, and on the high platform was a majestic throne. The height difference between the high platform and the ground reached ten meters. When he approached, the masonry on the ground began to rise up, gradually rising, forming a ladder leading to the high platform. He walked to the final Level 1, stepped onto the high platform, and sat down on the majestic and gorgeous throne. There is a very small silver bell on the armrest on the left side of the throne. He gently flicked on the silver bell with his fingers, and a sweet bell instantly spread throughout the Ebouins, announcing his arrival to all the kings.

Soon, a king will come to see him, and he still has some time before that.

He spread his hand, and a warm light rose from his palm. The light floated out, trying to leap off the high platform, but was bounced back like it had hit something invisible. After several attempts to no avail, the light ball fell to the ground of the high platform, one silhouette appear out of thin air.

He is a man, handsome in appearance. The eyes are slender and there is a cold color between the eyebrows. His purple hair is tied high, he wears a vermilion crown on his head, and on the body is silver-purple armor of the same color as his hair. The whole person exudes an ice cold aura like an abyss.

“I recognize you.” The man on the throne held his cheek with one hand and looked at the man who appeared in rays of light. “Your name is Russell, a despicable opportunist.”

A man named Russell coldly smiled and said, “I call that wisdom that is one step faster.”

“If that is also called wisdom, so wise as you are, why would it fall into my hands?”

“Then how do you know, I didn’t count this?”

“plot against ?”

Son of Dusk nodded on the throne, “Yes, you are good at plot against all your life, so it is almost always unfavorable. Speaking of which, the game you laid out with the power of the 5th generation Dusk species began with you. You Indeed, you are very good at plotting against, and you are doing a good job. You are very smart, you set up King’s Warehouse before I wake up, and then pull out the related memories and some of the power to form an independent will to wait for the Daybreak Plan Turn on.”

“Thanks for the praise.” Russell said with a smile.

“But don’t be too happy, your plan is now falling short. Your will has fallen into my hands. Don’t even think that Son of Dawn can successfully recover 5 wills.”

“Who said that you must reclaim 5 wills to defeat you? In my calculations, it would be enough to recycle 2 or 3. If you can’t do it like this, it can only be said that we have misunderstood the person, and nothing more .” Russell indifferently said.

“If this is the case, why do you have to set up five treasure houses again.” The man on the throne narrowed one’s eyes.

“It’s very simple, just to cover people’s eyes, and 2 to provide an extra layer of insurance to prevent this situation.” Russell held his hand and walked to the other side of the high platform. “So what I just said, how do you know I didn’t count At this point. In fact, I have already calculated it.”

“Interesting, but I still know that you are the beginning, but not the end. The fifth treasure house is the key, and so far, even I don’t know where it is. Although you left the Slate of Origin, you can do it for To be on the safe side, I think that the final coordinates should have a lot of confidentiality measures, and it will take some time to crack. If we guess, is Universe’s Dusk coming soon, or your Son of Dawn is found earlier The fifth treasure house?”

When he waved his hand on the throne, a dim light appeared in front of the high platform. A certain planet’s Mother Earth is reflected in the rays of light. The wildfire on that piece of Mother Earth stalks four times. The pitiful yell reaching the Heaven, the dark legion advances silently, silently but firmly destroys every obstacle on Mother Earth. The city, the army, and the powerhouse were ruined at their feet, and in the end, only a wilderness of Combustion was left.

Scenes like this are constantly shown in Russell’s before one’s eyes with more and more light groups. What each light cluster reflects is the scene of a certain planet in the universe. The Burning Legion on some planets was resisted, but more were unable to stop the black legion from advancing.

The whole universe is in Combustion.

That’s Dusk’s swan song!

“Every wise man knows that we can accurately calculate every link in the entire plan, no matter how small it is. But in the end this plan can be successful, and it is not under our control.” Russell turned his head and looked at the throne. The man said with a smile: “The same is true for me. I initiated this round, but the details need to be supplemented by other people. The end must be done with the help of a certain descendant after a long time. I don’t know whether it will succeed in the end. Does not care.”

“Compared to this, don’t you plan to try it.”

“Try what?”

Russell pointed at him and said, “Try to absorb me. In this way, you should be able to jump into the power of this universe Peak in one fell swoop.”

“Supreme?” The man on the throne laughed: “I’m not interested, and now my power distance Supreme is just one step away. As for Rule, the Creator gave me the Rule that can kill Supreme, so you see, promotion Supreme To me simply is a dispensable thing. But you, have fallen into my hands, and don’t forget to plot against. Don’t I know, you plan to compete with me for this body. After all, the will Fusion is two-way. If you don’t voluntarily open up your will, then fusion will evolve into Spiritual War. Although I ask myself that I won’t lose to an incomplete will, why should I take this risk.”

“Then you are really cautious, but I want to remind you. To destroy a will, ordinary means don’t work. You can only pull me into the Spirit world, won’t that lead to the same result?” Russell said with a smile, “In the end, we still have to fight in Spirit world, why not just hurry up?”

“Don’t worry, I will ruin you as soon as possible. But not now, now you are a bait, and I want to catch a big fish.”

“Fishing?” Russell said, “So you still have this interest.”

“It wasn’t there.” He patted his chest. “But the owner of this body is a guy who is more cunning than you. I know he is hiding somewhere in this World. If there is no bait, this one is big The fish won’t get caught easily.”

“I just want to know if he learns that there is a Will of Dusk in Hall of Withering, will he send it to the door himself.”

Russell smiled and said, “If that’s the case, then he doesn’t deserve the word cunning at all.”

“Because he wants to win this war. After all, if he loses, his son will be miserable.” The man on the throne laughed: “So you see, even cunning people will have weaknesses. Russell, your weaknesses are again what is it then?”

Russell laughed and said nothing.

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