Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1837

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Three days later, Allen came out of the bedroom. In these 3 days, he has done a comprehensive review of his skills and made a further Full Mastery of the Taylor 3 experience, which is quite different from those 3 days ago. Don’t eat something, Allen went to the strategy hall to pick up some tasks and play impatiently, hoping to put the theory into practice. The next days passed in the rhythm of playing and rest, and a month passed in a blink of an eye.

In this month’s time, Allen’s front is no longer satisfied with the surroundings of Vigorous Wind Stronghold. Sometimes he didn’t accept the peripheral tasks in the strategic hall, and singlehanded went into the enemy’s center line, where it was all enemies. Several times the stronghold powerhouse thought Allen was dead, but after the battle, he could always see him coming back covered in blood. So over time, people have respect and fear for this powerhouse, which is always operated by one person alone.

Allen still insisted on not using the origin force to sharpen his sword skills. Through such practice, he constantly polished himself, which made him a bit like returning to when he was in the death training camp. Every day is fighting, and then sum up the experience, and then modify his skills. During this process, the experience from Will of Dusk gradually merged into Allen’s own. After a month, Allen’s whole person’s feeling became different.

He is now like a sword in a hide in sheath, and this sword is still reluctant to give up, so try to seal the sword in the hide in sheath to fight the enemy. A vague sword intent spirit was brewing so quietly, as long as anyone with some eyesight knows how earth shattering this sword is when it is really out of its sheath.

Allen was also waiting for this opportunity, he was not in a hurry, and knew that when the sword was unsheathed, his skill training would come to an end, and then it was time to leave.

That evening, he moved away from Vigorous Wind Stronghold and appeared in a jungle more than 300 kilometers away. In the past two days, he attacked and killed many enemy soldiers in this jungle, and even had 2 Demonic Bones to accompany him to play guerrilla in this jungle. It was a battle between sniping and sniping, but after the battle, The Burning Legion dropped 100 corpses here. Except for more than 4 low- and medium-level units, the rest were high-level battle units.

Now Allen is lying on the canopy of a tree, and I have to say that everything in the Giant Star is big. Just like the trees in this jungle, trees more than ten meters high are considered short, and towering trees as high as 100 meters are everywhere. Allen is as small as an ant in this forest. The branch he was lying prone at the moment was as thick as a leg, and the tree was covered with wooden knots. The branches with thick arms stretched out, and the branches were covered with leaves about 2 palms wide.

The towering trees make the forest dim.

Allen waited quietly, and after a moment, a team passed under him. His breathing was almost cut off, his heartbeat dropped to 1 beat per minute, and his body temperature was almost the same as the surrounding environment. As for origin force, the Qi machine is even worse. If you don’t look up or sweep away the obscured leaves, it is completely difficult to find Allen. However, for powerhouse, they are used to using perception instead of eyes, so even if there is a king in the team, they can’t find Allen.

However, Allen was surprised to see that there was still a king in this team. He felt signs of marching a few minutes ago, so he stayed here. But didn’t expect to wait for an army, but there is a king in this army, it is not simple. The king wolf head human body, on the body dressed in light soft armor, gray White’s hair makes him look like a big dog walking upright. He was full of blood on the body, and his whole body was full of hostility. As he passed by, Allen seemed to smell fishy.

There are many Gate of Raging Flames appearing on the Mixier star, and of course there are also many kings entering this planet. Every king is a precious top battle strength, and the places where you can see them are almost always important on the main battlefield. It seems a bit weird to appear a king in a jungle a few 100 kilometers away from the main battlefield of distance, especially since the direction of their march does not seem to be towards Vigorous Wind Stronghold.

Allen thought for a while and decided to go and see what happened.

The army keeps passing by him in front of one’s eyes. Compared with other legions, this team has not many people, but there are more than 1000 people. More than 1000 people pulled out a long dragon in the forest, especially there are a few giant beasts responsible for transporting supplies behind. These looks are a bit like mammoth, but there is no half of the hair in the whole body, the skin is dark, and the giant beast with red stripes does not have much battle strength itself. They are more used to transport materials, their weight is very considerable, like now every giant beast on the body is carrying something high on a hill, walking slowly and slowly, but never left behind. When the last giant beast passed by, Allen fell like a leaf on the hill-like cargo and found a gap to hide. Then he discovered that these giant beasts turned out to be food, and they were big chunks of meat, and he didn’t know where they were going.

In this way, the army walked out of the forest, crossed the wilderness, passed through a desolate canyon, and finally stopped on a plain. 4 days and 3 nights have passed, and the Allen distance Vigorous Wind Stronghold has now exceeded 1000 kilometers. At noon, the sun shines brightly on the plains too much. Looking ahead, the barren on the plains occasionally see giant trees. The canopy stretches like a giant umbrella. The scenery in the distance is distorted due to the heat. On this plain, you can see a huge Mother Earth crack from a distance. The narrowest part of the crack is more than 100 meters. The long and wide parts have several hundred meters, but the length is unknown. The wound of Mother Earth just lay ahead of the team, and the team stopped when the distance cracked about a kilometer left and right.

After a while, a howling like a wolf sounded. The sound rose to midair, reverberating throughout the plain. It didn’t take long for Allen to feel the ground shaking. Although it was vague, he felt a huge breath rising from the depths of the ground, as if a giant object was climbing up the ground. This shock is where the unknown thing climbs, apart from this, he also feels another special origin force.

This origin force is full of restlessness, like a child with great power and grumpy temper.

Allen was startled, wondering what is this?

The vibration is continuing, from the slightest. When the tremor made the giant beast’s footing unstable, something jumped out of the huge gap in the ground!

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