Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1834

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Narius has fiery red tousled hair. His hair and whiskers are braided and decorated with precious stones, metal or animal teeth. Every small thing on it is a spoils of war from the enemy, and every one of his enemies is a Legendary. Only now, these Legendary characters have long become the souls of Narius, so Narius can be said to be the Legendary in Legendary.

Unlike Fire Demon Iron Demon, Narius has its place in the Castle of Profound Darkness only after Dobiya was founded. In that castle, there was a chamber that only the General could enter. Frius reserved 8 seats for his generals. Being able to enter this chamber was an affirmation of Narius’s strength.

At this moment, the general, the commander of Vigorous Wind Stronghold, is holding Feili’s token, and then looking at before one’s eyes is out of the question, a strong fighter with a vague breath. This warrior was recommended by Feili, and his tokens were true. It was indeed Feili’s. Based on Narius’ knowledge of Feili, Iron Demon would not recommend a useless character casually. So if this person can stand here, there must be his out of the ordinary. Of course, the bundle of weapons obtained from Demonic Bones is not sufficient to be called Narius. At best, it is only an admission ticket to the Vigorous Wind Stronghold for this person.

“Your name is Eisinger?”

Allen said in a low voice in the helmet, “Yes, General.”

“Well, Eisinger. My rule here is very simple. The more people you kill, the better you can live. For example, with this bundle of Demonic Bones weapons, first you will get one month’s ration. For the rest, you can Choose between wine and woman, and the quartermaster will tell you how much merit you can earn.”

“I’m not here for wine and woman, Lord General.” Allen said indifferently, “I’m here to participate in the war. I want to fight. Please assign tasks.”

“Interesting, I need someone like you. But I hope you are self-confidence, not arrogance, otherwise you will easily lose your life.”

Narius took an iron medal from his waist and threw it to Allen: “With this, you can enter and exit the stronghold at will. Also, you can get all the priority tasks from the strategy department, and you can choose whatever you can. carry out.”

“The last question, where is the strategy department?”

Allen walked in the Vigorous Wind Stronghold with an officer assigned by Narius. This stronghold was actually transformed from a Tribe gathering place of the Gelai people. It is rare to have such a highland on this plain, which can be used as a commanding height. The style of the Gelai giant is also fully reflected in this key. All the stronghold buildings meet the requirements of openness and tallness. Of course, considering the height of the Gelai giant, it is not surprising that this style will be built. But for human beings like Barr people and Allen, this stronghold is the palace of the gods, every arch, every pontoon is so tall. Of course, it is not the case that it is the palace of the gods. After all, the giant Gelai will not dress up this stronghold with extra decorations, but the arrival of the Dobiya army has decorated it with a sense of majesty.

Allen came to a hall, which was actually a slightly larger room for the giant Gelai, but it was a real hall for Allen. Sufficient to Accommodating 100 people, the hall is bustling like a bazaar. On one side of the electronic display screen is constantly scrolling the latest war situation. Below is a stronghold strategic situation map. Color blocks of different colors are used to mark which places are now occupied by stronghold and which are occupied by enemy forces.

Officers from the Strategy Department will update mission requirements from time to time. This is only open to powerhouses. Many powerhouses from Dobiya and Specter Country come to join in the fun. After completing the tasks of the Strategy Department, you can get military exploits, which can be used to exchange various things. From Abyssal Crystal to fine equipment, even military soldiers can also be exchanged. Obviously Dobiya’s meaning is obvious. As long as you can play, I have plenty of money to pay you, whatever you want!

“Rich and imposing.” Allen softly said, Dobiya sits on the largest Abyssal Crystal vein on the Agares. If we talk about wealth alone, it is indeed above Specter Country. No wonder the strategy department in such a local battlefield also seemed so generous.

Frius is not short of money.

Allen registered with the Strategy Department under the recommendation of the military officer, and an electronic chip was installed in his wrist Wisdom Brain. His information was immediately displayed. After he turned in the bundle of weapons, a line of numbers appeared in the military merit below. Allen exchanged these quantified military merits for one month’s rations, and the rest were exchanged for a minimum space wristband. But even the lowest-matched space wristband exceeds the military merit value he currently has, but because he was recommended by Feili, the strategy department gave him the right to credit, and the lack of military merit will be paid next time. Deducted. However, this part of the military merit needs to be paid off within 3 days, otherwise the wrist wheel will be retracted and the deducted military merit will not be refunded.

“It’s fair.” Allen put the space wrist wheel on his other hand, so that he doesn’t have to run around the world with a bunch of weapons like before.

Not surprisingly, the special treatment given to him by the Strategy Department attracted the attention of the surrounding Barr people powerhouse. When he was about to leave the hall, a powerhouse ran into him. Allen glanced at him in the helmet and slammed into it forcefully. Without using the origin force, relying only on the basic strength of the body, he knocked the powerhouse back again and again, and he drove away.

For such provocation and temptation, Allen didn’t pay attention to it. For him, these so-called powerhouses are no different from little children, and he doesn’t care about what the powerhouse does. Soon he left Vigorous Wind Stronghold and according to the mission information given to him by the Strategy Department, he came to a jungle occupied by The Burning Legion.

After 3 days, Allen returned to stronghold. When he walked into the strategy hall, the powerhouse in the hall looked at him. The breath of Allen on the body has slightly changed, although it still not showing the mountains and not revealing the water, but from his ragged armor, and the large pieces of frustration and cracks on the armor, anyone can imagine that. It took so many battles to leave such traces.

“Let’s settle it.” Allen shook the space wrist wheel, and dropped a bunch of proofs of military exploits from Danger Land. The officer in charge of the inventory screamed from time to time, obviously surprised by the proof of these achievements.

In the end, Allen not only took the account that was owed by the space wrist wheel before, and added a large amount of military merit. He used these military merits to exchange for an exclusive room in stronghold, a new set of armor, as for weapons, that Demonic Bones great sword that had broken multiple saw teeth can still be used. After asking for his own things, Allen left the hall and followed the instructions to his room in stronghold.

Quantified military merit can be exchanged for anything in stronghold, even for private residences. Being able to redeem your own residence in stronghold is also proof of strength. After all, anyone can go to Stronghold and change to their own residence within a few days. The room is huge. After all, the giant Gelai lived, but apparently Dobiya made some partitions after taking over, so that one house can be used as two rooms. Someone sent furniture one after another, all of which also needed to be exchanged, but Allen didn’t come here to enjoy it, so the furniture exchanged was very few and simple, only for daily living.

After the furniture was delivered, food was also delivered, but only 3 days’ worth of food was delivered. After eating, you can go to the quarters to get it, so there is no need to worry about Dobiya doing tricks in such a place.

It was already night, and there was still continuous artillery fire outside, and the war was interrupted at the last moment. Allen lay on the hardwood, closed his eyes, thinking about the battle in the jungle for 3 days. He killed a 1000-man troop of The Burning Legion alone, among which was included 100 Demonic Bones, and a large number of low- and medium-level combat units. After the entire battle, Allen didn’t use the origin force at all, and only used the basic physical qualities to sharpen his skills.

So after 3 days, even he felt a little overwhelmed. After all, there is no need for origin force, even if an enemy cuts a sword, a 1000-man troop each and everyone is tired enough to cut down.

Recollecting the scene of the battle in the past few days, Allen suddenly heard the sound of the door being pushed open. He narrowed one’s eyes, caught the cloak next to him, put on a hat to cover his face, and walked out of the bedroom. The door was pushed open, and a Barr woman got in. Under the light purple moonlight outside the door, this petite woman blinked a pair of pink eyes, and she seemed shocked when she saw Allen with a “kya” sound.

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