Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1832

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Demon Ring City.

In the garden of Castle of Shadow’s bedroom, Allen stood alone in a clearing.

There are petals falling, gently falling on his shoulders, his feet. Allen didn’t move. He didn’t wear armor or clothes, but only a pair of trousers. Standing barefoot on the ground, 2 holds an unusual sword in his hand and stares ahead.

He has been standing like this for more than a minute.

“He’s What are you doing?” Lucy walked over with Slate of Origin, leaning against a pillar. At the corridor by the side, Elise was sitting on the guardrail, flipping through an ancient book of Specter Country. Recently, she was learning the words of Barr people, and now she can barely understand some vocabulary.

Hearing this raised his head, Elise shrugged and said, “He has been standing like that for a long time. I can’t understand it anyway. Why don’t you ask him?”

“Forget it, let’s not disturb him, maybe we are thinking about some questions.”

“Universe’s Dusk?”

“En.” Lucy reached out and touched Elise’s belly and said, “When will you give birth to our Your Majesty?”

Elise blushed and slapped Lucy’s hand in reply, “Why don’t you ask yourself.”

Lucy said with a smile: “What are you shy, don’t say I didn’t tell you. Before us, a woman gave him a child.”

Elise immediately jumped down and said nervously, “Who is it?”

“You will understood in the future.” Lucy squeezed his fingers and counted: “Now in the woman of Your Majesty, Laura has successfully communicated with Void and mastered Void Blood Flame. Well, I admit, now we are the best able to beat her. It’s a bit unwilling. But because of this, Laura is too strong now, so strong that her instinct and origin force will exclude all extra things from the body, so you’re White’s right?”

Elise opened her eyes wide: “You mean, she is impossible to be pregnant with a child?”

“It’s not impossible, but the probability is very small, it’s very small.” Lucy counted his fingers, “So counting, you and Adele now have the most chance. You two have not had a breakthrough Level 30, let alone contact void origin force, So you are still very suitable for giving birth.”

After speaking she patted Elise’s ass. The latter blushed like an apple, and said, “Don’t you also have no breakthrough Level 30, can’t you?”

“I am different. I am the successor of Golden Wild Rose. If I am pregnant with a child, the power of Golden Wild Rose may automatically flow to my heirs. Now at this time, the power of Golden Wild Rose is still needed Yes, so Allen and I have discussed this issue. Well, is White is cheaper anyway, you need to know how to seize the opportunity, fool.” Lucy said.

Elise blushed in a mess.

Over there, Allen finally moved, and slashed out without surprise. There is no original force, no imposing manner, and even the speed of slashing is very ordinary. This is an ordinary sword. But Allen didn’t seem to be satisfied. He frowned, scratched his head, put away the sword and walked back.

“You stood for a long time just to cut out the sword just now?” Lucy asked.

Allen put down the long sword, stretched out her hand and flicked her head and said, “I am thinking about how to integrate the experience of Taylor their three people. Once successful, their experience will be completely transformed into my own. At that time, I and They are considered to be indifferent to each other. But I have no idea what to do, and finally thought of a way. That is to start from scratch.”

“From scratch?”

“Well, starting from the most basic sword technique practice, just like what I did when I joined the death training camp. Starting from the most basic slashing practice, I gradually merged into the experience of their three people, polished repeatedly, and combined with me. My own experience and skills. Eventually, by combining all these experiences together, I think I will reach a new realm.” Allen smiled bitterly, “But the huge experience of their three people can’t be done casually. Combine them together. And in this process, I have to make a choice, in order to finally form my own skill.”

“It doesn’t sound like it can be done a day or two,” Elise said.

Allen nodded, “Yes, so I’m not in a hurry. I plan to go to the gray area and use the natives there to sharpen it.”

Lucy rolled the eyes: “My good Your Majesty, you are too bully. You are Supreme, Supreme, you go to the gray area by yourself, those natives are not covered head and sneaked away like a rat?”

“It seems to be too.” Allen thought for a while and said, “Then find a planet with The Burning Legion as the battlefield. The Giant Star seems to be good. Anyway, I haven’t been to that planet yet, so I’ll take it for a long time. Hopefully. Giant Gelai hasn’t cleaned up The Burning Legion yet.”

“Does that make a difference?”

“Of course, I will not fight with all my strength. The most important thing for this trip is to sharpen the skills and blend Taylor’s experience, so I will control the origin force on a basis comparable to that of the opponent. This is fair. ?” Allen blinked and said, “But I won’t take you with you this time. Just contact me if you have anything.”

Lucy snorted: “I don’t want to go yet. I just seizes an opportunity to study Slate of Origin. The laboratory you prepared for me can also be used.”

At this time, the director of the Imperial Palace, Bavaria, walked quickly, kneeling down to say: “Your Majesty, Dobiya’s special envoy has arrived. It is Iron Demon Feili, who brought back Schmiller who fled to Dobiya.”

“Schmiller…” Allen nodded, “Call all the ministers to wait for me in the Shadow Hall.”

When Schmiller walked into Shadow Hall, he had a bitter expression on his face. Looking at the indifferent or disgusting ministers and generals on the second side, he lowered his head and his gaze fell on the handcuffs. Now he has taken off his armor and lost his weapon. Of course, this handcuffs don’t mean much to him, it is more of a symbolic meaning. The strength that really bound him was Feili.

This general called Iron Demon inserted some unremarkable iron needles in his within the body. These iron needles were made by Feili with his own origin force. They blocked the free movement of Schmiller origin force. Vibration waves are constantly emitted between the iron needles, so that Schmiller’s origin force cannot be controlled as freely as before. This is really a brilliant control method. As long as those iron needles exist within the body, Schmiller will be slaughtered like a waste.

The hall was already full of people. Finally, Allen walked into the hall and walked to the throne to sit down. Surprisingly, today Allen didn’t wear the Demon Monarch armor. He even only wore casual clothes. It didn’t look safe like the Emperor of Specter Country. There is no imposing manner deliberately revealed, he sits on it like an ordinary person. But now, no one dared to question whether Allen was qualified to sit on that throne.

Because the battle between him and Frius in Thin Sun Star has long been spread, if Allen has been promoted to Supreme before, some people will eventually doubt whether he can compete with Frius. So now no one thinks like that anymore. In the Thin Sun Star battle, Allen has already used operation to tell everyone that he is sufficient to contend with Frius. Furthermore, Iron Demon personally sent Schmiller here, and the meaning represented here is enough for everyone to think deeply.

So now Allen doesn’t need the Demon Monarch armor to add majesty to himself.

“Kneel down.” Feili kicked at Schmiller’s leg, and the latter knelt down. Then Iron Demon reverently half-kneeled on the ground, touching the chest and saying to Allen: “Dear Allen Your Majesty, offer Frius On Your Majesty’s order, I personally escort the traitor Schmiller back so that Your Majesty can judge his crimes yourself.”

Allen nodded, said: “Thanks, General Feili.”

Then turned his head and looked towards Schmiller, Allen looked indifferent and said: “Schmiller, what else do you have to say?”

Schmiller raised his head and said with a bitter smile: “I have nothing to say, Your Majesty. On the way here, I thought a lot. Finally, I found out that from the very beginning I was wrong. My mistake was that I I overestimated Frius and underestimated you. So I ended up like this. I have no complaints. Please Your Majesty punish you.”

“Okay, you finally have some backbone.” Allen said in a long voice: “Schmiller betrayed the Empire and betrayed the secrets. Here I announce that Schmiller will be executed. Warn others from following bad examples. Simultaneously, all of Schmiller’s family are enlisted, but they are allowed. Use military exploits in exchange for freedom. The above judgments will be executed immediately.”

“General Jalene, this is your responsibility.”

The first General walked out, made a gesture, and two Nether Shadow Army came forward. While one person set up Schmiller and led them down the hall, Jalene followed and left, naturally going to execute Schmiller.

After Schmiller was taken away, Feili left, and Allen ended the court meeting after listening to the daily reports of the ministers. After a little preparation, he left Agares alone.

The planet Mixier, where the Gelai giant lives, is the largest planet in the Paused Treaty Star Field. It has an area three times the size of Agres and has extremely high oxygen content. So besides the Gelai giant, there are also many huge creatures living on this planet. The number of Gelai giants is the smallest in the Paused Treaty Star Field, and their entire race combined is less than 3 people. With such a small number, sitting on the planet with the largest star field, Mixier can be called extremely empty.

The Gelai giants don’t have too obvious social structure. Although they also have Tribe, it’s just the name that’s all when a group of giants get together. When they like it, they can get together, and when they don’t like it, they can separate things. The Gelai giants have no permanent homes, jungles, mountains, river valleys, plains, wherever they can become their home, if they like it.

On Mixier, only the Giant Chief, Eliogh of Chaos, is qualified to summon all giants. He is the Spirit leader of all giants, and only when Eliogh calls, these giants will slightly reflect the appearance of race. Otherwise, they are usually a pile of loose sand, and their structure is looser than the Catu people.

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