Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1838

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It was a huge monster whose vision could not be contained. It had a flat head like a big crocodile. The long kiss spreads all over the sharp teeth, and under the rough scales, a row of eyeballs is rolled up, and things like tentacles spread out from the back of its head, wriggling on its own, and it looks like a wind blow from a distance. A moving mane. Its body is covered with glowing thorns, these thorns flicker and unsteady, which coincides with the breath of monster. Some of the thickest thorns on the back will spray a faint red mist from the tip from time to time, and spread over the giant beast like a red cloud.

When I saw this monster, Allen flashed a name.

Planet Tearer!

That is Fire of the Abyss mentioned to him the most dangerous giant beast in several planets, and Planet Tearer is one of them. They are huge and good at drilling into the planet’s core. If left alone, these giant beasts will live near the core and feed on the various energies of the core. Eventually, it will drill a planet with 1000 sores and 100 holes, and eventually tear the planet apart!

Allen never thought that The Burning Legion would release Planet Tearer on Mixier this time. Fire of the Abyss said that the ripper usually operates with 3 to 5 heads together, depending on the size of the planet to determine the quantity. For giant planets like Mixier, I’m afraid the number will not be too small. It should be just one of the tearers right now, and I am afraid that more of them have been attracted by the ground battlefield while the attention of the Gelai race has already penetrated deep underground and started to suck the energy of the planet.

At this moment, the werewolf-like king in the team stepped forward. The king was as small as an ant in front of Planet Tearer. This giant beast, which was as large as a mountain range, lowered his head, and his head was full of eyes. towards the king of the ground. In the class of Ebouins, Planet Tearer already belongs to the top battle unit, and they can sit on an equal footing with a great majority ordinary king. Only acknowledge allegiance to the upper king, 3 giants and Son of Dusk.

In addition to the giant beasts of planet inner warfare like Planet Tearer, those star beasts that can perform interstellar execution can even ignore the orders of the upper king, and only three giants can restrain them. as for Now, that king is not even the upper rank, so under Planet Tearer’s gaze, the imposing manner is a little faint, only to hear him yell in Ebouins’ language: “This is Master Magatoma’s order. Give it to me Star Nucleus. If the fighter is delayed, Magatoma-sama will personally ask!”

Planet Tearer spouted a burst of Gale from his thick nostrils with dissatisfaction, causing the Werewolf King to sway, and then reluctantly opened his mouth. Gradually, a ball of 7-color brilliance appeared from his mouth, and the ball of light rolled out. Fall to the ground.

Allen twisted his eyebrows slightly. It was obviously Heart of Stars. But generally speaking, Heart of Stars will only appear when planets are destroyed. Or use special technology to refine Star Nucleus, but that way, it will cause the sudden destruction of the originally vibrant planet. But he could feel that the origin force structure of the planet Mixier was still very stable, and there was no feeling of collapse. In this case, what happened to that Heart of Stars?

Moreover, the king called it Variation Core, which Allen had not heard of. But from that group of brilliance, it can be felt that the origin force in it is not stable. It shows a violent and restless feeling, like a bomb that will explode at any time!

If the Heart of Stars is allowed to explode, it will probably explode Mixier in half, which will be a devastating disaster for the creatures in the planet. The werewolf king took out a 2 colorful round crystal ball and held it up towards the ball of brilliance. The ball of brilliance was immediately dragged by the invisible Force Field, drifting towards the crystal ball on its own, and finally sank into it. Then its air force disappeared, and it seemed to be temporarily stored away. That crystal ball is obviously the container used by The Burning Legion to store the core and can stabilize the energy inside the core. Such a prop, an impossible possession of an ordinary king, should be given by the so-called Magatoma.

speaking of which, the name is also familiar, but Allen can’t remember where he has heard it. But now he has other things to do, such a Star Nucleus, even Variation Core, can’t be easily handed over to The Burning Legion, heaven knows what they will do with Star Nucleus.

In the distance, the werewolf king held the crystal ball, watching the faint brilliance in the ball continue to flow, his face was happy, and he wanted to leave. Suddenly, Planet Tearer let out a Furious Roar, the roar was thunderous, and the eardrum of the king was sore. Seeing the row of eyes on the tearer’s head all looking behind him, he turned his head and saw a giant beast used to transport supplies rushing out like a mad. Those giant beasts are loaded with food to feed the tearers. Although the tearers feed on planet energy, they sometimes swallow the creatures inside the planet to satisfy their mouths.

That’s why this team will transport tons of meat. Unexpectedly, the giant beast is now rushing madly, which seems to be a provocation for Planet Tearer. It opened its mouth and bit directly at the giant beast, trying to swallow the giant beast along with the meat it contained on the body. The werewolf king hurriedly caught the crystal ball and drifted back, but didn’t want to be implicated. At this time, a slight wind blow passed, and then I felt that my hand was loose, and the crystal ball disappeared.

He looked down and saw that the crystal ball he was holding in his hand turned into a sword. As the sword twirled his wrist, he heard a burst of flesh and blood. A wave of blood spurted out, and one palm was broken at the wrist.

Everything happened so fast that the king hadn’t reacted yet, Variation Core had been robbed, and he even chopped off his own hand. On the other side, Planet Tearer has already picked up the transport giant beast in one bite, threw it up, and then opened wide and swallowed the giant beast together with the meat on it. Just at Planet Tearer’s huge head ahead, a person stood quietly, holding Variation Core in his hands. Then the wrist wheel flashed, and Variation Core disappeared into the air.

The Werewolf King uttered a Furious Roar. He who had dealt with Dobiya’s army naturally knew that it was a space wrist wheel that could accommodate things. It’s just that he didn’t expect, and a powerhouse in trifling safari was bold enough to come up with the idea of ​​Variation Core. The emperor didn’t talk nonsense, and rushed directly towards the opponent, suddenly accelerated, and his body pulled up an afterimage. In his vision, the person seemed unable to keep up with his speed. The king quickly walked around behind him, and at this time, the other party seemed to realize that he had disappeared.

When the king handed it out, he had to dig out the person’s heart from behind. But the 5 claws should have touched the opponent’s back, but I don’t know why a long sword was in the middle of the two. But this can’t be called a hindrance to the king, he can catch this long sword with obvious gaps. So he closed his 2 claws, and when he could hold the long sword, the long sword suddenly trembled, and an irresistible determination penetrated into his palm. The king only felt a burst of icy coldness, and then he saw his palm split in the center. Cut into 5 sides by the opponent’s sword!

Before he had time to scream, the sword had already swung over, and the king saw cold light flashed in his eyes, and then the whole world revolved. It took him a moment to realize that he was a swordsman!

Allen cut off the king’s head and kicked away. At this time, Planet Tearer’s sight fell on him on the body, and the huge giant beast raised his head and opened his mouth to bite at Allen. Without looking back, Allen suddenly rose in an imposing manner, and reached out a golden flame. The flame floated away and fell into the giant beast’s open mouth. The tearer seemed to feel something, and suddenly closed his mouth, but the flame had already submerged within the body. After a while, the ripper uttered a miserable cry, and a golden-yellow flame was expelled from inside his mouth.

This raging flame sprayed on the army in front, and the battle unit that burned suddenly became one after another Fireball. Planet Tearer’s body exploded from time to time, splashing scales and large masses of plasma spilled on Mother Earth, and then no longer sprayed blood from the wound, but directly sprayed out flames. The within the body of the tearer seems to hide a big Fireball, and the flame keeps breaking through its body, looking for a place to vent. Planet Tearer is like a leaking balloon, its body gradually collapses, but the surface of the body keeps spouting pillars of fire. In the end, its big head dropped to the ground, its eyes closed one after another, and the whole body was wrapped in flames.

The giant beast gradually slipped towards the crack in Mother Earth, and finally a big Fireball fell into the Bottomless Abyss. The flames went all the way, and finally disappeared!

Allen used the Golden King Flame Ignition to use the origin force of the giant beast within the body. The origin force of the giant beast within the planet is huge, but mixed and impure. And the control of origin force is much inferior to ordinary kings, and it is easy to be caught by Golden King Flame Ignition. The origin force of giant beast within the body is like a mobile arsenal. Once Ignition, it will naturally explode to pieces. The Planet Tearer just now is the best proof. Its flesh and blood were almost incinerated by the Golden King Flame, and in the end a skinny corpse fell into the abyss.

When the King and the Ripper were killed, on the other side of Mixier star, on an unimaginable battlefield, the giant Gelai and The Burning Legion were fighting fiercely. The army on the side submerged this vast battlefield measuring 2 meters square kilometers, and everywhere you could see the rising Fireball and the brilliance of various colors. In the sky, the Dark Titan skimmed all the way and cast into the enemy’s position. In the distance, Combustion’s Prison Flame Giant and Ebouins’s giant beasts inside other planets were fighting.

The blood of both sides smeared every inch of the battlefield!

“Who…” A pair of eyes opened, and these eyes were full of overflowing lava, which seemed to be a world full of lava: “Who killed Planet Tearer? Who robbed my Variation Core! I dared to snatch my Magatoma’s things and didn’t put my Mother Earth’s Fury in my eyes. The life of this planet will bear my anger!”

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