Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1830

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Aidahua Star.

When the morning sun just rose, the Golden City floating in midair was showered with brilliant light. Those golden buildings shone and reflected in the sun, writing the best footnote to the glory of Aidahua Star. In the distance, waterfalls rushed down, reflecting the 7-color rainbow bridges hanging between the tops of the mountains, and occasionally flying beasts passed by, leaving long bursts of sound. The Golden City is still majestic, and on the Victory Palace, the Seed of Golden Fire is still raging Combustion, like a as before.

Only a few people know that the real Seed of Golden Fire has been lost, and has never been recovered. This caused several core members of the Royal court to question the capabilities of their Emperor. Of course, these voices were at most spoken to the confidant in their secret room, and it was impossible to reach the Emperor’s ears. However, there is another incident that has recently spread in the Royal court, and gradually formed public opinion that is not conducive to King of Righteousness.

That was a Princess who was with Aidahua Star’s mortal enemy, the Emperor of Specter Country. For many traditional Aidahua Star people, this is intolerable. Aidahua Star and Specter Country are like light and darkness, like white and black, like the absolute opposition between order and chaos. But now, a Princess is actually staying in Agares, does this represent the unknown development of the universe to chaos?

Unknown is the biggest horror. Some members of the Imperial Family are even worried that Specter Country will extend his claws to the Aidahua Star through the Princess, and eventually encroach on the Royal court!

Therefore, at the time of the last time Royal family council, someone has already proposed to Orpheus that Lucy must be called back and a nobleman must be appointed to get married in order to ensure the purity of the Aidahua Star Royal family.

Of course, this proposal was squeezed down by Orpheus, but the undercurrent within did not disappear, but instead got worse.

Today is the day of the Royal Family Council again.

In the vast and splendid parliament hall, ten or two golden pillars prop up the arched dome, and each golden pillar is carved with a glorious piece of Aidahua Star. These carvings themselves are epic art. Not to mention the inlaying technique of various crystals and rare spars in the dome, which lists the past Emperors who have shining through the entire era. Several Emperors seemed to overlook their descendants, making everyone who enters here respectful.

There is a round table in the lobby, surrounded by a circular chair, a high platform in the middle, and a Golden Throne above.

Aidahua Star 12 Duke each had a round table, and the next Marquis, Count occupied the surrounding circular seat. as for The Throne of the High Platform, that is naturally exclusive to Orpheus. It was still early, and Gulliver Duke had arrived early and took a seat in the round table. Then someone entered the hall one after another. When there was a loud knocking sound in the hall, Gulliver Duke looked up, as if he saw a sun, and felt that before one’s eyes lit up.

Striding in from the entrance of the hall is a noble woman. She has the pure golden hair color of Aidahua Star Imperial Family. She is impeccably exquisite and beautiful. Her beauty is like a magnificent nebula, which fascinates everyone. She was wearing a set of silver Battle Armor on the body, and the armor was decorated with red roses. This glorious young woman crossed a group of seats and sat on the other side of Gulliver. But no one in the hall would be surprised, because it was Pahfeierli Duke. A female Grand Duke, young and beautiful, simultaneously is an outstanding military strategist and top powerhouse. With so many auras, it is no wonder that this female Grand Duke will be called the Empire Supreme Treasure of Aidahua Star!

“Good morning, Pahfeierli, how is your mother?” Gulliver said with a smile.

The frost on Pahfeierli’s face melted, showing a gentle smile said with a nod: “I have trouble, Gulliver Grand Duke, mother is in good health.”

“That’s good.”

Two people greeted each other, and Grand Duke joined the seats one after another. A silhouette sits next to Gulliver Grand Duke. This Duke looks similar to Gulliver has several points of, just like the Grand Duke in his youth. With a gentle smile on his face, he said to Gulliver saying with a nod: “The big brother came so early.”

Then he said to Pahfeierli: “You are still as beautiful as you always have. If you have time, can you come to my studio.”

“Do you want me to be your model, Parde Grand Duke?” Female Duke blinked. “My charges are very expensive.”

The man called Parde laughed: “I can probably afford it.”

This is the younger brother of Gulliver Duke. He is also a Grand Duke. He is also a painter and poet. Simultaneously is also the most sought-after star of aristocratic women in Golden City. Even if Parde Grand Duke no matter if it is in battle strength or military talent, he is no worse than his brother, but in the eyes of a woman, his brilliance comes from his artistic attainments.

“What day is it today, our Empire Supreme Treasure is also present at the meeting.” A feminine voice of a man and woman with unclear scores came. As soon as this voice appeared, the light in the hall seemed to dim a bit.

Sitting in the round table is Duke wearing a black magnificent gown. He looks feminine. The pale face is also covered with foundation. The finely traced eyebrows are slender like willow leaves. The eyes with eye shadow are 30% more charming than a woman. . His gorgeous black robe is even more embellished with lace and crystal diamonds, which makes his neutral appearance even more eloquent.

“Ordinaz, can’t you be normal?” Pahfeierli frowned frowned.

Duke, known as Ordinaz, squinted and laughed: “Dear Pahfeierli, this is art, don’t you know how to appreciate it?”

“I only know you are a pervert.”

“It hurts so much.”

When the golden hourglass in the corner of the hall was turned over, all the members who attended the Royal family meeting today had arrived. Aidahua Star’s 12 Duke only attended 7 people, and the rest had important tasks and could not participate. As for other Marquis Count, they also attended 70% left and right, and many seats were vacant. In the most prosperous meeting, not only seats were all filled, and many people were even standing.

Only now, Gate of Raging Flames have appeared on many planets in Gat Star Field. The Burning Legion’s soldiers are raging on these planets. Aidahua Star’s armies are fighting in 4 places, so today’s meeting seems to be under-staffed.

In the vigorous drum music played in the hall, Orpheus walked up to the high platform and sat on the Golden Throne. The King of Righteousness watched the people at the table with dignity, and nodded signaled that the meeting could start.

The first stand up report was Marius Count, the director of the Institution of Light. After bowing to Orpheus on the throne, he nodded to the 7 Duke on the round table, and finally said: “Your Majesty, we found out 2 days ago An unusual energy shock wave, although very weak, we came to a conclusion after analysis and comparison, that should be the origin force vibration caused by Demon Monarch Spanac.”

There was an immediate commotion in the hall.

Demon Monarch Spanac No matter when, somewhere, it is definitely an eye-catching existence.

“Are you sure?” Orpheus’ eyes lit up.

“Yes, Your Majesty. I have sent an investigation team. According to the information they have returned, Spanac indeed has been active on that planet. However, he has left now, but he has left enough. I think it should be possible to trace his next foothold.”

Orpheus said with a nod: “Very well, you have to keep tracking this matter. As soon as there is news from Spanac, tell me immediately.”

The real Seed of Golden Fire is still in the hands of Demon Monarch. Of course, Orpheus can’t tolerate Aidahua Star’s Supreme Treasure being run around the world by Spanac. When Demon Monarch got the Seed of Golden Fire and left, there was no news after that. Only now has some clues been obtained, and Orpheus naturally does not want to miss it.

Next, it is the Gate of Raging Flames on each planet in Gat Star Field. The Burning Legion has appeared on all planets with life. Gat Star Field is the most prosperous star field in the Nine Great Star Field in the universe, and there are so many planets with life. In this way, of course, there are countless planets that have been tainted by The Burning Legion. Although Aidahua Star has a strong military force, it cannot simultaneously fight every planet.

Therefore, they divided the planets in the star field in order of their importance. But even so, as of today, many planets have been razed by The Burning Legion. Orpheus frowns, listened to these reports quietly and gave instructions one by one.

Time flows quietly in various reports, and in a blink of an eye it has reached noon, and when a break is about to be announced, the feminine Grand Duke stood up: “Your Majesty, I have something to say.”

Orpheus’ eyebrows twitched and squinted, “Ordinaz, what’s the matter with you?”

“Yes, Your Majesty, it’s about your daughter, Lucy.”

Orpheus hummed: “I said this earlier. Now the Emperor of Specter Country is not Spanac, but Allen. Allen is actively fighting Universe’s Dusk, and Lucy is assisting him, unlike the outside world. It’s rumored. Don’t worry that Specter Country will encroach on our Aidahua Star, because it’s impossible!”

Ordinaz said with a smile: “Your Majesty, but don’t forget, that Allen Your Majesty was originally Son of Dusk. Who can be sure of us whether he will return to Dusk’s embrace. I absolutely trust His Royal Highness Lucy and trust her Will not do anything to harm the Royal court. But Your Majesty, once she was used for 10000?”

“Furthermore, Specter Country has always been our mortal enemy. Regardless of whether it has changed its owner or not, in the eyes of a great majority of people, Specter Country is labelled as an enemy. His Royal Highness Lucy stays in the enemy’s country like this. Is there something wrong?”

Orpheus said solemnly: “Ordinaz, what do you think should be done with this?”

“I hope Your Majesty can call your daughter back, and she has reached the age of marriageable age, and she should fulfill her duties as a member of the Royal family. If Your Majesty is difficult to decide, I suggest a voting system, and Your Majesty can also borrow See what everyone is saying.”

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