Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1833

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“Your Majesty, we can send you directly to Vigorous Wind Stronghold.”

Staying on a plain, Allen walked out of the Starship cabin, and an Empire general behind moved a box to the ground and said to Allen. Allen shook his head and said, “You go back. If you send me over directly, is it unclear to tell Gelai that I am here? This time I will be a soldier instead of the Emperor of Specter Country. Needless to say, you can go back. , I can do it myself.”

“Then be careful yourself, the situation of the Giant Star is not so good, although there are reinforcements from Dobiya…”

After saying that the famous general army returned to Starship, Starship re-lifted into the air, and soon disappeared into the thick cloud above. Light bursts from time to time in the thick cloud, and some huge shapes can be vaguely seen, and I don’t know what it is.

Allen opened the box, which contained the equipment prepared for him and Feili’s token. This time Allen intends to use Mixier as the battlefield to sharpen his battle skills and integrate the experience of the three Taylors. He intends to start from the most basic, which will be a process of integrating himself and Will of Dusk’s many experiences. Once completed, he will leap to another level, as for now, as he said, he is a small soldier who was introduced by Feili and whose battle strength is still reasonable.

Of course, even if it is a small soldier, it is not trivial to get an introduction from Iron Demon Feili.

As General Empire said just now, things are not so good on the Giant Star. Gate of Raging Flames appears on every planet with life, and Mixier is no exception. Perhaps because the planet is too large, 5 Gate of Raging Flames were opened here in one breath, so more than 3,000,000 super legions entered this planet and burned all over many corners of this planet in a swift posture.

In the report submitted by Bellemodre, it was pointed out that The Burning Legion almost swept the corners of this huge planet. At first, the giant Gelai had no bones to react. At this time, the loose social structure of the Gelai giant showed its fatal weakness, and the giant who was accustomed to the unsettled home could not resist the massive enemies at all. Even the more powerful Dark Titan among the giants is not fortunate enough to face a legion of 10000 people.

In a short period of time, the number of Gelai giants dropped sharply. At this time, Giant Chief, who has been sleeping, and Eliogh, who has the name of Chaos, awakened from his sleep and summoned the giants to resist. But even so, the situation of Gelai giant is still not optimistic. So they asked their ally Dobiya for help. Frius allocated a super legion of 1000000 organizations to enter the giant star, and assisted the giant to build several giant strongholds to resist the attack of The Burning Legion.

Vigorous Wind Stronghold that Allen is going to now is one of them. Now, it surrounds these giant strongholds. The Burning Legion and the Legion on Mixier are engaged in a desperate battle, and what makes people desperate is that the Gate of Raging Flames is still open, and the continuous stream of The Burning Legion enters the planet through the gate. There are so many that people can see no hope. The dawn.

After a while, Allen has been equipped with a set of armor with Dobiya characteristics. Dobiya’s armor is generally much more gorgeous than Specter Country’s. This seems to be because of Frius’s preferences, making this Empire armor that can fight Specter Country’s special emphasis on majesty and gorgeousness, so it can’t help but have more flashy shapes. Allen made some adjustments himself. Under his Golden King Flame, the hollow patterns purely for decoration were melted and recast, and the nail spikes that were too long and hindered the operation were shortened. Finally, Allen on the body The armor seems right but actually isn’t. A little bit less gorgeous, the practicality has risen sharply.

Finally, I assembled a beam gun and a long sword, and put a horned helmet on his head. Allen masked his breath, and it was no different from a Dobiya infantry soldier.

He took Feili’s token, opened the pocket Wisdom Brain on his wrist, and called up the location of Vigorous Wind Stronghold on the panel. Wisdom Brain drew the shortest route. Allen remembered in the heart, closed Wisdom Brain and started on his way.

He is advancing at a constant speed of 60 kilometers per hour. In fact, he can go faster, and it is only a blink of an eye to use his full strength for 100000 kilometers. But now, he must show the power that fits this identity, naturally impossible to fly quickly. Soon he heard the explosion. After driving for 100 kilometers on the plain, he faintly saw the artillery fire flashing on a highland in the distance. There was continuous fire piercing the sky, and light balls of various colors flashed, and Blockbuster densely packed black silhouette.

Above the sky, there are more giant creatures silhouettes appearing in the thick clouds, occasionally bursting into large flames. In the fire, Furious Roar from Prison Flame Giant came. Obviously, the giant and the giant beast of The Burning Legion were fighting in the sky.

The Burning Legion is not just low-level units like Fire Horned Demon and Raging Flames Knight. In the high-level battle unit, there are huge star beasts that can travel between interstellars, and there are also humanoid units whose battle strength is only slightly inferior to the king. Especially the latter, once those humanoid units form an established system, it is fatal to ordinary soldiers.

Fire of the Abyss once mentioned to Allen that it was a battle unit called Demonic Bones. Demonic Bones have a very big difference from other battle units. They are not biological units. Demonic Bones are Battle Puppets rebuilt from skeletons of dead powerhouses. They have very strong individual battle strength. When forming an established system, they are the elite legion sweeping Mother Earth. In individual activities, they are killers and assassins.

On certain battlefields, they are even more troublesome than the starry sky giant beast.

Allen, who was on his way, stopped suddenly.

Although he didn’t feel anything, his instinct made him stop, and then the ground in front of him suddenly exploded, and a darkness burst out. There was dim light flickering in the flying black mud, and then a green gigantic sword was swung over. The sword was covered with sharp serrations and some meat scraps hung on it. I don’t know which bad luck egg it was. Of course, such a sword poses no threat to Allen. He slipped back easily and let this sword cut through the air. But if it wasn’t for foreseeing the danger in advance, if you continue to move forward, then this sword seems a bit troublesome.

Standing, Allen looked at the killer. Obviously, it is Demonic Bones. The body is made up of various bones, draped in a lightweight armor, and a dark but tattered cloak hangs from its back. Among the armor and skeleton, a group of dim flames was burning in Combustion. That is the core of the Demonic Bones and the source of their power. This puppet rushed forward silently, and raised the Ferocious Strike with the green gigantic sword in his hand.

Allen long sword was unsheathed, and the experience from Taylor was flashed in his mind, and then his hands and feet moved on their own. The long sword gently sticks the gigantic sword on the other side, which is obviously poisonous, and draws it gently by the sword power of the Demonic Bones. Simultaneously stretched his feet and mixed them on the Demonic Bones’ feet. The puppet fell to the ground with an unstable footing. Allen raised his hand and pulled out the beam gun, which shot at the core of the Demonic Bones.

A ball of flame exploded, the core of Demonic Bones was exploded, and the uncontrolled energy exploded its body all split up and in pieces.

Allen narrowed one’s eyes, then shook his head to express a little bit of dissatisfaction with what he had just shown. Then he took back the sword and spear, walked over and picked up the gigantic sword of Demonic Bones. The golden flame flicked on the sword and the poison was gone. He tried it, and the weight and length of the gigantic sword just met the requirements. It was much easier to use than the one-handed sword of Dobiya that was well-made but deliberately reduced in weight. Allen couldn’t help laughing, remembering that almost all the gigantic swords he used in the past were such heavy-handed gigantic swords.

At this time, another Demonic Bones suddenly came out from the grass behind him. This guy is not using a gigantic sword, but 2 short-handled battle spears. The double spears stabbed in a staggered manner, and the shadows of the spears are vertical and horizontal.

Allen turned and raised his sword. Breathes deeply, the silhouette of Ranger naturally floated in his mind, and then he slammed into the shadow of the gun with the sword, and when he rushed out, the gigantic sword pointed to the ground. The Demonic Bones behind him suddenly fell into the center. On the ground, an orange Fireball exploded, burning the vegetation within 100 meters around to ashes.

More and more Demonic Bones appeared among the grass on the plain, Allen faintly smiled, dragging his sword away. Demonic Bones followed him closely, and the two sides chased on the grassland. Allen circled around and brought out all the nearby Demonic Bones, at least as many as thirty-forty heads. When he saw the city gate of Vigorous Wind Stronghold, he stopped, then dragged his sword back into the group of puppets.

A fierce battle.

When Allen walked back to the towering city wall of Vigorous Wind Stronghold, he had a bundle of 7-8 weapons on the body, all weapons picked from the hands of Demonic Bones. From long spear to battle axe, no one is the same. Because there were too many weapons, Allen only picked up a dozen of them, but it was enough to serve as a proof of military exploits. As he walked, he recalled the process of the battle just now. During the entire battle, he basically did not use origin force. Even so, Supreme’s physique is much stronger than any creature in this universe, not to mention that Allen was almost destroyed in the Gate of Raging Flames when he was promoted. Now his body is purely condensed from the source of flames. The strength between the feet is comparable to that of the Antiquity Giant Beast, even without the origin force drive, the body of Demonic Bones can be easily cut away.

He is trying to combine Will of Dusk and his accumulated experience to concise combat skills in order to achieve greater formidable power and less consumption.

All this was prepared for the battle against Son of Dusk and even the Creator.

At this moment, Vigorous Wind Stronghold is engaged in a fierce war, and countless The Burning Legion is attacking stronghold. The combined forces of Gelai giants and Dobiya in stronghold can block the offensive. Allen can be said to have been through the army of The Burning Legion. When he stood on the city gate covered in bath and handed Feili’s token to a Dobiya officer, the officer respected him. .

This tribute is not only from Feili’s token, but more from the bundle of Demonic Bones behind Allen. He was quickly invited into the city and met the stronghold commander, an Empire General from Dobiya, and a bloodthirsty Narius.

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