Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1831

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Thunder roared.

The dazzling light cut through the sky, splitting the dark red clouds, revealing the dark sky behind the clouds, and then the clouds quickly closed and the thick clouds pressed the city, making Dobiya, a very small town, like a plant in the turbulent wind and clouds. very small straw.

“The weather is terrible.” An old Barr people muttered, sitting at the door of the only bar in this town. This rocking chair is his personal property. Everyone knows that guard Ido will always sit on him no matter how sunny or rainy. On that very small rocking chair, drinking the bitter wine that I brewed, day after day, day by day, like this every year.

The old Barr people had seen so many people, so many that only a person appeared in his eyes, and he could classify them. But today, there seems to be a special person in the town. This talent came to the bar when the rain was pouring. The weird thing was that he didn’t touch a drop of rain on the body, but Ido watched him come through the rain. Then Ido knew that he was a great character, but for a Barr people who was about to be dead, the difference between a great character and a nobody was really not that big, so the guard still sat in his rocking chair and called inside. : “There are guests.”

The visitor walked up the steps. Ido watched the wooden steps make him squeeze, and could not help but drank a drink and said, “This guy is really heavy.”

The guests indeed are heavy and heavy. After he took off the cloak, the gatekeeper knew that his heavy weight came from the armor on the body. The armor was very hideous, and there were thorns everywhere, and it seemed that blood would be drawn when he got close. Ido showed a relieved expression. It is no wonder why people with the cloak looked tattered, even if the strong cloak is draped on such armor, many cracks will be drawn.

The armor was heavy, and its style was no different from the heavy armor that Empire generals liked. The visitor also carried a heavy awl gun, and behind it was a gigantic sword with a wide palm. Adding these things together, Ido really didn’t know how he could move. Anyway, if these things were pressed on the body, the old Barr people would probably be crushed.

The guest walked into the bar.

There is only one woman taking care of the bar. After all, it is not the peak of the bar at this time, not to mention the bad weather today. In such weather and time, few people come to the bar. So there are only 2 guests in the bar, one is a regular, sitting in the corner drinking. The other was a stranger. He shrank in the corner in a cloak, ordered a few bottles of bad wine, and was drinking silently.

The man in heavy armor came to an arched bar, unfastened his gun and sword and leaned to one side at random, then clicked on the countertop with his finger and said, “Bring me a bottle of wine and some food.”

“What do you want to eat, guest?”

“Just have something to eat.”

“OK, just a second.”

After a while, the woman brought him a bottle of wine, a glass, and some food. The man frowned. It was obvious that these things were much worse than he expected, but considering the current conditions, he had to sigh. Then he unscrewed the bottle and poured himself a glass. After a bite, he concentrates on dealing with the food. Soon the food was eaten, half a bottle of wine was drunk, and he raised his hand and threw something to the woman.

It was a nail-sized crystal, and when it slid across the air, it left a black streak of A path of shining with fluorescent light on the bar.

The woman caught it and glanced at the customer happily and said: “This is too much…”

“It doesn’t matter, just give me another bottle of wine.” The guest said.

When the woman went to get the wine, the stranger in the cloak said, “It’s so generous, take the Abyssal Crystal to pay the bill, or you can pay for my table as well, generous General Schmiller.”

A storm suddenly set off in the bar, and the woman holding the wine just walked out and was shocked back. She hit 7 holes on the wall and died of bleeding. The regular customer in that corner was drunk by himself, and suddenly he planted a window. He fell to the rainy ground, but he never climbed again does not raise. But the gatekeeper outside the bar did nothing, he was half drunk. Ido hiccuped and fell asleep in the heavy rain.

In the bar, Schmiller stood up. beckoned, the cone gun fell into his hand. Pointed the gun, pointed at the cloak stranger and said, “Who are you!”

“I’m here to pick you up.” The man stood on the ground and took off his cloak, revealing a strong figure that can’t be called. There was a nonchalant smile on the Barr people’s face, indifferently said, “And you’re too late, General Schmiller, I’m almost falling asleep waiting.”

Schmiller narrowed his eyes slightly and said softly: “Iron Demon Feili, I was really flattered to ask Frius Your Majesty’s right-hand man to pick me up. Yes, I was late and had some trouble on the way, but it was all over.”

Who can think of it, this seemingly ordinary man with a medium build turned out to be another General of Dobiya, and Fire Demon Beiroukai is the same Frius left and right Armed Iron Demon Feili!

“Really? I was also surprised. I heard that Jalene personally chased you, but still escaped for you. Your ability is really good, General Schmiller.”

“I didn’t meet Jalene, if it were her, I probably wouldn’t be able to come. Then General Feili, shall we go now?”

“Of course, or I’m here waiting for What are you doing, I’m even waiting for you to run out of lunch. You see, I’m pretty good to you.” Iron Demon grinned said with a smile.

Schmiller always feels that the words mean more than they say.

In the base in the gray zone, he had planned to put Laura under house arrest. Unexpectedly, Laura resisted and made a breakthrough in the fight. Schmiller was careless and let Laura run away with Adele. Then Jalene started chasing him, Schmiller had to escape Specter Country and went directly to Dobiya to take refuge in Frius, hoping to be sheltered by the Emperor of Darkness. Now he just wants to stay away from Specter Country, and this town is obviously not far away.

“Then let’s set off now.” Schmiller picked up the gigantic sword with another hand and walked towards the gate.

Behind him, a bad wind suddenly grew!

He turned around and shot the gun. The tip of the gun pierced Feili’s fist, and the crackle rang in the air. Cracks stretched out from under their feet, climbed up the bar, walked between the walls, and then the bar collapsed with a bang. The face guard outside was thrown out by an air wave and fell into the rain. Edo was half sober, and stands up, pointing at the bar and cursing: “Who is fighting!”

Then see clearly the bar has collapsed and only 2 people are still standing. The old Barr people immediately turned around and ran. Who can believe that the old Edo, who always drank himself so drunk, is now running faster than a rabbit.

“What do you mean, General Feili?” The corners of Schmiller’s mouth twitched, and he shouted, “Why attack me? Are you Dobiya planning to cross the river and draw the bridge?”

“Don’t get excited, General Schmiller.” Feili said calmly, “You messed up things first. Secondly, our Your Majesty just signed some new agreements with the Specter Country guy. There is a Item, you have to hand it back. For the sake of the two countries’ diplomatic relations, you should be obediently surrender, you and I will save trouble.”

“Fart!” Schmiller yelled. “Frius said he would give me what I want, including my position in Dobiya and a place to stay. Is this Supreme’s promise?”

“Wrong.” Feili shook his head and said with a smile: “Have you ever heard Your Majesty promise all this? Obviously no, Beiroukai talked to you from beginning to end, Fire Demon, but he is famous cunning.”

Schmiller was startled, and the thunder light slashed across the sky, making his face pale. He knew that he had become a victim. He didn’t know what happened between Frius and Allen, but he knew that in the end, the two Supreme did not fall out. Then, he needs to be sacrificed as a necessary means to maintain the relationship between the two Supremes.

Schmiller smiled, and the origin force skyrocketed. He betrayed Specter Country and was sacrificed by Dobiya. Although Agares was old, he suddenly found that he had no place for him. Of course, he didn’t want to be obediently surrender, so he tried his best.

Unfortunately, his opponent is Iron Demon.

In Dobiya, Feili claims to be invincible except Frius. Its battle strength is as high as Jalene.

Schmiller couldn’t beat Jalene, so naturally he couldn’t beat Feili.

So when the rain stopped, the small town on the edge of the border of Dobiya became ruins, but the average-sized generals who looked like ordinary people walked out of the ruins of Schmiller, and then a flying warship landed outside the city. . Schmiller was thrown up, and the flying warship turned to Demon Ring City.

In Castle of Profound Darkness, Fire Demon Beiroukai saw Frius and knelt down and reported: “Your Majesty, I have received a message from Feili. He has taken Schmiller to Demon Ring City.”

“Really?” Frius looked out the window and said, “I hope that Your Majesty will like this gift.”

“Your Majesty…” Beiroukai stopped talking.

Frius laughed: “Are you going to say that I wasn’t even afraid of Spanac back then, why should I be busy fixing it with Allen now?”

“All of Your Majesty’s decisions are correct.”

“Your flattery is not very good.” Frius indifferently said: “Because Allen is not Spanac, Spanac has no interest in war. In his eyes, the war between our two countries is more to consume the surplus population. But Allen It’s not the same. If a war really starts, he will come over. If it’s before, it’s fine, but on Thin Sun Star, his killer skill has impressed me so far. I am confident that next, but Injuries are inevitable. And if that trick is dropped at our Neverfall City, maybe we have to rebuild this royal city.”

“Even Your Majesty can’t stop it?” Fire Demon shook.

“Yes, even I can’t stop it. So you see, fighting with Allen Your Majesty is not a fun thing.” Frius said with a smile.

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