Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1835

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“What are you doing ?”

The woman was tiptoing closing the door, unexpectedly a voice rang from the side. She was taken aback, especially the cold stabbing sensation on the side of her waist, and it was obvious that the other party was pressing the blade lightly on it. If he wants, he can send this cold knife into her warm body at any time. She raised her hand and tried to squeeze a smile: “I’m sorry, my lord. I don’t know that this house is already occupied. I can’t find a place to live, so I want to come in and try one’s luck.”

She couldn’t see the people behind her, so she glanced randomly, watching the things in the hall.

Standing behind the woman, Allen retracted the tip of the knife slightly and said, “Now you are understood, you can go out.”

The woman’s eyes fell on the food on the table. She said, “My lord, I haven’t eaten for 3 days. Can you give me something to eat? I can give you some benefits.”

“For example?”

The woman raised her hand and turned around a little bit. She tried to straighten up the chest, then stretched her finger on the zipper of her battle clothes, and the clothes were unwound. There was nothing inside, revealing a clean body. Then she simply took off her pants, so every inch of her skin under the body was exposed to the air.

“You see, I’m not bad. A man like you who is fighting abroad will feel lonely. I can satisfy you, I promise, not many women can do like me.” The woman leaned towards Allen, indeed, she There is nothing to say about her figure. Although it looks petite, the big place is not small at all. Her legs are tightly clamped, and there is no omission. You can imagine what it feels like to be clamped by her waist.

Just as the woman’s chest was about to stick to Allen on the body, a bit of ice cooling in the lower abdomen reminded her that she could not go any further. Then Allen’s indifferent voice came from the hat: “Too many women have said this to me, so you don’t seem to have any selling points.”

“It’s too hurt to say that, my lord. Otherwise, I still have some information to betray. In this case, plus my body, it should be enough for a day’s food, right?”

Allen was silent for a moment, then said, “Come with me.”

A hint of joy flashed in woman’s eyes.

The two walked into the bedroom and Allen closed the door. The woman sat naked on the edge of the bed and said with a smile: “My lord, let me take a shower first, or do you like it?”

“I prefer to listen to your information first, don’t pick out some useless perfunctory me, I will tell.”

“Okay, okay.” The woman patted said next to: “Aren’t you sitting down? Are you afraid I will eat you.”

Allen walked over, and the woman saw clearly the appearance in his hat. She took a heavy breath and ate, “Sir, you are really… handsome.”

She reached out to touch Allen’s face.

The hand was caught by Allen.

The woman frowned said: “Just a little confused.”

“I heard a message from some people, and it may be useful to you. Our enemies, those cunning monsters, are going to attack this stronghold tomorrow. Of course, they have tried many times, so this time will not be stupid. Come up. They have a big plan. Of course, I don’t know what the specific plan is. But I know that those people plan to stop one of the enemy teams. If they succeed, they can get a huge amount of military merit.” The woman said, While pulling out his hand from Allen’s hand, but not honestly, it fell on Allen’s thigh and kneaded it gently.

She leaned towards Allen, breathing harder.

Allen seemed to not know that her hand was in What are you doing, indifferently said: “Who are the people you are talking about?”

“I can’t say that, sir. I will tell you the specific position. You can stop the monster army before them. If you have this strength, then the battle will go to you.” The woman has already leaned on Allen. On the body, I want to kiss when I open my mouth.

Putting a hand on her mouth, Allen said again: “If those people know this information, why don’t they tell the strategy hall, so that they can get military merit without risking it at all.”

“That’s different.” The woman sat directly on Allen’s lap, holding Allen’s hand on her chest, and said: “If you tell the strategy hall, they will get limited military merit, and at most they will earn a little intelligence point. Kill an army, those military merits are enough for them to spend a while.”

“Okay, my lord, the chat ends here, let’s do something serious.”

She laughed that hehe was going to touch Allen’s cloak.

Suddenly her body spun, and she fell on the bed without knowing what happened. Allen stood up, the woman was taken aback, then laughed: “It seems that adults like it.”

She hooked her finger and said, “Come on then, I can’t wait.”

“Then I’m here.”

The woman spread her legs slightly, wanting to welcome Allen’s conquest. But what was waiting was a sharp dagger. Allen had an extra dagger in his hand. It lightly pressed against the root of the woman’s thigh, and then slid onto her flat stomach. The skin of a woman looks slightly dark like a great majority Barr people, but the dagger is sharp and dazzling. As the Cutting edge gradually moved upward, the fluff on the woman’s whole body was erected, and she smiled ugly than crying and said, “My lord, what are you doing?”

“First of all, you don’t come early or late. It’s a coincidence that you came as soon as I moved in. Secondly, you sell meat and provide information only for the food of the day. Do you think I will believe it? For food alone, have plenty of ways to get it. Since you dare to come to Mixier, then you have a certain battle strength, and it is not difficult to earn some military merit? In the end, you are too calm and there is no trace of panic. That’s how it started at the beginning. Although you pretended to look decent, your heartbeat remained the same. Even if I suddenly appeared behind you, your heartbeat remained the same. As explained, you knew that someone was in this room, even Know who it will be?”

The woman’s face was already covered with fine beads of sweat, and her body was shaking slightly. She reluctantly said with a smile: “My lord, you think too much, it’s not like you think. If you think I offended you, I’ll go now.”

“I gave you a chance just now, don’t you. Going now?” Allen stopped, and the tip of the knife tapped the woman’s chest: “It’s not impossible. Tell me what I want to know.”

After a while, a woman groaned in the bedroom. She yelled so loudly that she could hear it even outside the house. Behind a horizontal fence more than ten meters away from the distance house, two silhouettes popped out and looked at the window of the house. One of them cursed: “The cheap woman has done a fake show, she is so screaming, she knew she did it first. She said it again.”

“Come on, fuck her without revealing her stuff. Let’s go, since the man put her on, he probably believed her nonsense, let’s wait for the money tomorrow.”

2 people left.

Allen leaned against the window, watching from a distance the two silhouettes disappeared into the stronghold veranda, and then said to the woman: “Okay, you can stop.”

woman I don’t know when I have already put on clothes. The wave just now was just pretended by her. She timidly said: “My lord, can I go now?”

“Yes, but I advise you to stay. Those people won’t keep you alive. You stay here. Stay until I come back and you will be safe.”

The woman showed a happy expression again, “My lord, do you want me?”

“I didn’t say that.” Allen threw a blanket at her. “Go outside and sleep, don’t disturb me.”

woman left with resentment.

The next day, Allen took a random task in the strategy hall and left Stronghold, and then came to a mountainous area according to the information provided by the woman last night. It is located behind the Vigorous Wind Stronghold, and the distance stronghold is tens of kilometers. Allen leaned behind a giant cliff and sat silently to rest. After a while, the gravel on the ground above him quivered slightly. Allen stuck his head behind the stone, and saw that a team of The Burning Legion appeared at the end of his sight.

The information provided by the woman before is half true half false.

There is really an army that wants to bypass the battlefield in front of Vigorous Wind Stronghold and sneak attack from behind the stronghold. The fake is that there are a lot of this army, and the so-called people in her mouth are not at all intending to kill this army. The so-called people are a group headed by a powerhouse called Zhagu. They asked Allen to deal with the army alone, and then intercepted Allen to capture the military merit.

The woman said everything at evening yesterday. Zhagu asked her to approach Allen and deliberately gave Allen this information. Lure Allen to deal with The Burning Legion first, and then take advantage of Allen’s exhaustion after a battle, and then intercept Allen to seize military merit. It can be said that this abacus is done well. If Allen is a bit stupid and fails to see through the weak spot of the woman, plus he is just a powerhouse in the ordinary sense, then this plan has a great chance of success.

Unfortunately, hitting the abacus on his head was the biggest mistake in itself.

Allen laughed, shook his head and left the hiding place, single-handedly blocking the way that the army must pass. He slowly wiped the gigantic sword that he had snatched from Demonic Bones that day, wondering if he had to change the weapon, after all, there were a lot of gaps on this sword. After the war today, there will only be more. Then The Burning Legion spotted Allen, an eye-catching fellow, and pounced on the head of Demonic Bones in silence, opening the prelude to the battle.

“Played up.”

In the distance battlefield 2 kilometers away, someone was lying on a rock, looking at the battlefield on Allen’s side with a tactical mirror. Someone walked over, took away the tactical mirror and looked at it, and then muttered: “It really hit, what is this guy’s background, a person dare to challenge the entire army?”

“It’s very easy to change to Master Zhagu.” The man who grabbed the tactical mirror patted the flattery.

“If there is no powerhouse of the same level in that army, I can clean them up as a person, which is just a little troublesome. But having said that, there are obviously easier ways to win the battle. Why should I do those stupid things? “Zhagu put down the tactical mirror laughed: “We just wait for that fool to send us the military merit!”

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