Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1829

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The wind is choking.

Dense clouds are densely covered with dim light. A Tribe banner was hunting for wind blow. The banner was stained with blood. The blood had coagulated and stained the banner with dark patches. The flag was suddenly lifted up by the wind blow, and it rolled and fluttered in the air with a desolate dance. The battle flag was finally hung by the tip of a bent horn, and then one hand pulled the flag off. It glanced at the banner, then opened its mouth and spit out a flame. The flame touched the flag, the flag was lit, it was thrown away, the flag was raging Combustion. The fire illuminate this strange beast, which is a Fire Horned Demon. Flames suddenly rose from the two bent horns of the Fire Horned Demon, and then rushed away. It jumps across a low mound. Standing on the hill overlooking, below is a vast battlefield.

At this time, a bright light flashed in the sky, and the lightning fangs pierced the clouds and landed on a distant hillside, instantly illuminating the battlefield. Countless silhouettes appeared in the bright light, they were intertwined together, making a cry of killing. On this battlefield, The Burning Legion is approaching steadily, and the ground vanguard composed of Fire Horned Demon and Raging Flames Knight shrinks the front, driving the indigenous people on this planet to the foot of a volcano in the center of the battlefield.

In the sky, flying alien beasts formed an echelon to attack the aboriginal birds. These flying creatures were entangled together like a thick cloud. Every second there are corpses falling in the thick clouds, and blood is poured into Mother Earth like clouds.

From time to time, a dazzling beam of light exploded on Mother Earth, which was caused by the aura and origin force released by the powerhouse. There is no shortage of powerhouses among the aboriginals of planet, but there are also kings in The Burning Legion. The confrontation between the groups will always blow up the flames of various colors.

From the high altitude, all around the volcano, 10000 planet indigenous people are fighting desperately. These aboriginals are foreign star’s people with beast heads. The weapons they use are very old. This explains from the side that the civilization of this planet is still in the primordial stage, but the origin force of the aboriginals is that everyone is not weak, otherwise It is also impossible to block an enemy ten times as many with this number.

But even so, the situation is quite unfavorable for the indigenous people. If the powerhouse, which is the pillar of the battlefield, is brought down, then Planet Aboriginals will usher in Judgement Day.

On the mountainside of the volcano, there was a man-made gap, where a huge space was dug out from the middle by using the natural rock wall. That is the Sacred Temple where the indigenous Spirit is located. From Sacred Temple to the foot of the mountain, there is a mountain road hovering among the volcanoes. At this moment, an aboriginal with the head of a sheep is rushing to Sacred Temple. Along the mountain road, he flew into the Sacred Temple. The hall of Sacred Temple is very dim, only the fire in the 2 braziers illuminate all around. In the dim light, someone came out, a goat man with a beard almost growing to his feet. This foreign star’s people looks quite young, but his eyes are very bright.

“Big elder.” The young indigenous warrior knelt down and buried his head on the ground in front of elder and said: “We can’t hold it anymore. The great Qinuotan asked me to tell me that he will perish together with the enemy. Please elder and others immediately. Leaving Sacred Temple, Avis and I will escort you elder away.”

“What about after leaving?” Elder sighed softly, “Our land has been invaded by demons, and Tribe’s people have been killed. Where else can we escape? Unfortunately, we have no way to escape. Destined to die, then this is my only destination. I believe that other people think so too.”

“But elder…”

“Needless to say, I and the others will not go, but you can send our guests away. He doesn’t belong to here, and doesn’t need to face death with us.”

The big elder walked towards the depths, where he sits cross-legged the individual, with his back to the elder, as if entering meditation. The big elder snapped his fingers, and that person gradually had a breath of life, instead of just a dead thing as before.

He slowly opened his eyes, thinking about the new buds emerging from the mud, perceiving and exploring the surrounding environment, and then constantly feeding information back to his brain. He first focused on the brazier in front, and then asked: “How many days have I been sitting?”

“It’s 40 days, dear guest. But unfortunately, we can’t entertain you anymore. The demons from the Gate of Hell have attacked here. We are powerless to resist. Death will come to our entire Tribe. Now, I can only let Tribe. The strongest fighter escorted you away.” Big Elder said solemnly.

He stod up, this man on the body wore a cloak woven with animal skin and cloth, his face was hidden in the hat, and a few strands of silver White’s hair were hanging from the brim of the hat. He appeared extremely tall when he stood up, the fire shining on him on the body, the silhouette pulled out from the ground was so long, he covered the fire, and the entire Sacred Temple seemed to be covered in shadow. He spoke in the aboriginal language of this planet. He had just learned it recently, so the pronunciation sounded a bit awkward, but the communication was not hindered: “It is rare that you would come up with the deeds of God for me to read, which made me bypass many Conundrum. This has helped me a lot, and in return, I will expel these so-called demons for you.”

Before the big elder agreed, he had already walked towards the exit. The big elder then reacted and chased after him and shouted: “Wait, there are too many demons, you can’t get rid of them. This is the fate of my clan, you don’t need to intervene, you should leave now.”

He stopped and said, “No one has ever let me go if I want to stay. No one has ever dared to let me stay if I want to leave. No one can change what I have decided. You can’t No one can do it. So all you have to do is to stay here, stay well.”

He walked out of the Sacred Temple and a wind blow came. He unbuttoned the cloak, so the wind blew the cloak away and floated to the void outside the mountain road, slowly drifting down the mountain. The man under the cloak has long silver White’s hair fluttering in the wind, like a volatile ash gray flame! His red pupils reflected the scene of the battlefield below the mountain, and there was no expression on his cold face. His on the body was draped with a set of hideous and heavy armor, the thorns on his shoulders, and the short spikes on the Iron Hand, all of which made people feel tingling.

Then he walked out of the mountain path, stepped into the void, but never fell off the cliff. There seemed to be an invisible platform in void for him to step on. The big elder in Sacred Temple and the young native warrior were stunned. Even the powerhouse in their Tribe could not walk void like him. He walked down like this step by step, the distance got bigger and bigger, the last step was 1000 meters, and in a blink of an eye, he was already standing on the battlefield.

A dozen Fire Horned Demon rushed towards him.

He passed these strange beasts and traveled far away.

The Fire Horned Demon just fell, as if dead. It’s just that their bodies are very strange, as if they have been reassembled. Some heads stick out from the abdomen, but some have their arms sticking out of their mouths. As for, the inside of the corpse has long become a mess.

He walked into the battlefield, and from time to time he waved a field of 5 colorful rays of light, rays of light pass through, and the “soldiers” of The Burning Legion all died strangely. At this time, the desolate bugle horn sounded from the Sacred Temple. Upon hearing this bugle horn, the indigenous warriors began to shrink, and their defensive lines gathered towards the volcano, freeing up more battlefield area.

Let it go to that strange guest.

The silver-haired man walked on the battlefield like a walk, waved away, and a large number of enemies fell, and all the fallen corpses were in a state of chaos. Maybe it was too slow to kill like this, he raised his hand, and the rays of light surged. After the rays of light disappeared, the man already had a battle spear in his hand. The battle spear is simple in shape, the whole body is pitch black, the gun on the body has several etched symbols, and I don’t know what it means.

He pointed his gun at the sky.

The thick clouds in the sky revolved, and light spots of different colors gradually appeared in the clouds. After each light spot, a beam of light hung down. A path of beam of light fell on the battlefield. In an instant, the entire Mother Earth near the volcano exploded thousands of Fireballs. The flying beasts flying in midair, the Raging Flames Knight galloping on Mother Earth, and the giant beasts of huge flames. In the falling beams of light, no matter how high or low, they are all swallowed and destroyed by the Fireball that the beam of light detonates!

The beams of light fall more and more, the distance between them is from the first several hundred meters, to 100 meters, and then to the last ten meters left and right. Such an intensive attack basically has no other method besides taking a hard stand. Defending and avoiding in this brief moment became a joke, those beams of light dropping from the sky, considering the battle strength of all creatures in The Burning Legion.

When the beam of light in the sky no longer fell, this piece of Mother Earth was almost ploughed again. There are only a few kings who can still stand. Without any suspense, several kings simultaneously lunged at the man, and the man greeted him with guns.

The monarchs who were previously unable to be easily defeated by the indigenous Tribe’s powerhouse were being picked one by one and stabbed to death on that man’s gun. In a blink of an eye, the last king was pierced by the chest by a man, and then the origin force of his within the body combusted uncontrollably, and the source of fire burst out of his body. He asked with difficulty, “Who are you?”

“Me?” The man showed a look of remembrance, “A long time ago, I had a mother, she called me Naber. Then I left her, in order not to let her find, I changed my name, so now everyone calls me Spanac .”

“Spanac?” The monarch had obviously heard of the name, and he was shocked: “Why is Demon Monarch Spanac here…”

Then a ball of flame exploded, blasting him to pieces. Spanac put away the battle spear, indifferently said: “I have no obligation to answer this question.”

After the king’s death, the remaining The Burning Legion on the periphery of the battlefield began to retreat, and they left quickly like a low tide. Spanac also had no plans to catch up. He turned around to look back at the Sacred Temple, as if saying to himself: “There is no longer a need to stay here. If the deed points to that place, maybe…”

“I can find the answer there!”

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