Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1839

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After 3 days, Allen returned to Vigorous Wind Stronghold. If he wants to, he can return to stronghold within a day, but he is not in a hurry. In these 3 days, in addition to the return trip, the band had swept a few teams and gained a lot of military merit. After returning to the strategy hall, he will hand in the military merit certificate, and then change to a larger house, and maybe hire a few guards, so that he can think about the sword dao alone, so he doesn’t have to worry about being harassed when summing up the experience. . Dobiya has achieved the extreme in military merit exchange. Basically, you can exchange anything in Vigorous Wind Stronghold, not to mention guards, even if you hire a small regular army, as long as you can get enough Come on military merit. Allen is naturally enough in this regard, but he never thought about hiring the army, after all, gaining military merit is just something that’s all that’s done in the process of sharpening oneself. If he brings an army on by one’s side, should he do it himself?

This time he left stronghold for nearly ten days. In ten days, apart from gaining another gain in sword skills, the biggest gain was the Variation Core. It’s worthy of The Burning Legion’s Planet Tearer, and something that needs to be escorted by the king is definitely not simple. He doesn’t know what Variation Core is, but Fire of the Abyss should know, Mithinas is a library that can walk around, it’s quite an old one. Bring this thing back to Agares, maybe the king will give him an answer.

So this Variation Core, he doesn’t plan to hand it in.

The battlefield near stronghold was still a fire of war. Allen bypassed the edge of the battlefield and packed up a few teams of soldiers before entering Stronghold. In stronghold, people coming, people going, besides the army dispatch, there are obviously more powerhouses for hunting. With the intensification of the Mixier war, more and more Agres powerhouses are coming to this giant star. Not only is the arrival of the powerhouse in Dobiya, even Specter Country has many powerhouses entering this planet, hoping to make a fortune on the battlefield. Of course, the powerhouse battle strength that will come to the planetary battlefield is generally very limited, and it has just stepped into the powerhouse of the dominator level after breaking the sky. as for Those super powerhouses that have communicated with void origin force, a planetary battlefield can no longer attract them. What’s more, such a person would either be the General in the 2 Great Emperor country, or would be something that the 1000-year-old clan had to strive for. They wanted resources, much more than a planetary battlefield could provide them.

However, for the general powerhouse, the military merit exchange provided by Dobiya still has a lot of appeal. As one of the surrounding battlefields, Vigorous Wind Stronghold has also added a lot of powerhouses for safari in recent months. These powerhouses operate alone, or 3 2 in groups, but they are more like Zhagu. Headed by one or two dominant-level powerhouses, and assisted by the second-level 2 powerhouses, form a military force group. In this way, the individual’s military merit will be relatively small, and it can win in stability and safety. Therefore, after the death of Zhagu, 1 more groups appeared in this group model.

Allen doesn’t care about these things. Milena told him about the changes in stronghold, a great majority. Milena is the woman who was used by Zhagu to enter the game via Allen, and she also has Level 20 battle strength. It’s just that this kind of battle strength thrown on Mixier is about the same as cannon fodder, so people like Milena are more engaged in intelligence and meat sales, and no matter if it is asking for information or enjoying them All physical services need to pay military merit value. As long as Vigorous Wind Stronghold has not been breached, the Rule will not change, and it is guaranteed by the Dobiya army, no one dares to deny it.

as for Milena, now she is equivalent to Allen’s long-term worker. Allen has paid her a military merit value. As long as Allen stays in stronghold for one day, she is Allen’s person. She herself has no objection to providing physical services to Allen, but it is a pity that every time Allen comes back, she is either summing up experience or taking a break. No matter how tempted Milena is, Allen is indifferent to her, which makes the woman quite shocked.

When I came out of the strategy hall, the military merit value on Allen’s account had another long number. According to the plan, he purchased a residence that was three times the size of the house he currently lives in. There is a small courtyard to isolate it from the outside world. Simultaneously, he also hired 3 guards. The guards were those safari powerhouses with mediocre battle strength. They couldn’t get the exploits by themselves, so he chose to work as a temporary guard for Stronghold. In addition to serving some powerhouses that can afford guards, they will also assist Dobiya’s army in maintaining order in stronghold.

These people are not outstanding in battle strength, but because they are recognized by the Dobiya military, they themselves represent the army. Therefore, without a powerhouse, they would easily be unable to survive with these guards. Of course, Dobiya also has strict disciplinary rules for these guards to ensure that they will not use their identity for personal gain.

Now an official from the Strategy Hall was accompanying Allen to look at the courtyard, and four guards transferred on the way joined them. Allen went back to his original residence first. He was supposed to call Milena, but the woman in the house was missing. Allen is not surprised. Milena is not a pet, so naturally she will not stay in the house and wait for him. In fact, she often runs out, and will take over private work when Allen is out in the battle. Allen opened his eyes and closed his eyes. As long as it doesn’t interfere with him, he doesn’t mind that the woman makes as much money as possible. There is a reason why a woman like her will come to Mixier Star. In fact, for the bottom personnel of the 4 Great Emperor Kingdom, survival is the first major event.

So Allen took some things and left a note to the effect of telling Milena to go to the new residence to find herself when she returned, leaving an address, and Allen closed the door and left.

“My lord, you really have a good eye. The location of that private courtyard is really nothing, and the scenery is good. Of course, there is now a war here, and there is no scenery at all. But it is better than a good view, you can see it at a glance Outside the city, there are guards. Think about it when you come back from a battle, you don’t need to squeeze in the same courtyard with those rough guys. This in itself is a proof of enjoyment and identity.” said the military merit exchange officer of the Strategy Hall. Mouth foam 4 splashes, “If you need, I can also introduce you to a few women, their quality is guaranteed to be first-rate, and the charge is appropriate.”

“Thanks, I will tell you if you need it.” Allen said indifferently.

When passing a long corridor, a few safari powerhouses came over. They were talking and laughing. When they saw Allen, they said that the laughter immediately stopped, and then walked with their heads down. One of them rammed over without evasive, so the two guards frowned and stepped forward to block it. Seeing that it was a stronghold guard, the man could only stop, then bypassed one side, and cast a glance at Allen harboring malicious intentions.

Allen looked at him faintly, his eyes suddenly becoming extremely sharp, like a real sword pierced into that person’s eyes. The man suddenly screamed, covering his face with his hands, and blood was flowing out of the corner of his eyes. His companion hurriedly helped him walk away, and provocations like this happened from time to time. Every time Allen would not back down, he would always leave some memorials for these guys who couldn’t tell good from bad.

Out of the promenade, there is a small square outside. Unexpectedly, many safari powerhouses gathered in the square. They formed a pile. A stone pillar was erected in the middle, and a woman was tied to the stone pillar with an iron chain. Allen glanced inadvertently, but stopped. The reason is simple, it is Milena.

Milena was tied to the stone pillar, her mouth was tied with a leather cover, her hands and feet were cut open, and the wound was dripping with thin blood, and there were several such wounds around. It seems that he was cut and bleed, the wound healed and new wounds were opened. Allen snorted immediately and was about to move. The exchange officer grabbed him and said, “My lord, does that woman have anything to do with you? If not, don’t worry about it. I recognize the man over there. His name is Tallinn. , I just reached stronghold half a month ago. This Tallinn battle strength is not bad, even Lord Narius praised him. Now in the safari powerhouse, he is the most powerful.”

The exchange officer pointed to a man in the field. The male Barr people was wearing heavy armor. Some heavy armor was attached to his body. It seemed that he was directly putting the heavy armor on his body. It can be seen that this guy is completely a battle maniac. There is a blood-red great sword beside his feet, and there is a row of saw teeth on the side of great sword 2. He was playing with a dagger, looking at Milena on the stone pillar with indifferent eyes.

“No matter who he is, the woman is my person. The one who moved me, I have to ask him who gave him the courage to come to me trouble.” Allen left this sentence and moved straight to the square.

Those four guards showed a timid look. After all, the Dobiya army is their life support, but it is hard to guarantee that some fierce powerhouses will abuse them regardless of regulations. It’s not that things like this haven’t happened before, even if Dobiya seeks justice for them afterwards. But everyone is dead, what’s the use of late justice. In the end, they brace oneself and walked away. Allen had already paid. If they didn’t provide services, Dobiya had a set of punishments for this situation, which was no more comfortable than being killed.

At this time, a Barr people beside the stone pillar sneered holding a dagger, planning to bleed Milena again. As soon as he lifted his hand, a thin cold light flashed across, and his wrist broke all at once and fell to the ground together with the dagger. He was gawked, and then screamed with a broken wrist holding the blood spurt.

This happened so fast that the powerhouse called Tallinn didn’t react. It wasn’t until the man with the broken wrist screamed that he suddenly stood up and looked in Allen’s direction. Just seeing Allen’s sword retracting posture, Allen also looked over at this moment, and the eyes of the two people wiped out a medicinal smell in the air. Tallinn narrowed one’s eyes and sat back quietly.

Allen didn’t care about him, strode forward until the stone pillar coldly asked, “What’s the matter?”

Milena on the stone pillar smiled weakly and said, “My lord, I’m causing you trouble.”

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