Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1840

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“Trouble? I’m not afraid of trouble, but the people who trouble me, I think they are in trouble.” Allen said, reaching for the chains. The iron chains of these thick arms were gently pulled by him, and they all broke, and the section was smooth as a mirror, as if it had been cut by a sharp blade.

The chains fell to the ground, and Tallinn’s eyes fell on the sections of those chains, looking thoughtful.

Several men beside the stone pillar pulled out their swords and pointed at Allen and said, “This slut betrayed us. This is reasonable revenge. It’s none of your business, you go away!”

Allen looked at them, narrowed one’s eyes: “Are you from Zhagu?”

“Yes, if it weren’t for her, how could Master Zhagu die?”

Allen laughed: “It’s so funny, I killed Zhagu. If you want to get revenge, just ask me, why do you want to shoot a woman. Or do you dare not ask me for revenge, you can only ask Milena to vent your anger?”

A few men suddenly stood up.

Allen said again: “Also, Zhagu is dead. His power is either disbanded or absorbed. Plus, it has been so long before you come to think about revenge. So I thought about it, if this is not A deliberate incident, I guess you would not believe it. So, who pushed you out? Tell me.”

Saying that, Allen’s eyes had already fallen to Tallinn on the body. The man just stared at him indifferently, not at all stood up and said what he meant. A few men I look at you, you look at me. One of them opened his mouth and looked at Tallinn. Suddenly a threw away punched him and dropped him to the ground, and then said to Allen fiercely: “No one instructed us to do this, it is we ourselves who want to retaliate for Master Zhagu!”

Allen was also surprised, said with a nod, said with a nod: “didn’t expect you also have several points of spine, then okay, this matter is as good as you do. Then the question is coming, Milena is now my person , You hurt her like this, how will she serve me next?”

The man gritted his teeth and said, “What do you want?”

“It’s very simple. Her injury will last for about a week. You have to pay her for a week. Then, what you did to her, do it yourself. Or you want me to help?”

“No need.” He looked at his companion who fell on the ground and said “hold it back”, then took the knife and dropped it, cutting several knives on his companion’s hands and feet. After bleeding with the knife, he chopped down several people by one’s side, and finally gave himself a few stabs, before he endured the pain and said to Allen, “Are you satisfied?”

“It’s okay.” Allen called a guard to put Milena on his back and left the square.

After he left, someone came forward and bandaged those people. Throughout the process, Tallinn sat still on the spot. After a while, he walked over and picked up the chains and said, “You must be thinking, why I didn’t make a move. This is different from what we said before. Use. The woman attracted him and used Zhagu’s affairs as an excuse to mark him as a serious hurt and not to be questioned by Dobiya.”

Several of Zhagu’s former subordinates closed their mouths, and Tallinn threw the iron chain at their feet: “That’s why I don’t want to make a move. Look at these chains. He tore them with bare hands. He tore several iron chains. I think many people can do it. But including me, it is impossible to break the chain, but leaves such a smooth mark on the section.”

“I really don’t know how he did it. If you want to leave such a mark, you have to cut it, but he just used the tearing method. This is contradictory, but it is not difficult to see that. The man’s control of the origin force has reached an unimaginable height before he can use the tearing technique to cause the result of the cut. In short, I am not his opponent.”

There are basically Tallinn people on the square. In the half a month when Tallinn arrived at Stronghold, there were dozens of small battles. At the end of each battle, when they meet their opponents, even the king of The Burning Legion has also fought against each other. A character like this would be a personal character even if he was thrown into Dobiya’s army, but even he was bluntly not Allen’s opponent. As soon as this was said, there was an uproar in the square.

Especially those of Zhagu’s subordinates, their faces were even more ugly. They thought they had found Tallinn, a new backer, and they could settle an old account with Allen. Of course, revenge for Zhagu is false, it is true to do things for Tallinn and win his favor. as for Settlement, it’s just with it. But didn’t expect that even Tallinn admitted that he was not Allen’s opponent. They felt bitter when they thought that Allen was still in the Vigorous Wind Stronghold. If you encounter Allen on the battlefield in the future, if you don’t want to be killed by him, the safekeeping Tallinn will not say a word.

weak are prey to the strong, this is reality.

Tallinn shook his head and said, “It seems that we can’t get that thing alone. But it doesn’t matter, I can’t do anything with him. Isn’t General Narius able to deal with him?”

“It’s just, such a person, how come to Mixier to be a safari…”

Obviously, Tallinn couldn’t think of the answer.

Walking into the newly bought courtyard, Allen walked around 4 and was satisfied. The courtyard consists of a small square, a main building and an auxiliary building. Of course, the main building is exclusively owned by Allen, and the auxiliary building is reserved for Milena and the guards.

“My lord, do you feel satisfied here?” the exchange officer asked.

Allen nodded, the exchange officer handed over a Wisdom Brain with a light key on the screen. Allen clicked, and the military merit value of his name has changed, and a small fee is used to pay for the courtyard and the guards. When the exchange officer left, he said: “My lord, as long as you are in stronghold, as long as you are in this courtyard. Give Tallinn ten courage and don’t dare to mess around, but if you go to war, be careful, Tallinn can Not a good-tempered person.”

“thanks for your reminder.”

The exchange officer left, and Milena, who had been bandaged by the guard, came out. She brought a drink for Allen, and then said, “I caused trouble for the adults. Or, should I leave?”

Allen drank something and said, “You are a smart woman. Retreat is sometimes a good choice. But don’t use it on the body. Try this thing. It won’t give you much benefit.”

Milena was startled, and immediately knelt down and said, “My lord, please calm down, I will never do such a stupid thing again.”

Allen said “Yeah” and didn’t wake her up. He just said, “What happened today is obvious, Tallinn is testing me. You are just an excuse that’s all, but that man is also funny, so he didn’t make a move. It’s a pity. Or else there will be an excuse to kill him, and now he is holding back. Explains that there is a bigger plot, what is his idea?”

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