Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1836

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The battle ended at noon on the 2nd day.

The Burning Legion left 2 bodies, and the rest ran clean.

The armor of Allen on the body has become tattered, and a dozen weapons have been replaced. As for the space wrist wheel, there is no more military merit in it. It proves that Allen is considering whether to upgrade the space wrist wheel capacity after going back. When he recovered the military merit certificate, on the other side of the mountain, Zhagu put down his tactical mirror and said with a sullen smile on his face: “That kid is done, really didn’t expect, he really did it. haha. However, it was really slow enough. Without a strong formation at the same level, it took more than a day. If I were to come, it would be over half a day at most.”

“And did you find out, boss.” said a Barr people with suckers on his hands and feet. “That kid doesn’t seem to have a wide range of killing skills. From beginning to end, he almost cut it by each and everyone.”

Zhagu nodded: “Yes, although he is very capable, but obviously he does not have a handy killer skills, purely relying on amazing stamina and physical fitness. A guy like this can’t give him time to rest. Go, let’s recycle military merit.”

Without asking Allen to wait long, he had just returned to the military merit of 500 people and proved that he could not fit the space wrist wheel. At this time, an imposing manner rose in the distance behind him. These imposing manners are high or low, mottled and impure. Allen narrowed one’s eyes, softly said: “It’s really slow to come.”

He remained calm and composed while handling pressing affairs, randomly picked a decent sword, and leaned on the ground like this, turning around and waiting for Zhagu and the others to appear. After a while, A path of silhouette fell ahead of him, headed by a burly Barr people. The woman described Zhagu’s appearance to Allen, so when she saw him, Allen recognized him.

“Eisinger!” Zhagu yelled Allen’s pseudonym: “Your courtage is not small, so you dare to grab our military merit. Do you know this army was our first to set one’s sights on!”

Allen turned around, with a deep smile on his face, and Zhagu frowned when he saw Allen said, “Set one’s sights on first? Is it yours? Have you marked it? Even if there is, since it is. You set one’s sights on first, so why did you postpone it until now? Since it’s a slow shot, don’t blame someone for taking the prey. Now, for your own good, disappear for me immediately.”

A Barr people jumped out from Zhagu and pointed at Allen: “What a wicked kid, Master Zhagu, don’t talk nonsense with him. Since he has robbed our prey, we will take his military merit certificate!”

Allen couldn’t help laughing. “Have you finally said your heart?”

Zhagu always feels something is wrong. The man before one’s eyes seems to have no fear, there is no trace of fear at all. It stands to reason that he has been fighting for more than a day, and now he should be showing exhaustion, but he seems to be able to fight again.

Too weird!

Zhagu thought, a single thought also came into being.

Maybe you have to let him go and make other plans. Just thinking about it, the Barr people next to him couldn’t help but start his hand, shouting “Stop talking nonsense with him, let’s go with him”, and there are three more people working with him. So apart from Zhagu, only two other people stood in place.

The 4 people rushed to Allen, and a group of purple fog loomed in the fist of the leader, and there were things swimming in it, which was very strange. He punched Allen, and the purple fog suddenly turned into a python bite. However, at the end of the python bite, Allen’s sword on the ground flicked away silently, and wiped it out with a flat sword. Sword edge break open python, and it keeps expanding in that person’s eyes. In the end, the world divided into two in his eyes, with endless darkness in the middle.

Zhagu’s eyelids jumped, and the powerhouse, which was attached to him and had a decent battle strength, was broken open by Allen. Then Allen produced 3 swords, and every sword couldn’t see anything surprising. Neither the majestic imposing manner of Powerhouse’s shots nor the exquisite sword skills, he looked like a beginner, and his posture looked a little awkward. But it’s just that there are no strange 3 swords, but the sword is killing.

The other 3 people who culled Allen, one was beheaded, the other hit the tip of the sword, and a thin slit was wiped out in the last one. The three powerhouses with a decent battle strength just lay down inexplicably, seeing the retreat in Zhagu’s heart beating louder. He even took a step back unconsciously and bumped into the person behind, who gritted his teeth and said: “Master Zhagu, we have to avenge them, or else who will follow us in the future!”

Zhagu’s heart trembled, this subordinate was right. After coming to Mixier planet, because of his outstanding battle strength, unconsciously attracted a batch of Level 1 powerhouses to follow him. As a result, a group has gradually formed. Zhagu has these forces, and it can be said to get rich in Vigorous Wind Stronghold, and its military exploits have always been the top. It’s just that in the past two days, Allen came suddenly. Although Allen’s accumulated combat achievements have not surpassed him, there is already a threat, otherwise Zhagu will not set up a game to deal with him.

It’s just that now that Allen has killed someone casually, he gave rise to retreat. But his subordinates reminded him that if he left like this, his group would definitely disintegrate. So Zhagu had an idea, planning to make a few symbolic moves, and then found an excuse to leave. In this way, there is no need to fight Allen to the end, but also to confess to the dead guys, not as for affecting other people’s minds.

The idea must be, the breathes deeply, the origin force is constantly pouring out. Zhagu has broken through Level 30, but has not yet been able to contact void origin force. However, in terms of strength, it is much more powerful than those so-called powerhouses on the Agares that rely on eating Green Crystal piles of battle strength. As soon as his imposing manner was released, the light above everyone’s head dimmed a lot, suddenly a pillar of wind skyrocketed, and Zhagu’s clothes swayed wildly, which further reflected his powerhouse posture.

He started walking towards Allen.

Allen squinted his eyes, with a faint smile on the corner of his mouth, stepping up to meet him.

Zhagu started to accelerate, and in a few steps he sprinted with all his strength. He ran with great momentum, like a war chariot with overflowing power, roar slammed into Allen. Allen is still the same, on the body lacks energy, and faces Zhagu like an ordinary person. Even, his speed did not change at all, and then the two people met at the distance. Zhagu roared with a very penetrating voice. The nearby cliffs exploded under the roar, and his two men shook like drunk.

Only Allen did not respond.

Zhagu’s fist shone with dazzling light, and the light quickly expanded, instantly flooding him. From a distance, I saw a ball of light hitting Allen. If it were to look good, Zhagu successfully planted an invincible image in his eyes. Just as his two subordinates showed joy, the group of rays of light quickly dimmed. Since the rays of light were too bright just now, Zhagu’s 2 men didn’t see clearly what happened. Now I saw Allen had passed Zhagu and was walking towards them.

as for Zhagu, he is standing in place now, the fist that was about to blast is now spread out, desperately pressing his neck. There was a wound on it. Allen wiped his neck with a light sword, cutting off his blood vessels. Originally, with his strength, even if the arterial blood vessels were cut, they could be joined by force with origin force, but the injury was more serious, but it was not as fatal.

But this time doesn’t seem to work anymore, there are constant foreign origin forces invading within the body near the wound. The origin force is majestic and majestic, and it has obliterated his own origin force, and then invaded within the body continuously, and quickly wiped out the vitality of him within the body. Only then did Zhagu know why several of his subordinates died so quickly. It turned out that Allen didn’t have any origin force at all, but the origin force burst out suddenly at the moment of hurting the enemy, which made the seemingly ordinary sword change. A deadly killer.

This requires precise control of the origin force, but unfortunately, although he understands now, he has to pay the price of his life.

After Zhagu fell, he saw Allen appear near his two subordinates, and then two swords in a row. The two subordinates didn’t even respond, so they broke down. This is the last picture that Zhagu saw.

In the afternoon, Allen returned to Vigorous Wind Stronghold. When entering the strategy hall, the powerhouses in the hall looked at him. Now Allen has become a celebrity of Vigorous Wind Stronghold, but not everyone can get to Stronghold at the beginning, and use his military exploits to exchange a room. Among them, some people’s eyes flickered, and they shrank in fear. Allen saw in his eyes, it was clear that these must be Zhagu’s men. Seeing myself back now, of course I know what I found.

He went straight to the military merit registry, poured out a bunch of military merit certificates from the space wrist wheel, and then said to the registrar: “I want to upgrade the space wrist wheel capacity.”

The registrar who was counting the Allen military merit was busy and said: “Good lord, what kind of specifications do you want.”

Then, I told the capacity specifications of a bunch of space wrist wheels. Finally, Allen chose a medium-sized one. Soon the registrar brought a new wrist wheel, and Allen left the hall after putting it on. After a while, his wristband Wisdom Brain has updated his military merit value. Allen didn’t take seriously and went back to her home. The woman was surprised when he saw him back, and then said timidly: “My lord, can you let me stay here. I can work for you, whatever you do.”

Allen knew that she was worried that she would be retaliated by Zhagu’s subordinates after she went out. After all, Zhagu was dead. Even if his subordinates didn’t realize that this woman had shaken out the information, they would anger her. Allen looked at her and said indifferently: “Will you clean the house?”

“What?” The woman thought she had misheard, who would not do such a simple job.

“Clean up if you understand, and then go to the quarters to get food. I will take my wrist armor with me later. It has the updated military merit value.” Allen took off the wrist armor and threw it to her. Do whatever you want, but remember, don’t disturb me.”

After speaking he walked into the bedroom and closed the door.

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