Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1841

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“Mr. Tallinn, I heard you right, are you going to tell me to deal with that Eisinger?”

In the command hall of Vigorous Wind Stronghold, this hall used to be a gathering place for giants. The hall covers an area of ​​more than 500 square meters and the height is nearly 50 meters. People standing in such an empty space seem so small. Giant pillars that require ten people to hug the dome, and the upper part of the pillars are carved into the image of the Gelai race giant by craftsmen among the giants. These stone giants raised their hands, arched back against the dome, and looked like this hall was supported by six giants. Although there are few decorative items in the hall, there is an epic old feeling.

Now that a lot of equipment has been moved into the hall, Dobiya’s army has arranged it as a command hall with full control of the entire stronghold battlefield.

Tallinn stood on the Level 1 stone steps, looking up at Narius between the high platforms on the stone steps. Here is an incomparable gigantic stone throne, which was originally used by the most powerful giants that gathered in this city in the past to sit. Now it is replaced by Narius. It’s just that for Narius, this throne is obviously too wide and too big, almost like a bed. He sits on it with a sense of emptiness that can’t be filled, which seems a bit funny.

Of course, Tallinn wouldn’t laugh, let alone how unwise it is to make fun of a stronghold commander, as long as it is not stupid, you can imagine.

Narius stood up, his braided beards and hair swayed along with the action, and the commander said with a sneer: “This Eisinger came to me with a token of General Feili. Obviously he has a special relationship with General Feili. Don’t say it. I, even if it is you, I advise you not to mess around. Isn’t a Zhagu enough to teach you some profound lessons?”

Tallinn respectfully said: “General, if you listen to me, you might change your mind.”

“Oh, then I have to listen, what can make me change my mind.”

Tallinn stepped up to the high platform and whispered in his ear on Narius by one’s side. After Tallinn finished speaking, the commander looked shocked: “What you said is true?”

“1000 is really 10000.”

Narius walked back and forth on the high platform, seemingly hesitant. Tallinn said: “General, if you get that thing, it will be a great achievement for you. At that time, I only hope that the general can give me a share.”

“Are you sure?” Narius stopped, turned around in a whirlwind, pointed to Tallinn and asked, “If you dare to fight with me, Tallinn, you know what the consequences will be!”

Tallinn knelt down immediately: “General, I will never deceive you on this kind of thing, please you must believe me. If you can’t do it while he is still in the stronghold, if he goes to fight later, I’m afraid he will do it again. There is no chance.”

Narius muttered: “Heart of Stars, if it is really Heart of Stars, it would be a great achievement. Okay, now let’s visit Mr. Eisinger.”

Tallinn hearing this great joy.

With lunch, Milena walked into the lobby of the main building and put things on the long table on the side. Then walked to the door and looked towards the small courtyard outside the building. The courtyard was obviously re-arranged, some stone tables and chairs were placed, 2 trees were planted, and some flowers and plants were planted. It is almost completely 2 worlds from the rest of Stronghold. A courtyard like this is already the highest in the residence provided by Dobiya. Even if such a courtyard is not worth any money in the 2 Great Emperor of Agares, considering that it is on the planetary battlefield, in a stronghold, its price will soar.

Being able to live in such a courtyard is itself a status symbol and proof of strength.

Looking at the silhouette standing in the courtyard, Milena’s eyes were full of intoxication. Even though she has served Allen for a month, she still doesn’t know who is you. Only one thing is certain, he is very strong, which is enough for a woman.

Allen had been standing there for more than an hour. Milena walked over to tell him that lunch was ready. Unexpectedly, he approached Allen slightly, and he was still a few meters away from him. Suddenly there was a slight tremor in the air, and then Milena’s left sleeve “pu” cracked a slit. The skin inside first appeared with a thin red line, then split, and a few bloodshots flowed down.

“Don’t come here.” Allen softly said, and then took a deep breath, then turned to frowned and said, “I seemed to have said just now, don’t bother me. How’s it going, is the wound serious?”

Milena shook the head and said, “I just want to tell the adults that lunch is ready.”

“I’m understood, let’s eat together.” Allen said casually.

The woman raised her head, her eyes glistening. This is the first time Allen has invited her to a meal. It’s a pity that footsteps sounded, Allen frowned, turns around to look back. The black iron gate at the courtyard gate was pushed open, and the two guards stepped back in, giving Allen an embarrassed look. Allen turned around, said solemnly: “What’s the matter?”

“Sorry, sir. It’s General Narius…” One of the guards asked, embarrassed.


Allen made a gesture, and the two guards stepped aside. Then Narius and Tallinn strode into the courtyard, behind them, followed by a group of sharply armored soldiers. Narius looked towards Allen, said indifferently: “I’m still satisfied here, Mr. Eisinger.”

Allen’s eyes passed Tallinn on the body, and he understood a little bit what had happened. He kept quiet, carries both hands behind, and moved his gaze to Narius on the body: “The general is here, is he going to have lunch with me?”

“I think I want to ask Mr. Eisinger to hand over something and give it to me. Evening, I will host a banquet for Mr. Eisinger. And attach enough military merit. How does Mr. Eisinger feel about this proposal?”

Allen laughed: “It depends on what the general wants me to hand over.”

“Heart of Stars.” Narius simply said directly: “Mr. Tallinn told me that in the last battle, you harvested a piece of Heart of Stars from the enemy. It is useless to keep that kind of thing in your hands. Why don’t you give it to me, I will exchange you enough military merit.”

Allen looked towards Tallinn, said with a smile: “Then I have to ask Mr. Tallinn, why are you sure I have a Heart of Stars in my hand?”

“You don’t have to deny it.” Tallinn categorically said: “Last time, you were 1000 kilometers away from the stronghold battlefield, but unfortunately, someone happened to be there when you captured the Heart of Stars. He had already taken the whole process. It was recorded, and now the material is in General Narius’s hands. If you are interested, you should hand over the Heart of Stars now. Don’t waste General Narius’ time.”

Narius glanced at Tallinn dissatisfiedly and said, “This matter is at my sole discretion, Mr. Tallinn, please pay attention to your words.”

Even if Narius wants to get Heart of Stars, he is not willing to offend Allen too much. Especially the Eisinger he played was able to snatch Heart of Stars from The Burning Legion. This strength was enough to make him act cautiously. Besides, Allen has Feili’s token. But now, this Tallinn used words to pull himself into this muddy water, which made Narius unhappy.

Allen saw in his eyes and instantly understood the subtle psychology of the two people. He was funny in his heart, and said: “Yes, I grabbed something from The Burning Legion. It’s definitely not a Heart of Stars. Please come back, General. With busy armaments, there is no need to waste time with me.”

Narius narrowed one’s eyes and said: “Mr. Eisinger, just one or two words will send me away. Isn’t that too small of a person?”

Allen’s face also became gloomy: “I said there would be no if you didn’t. If you don’t believe it, you can ask Feili.”

“General Feili probably has no time for my consultation.”

Narius increased his voice: “Mr. Eisinger, I respect everything you have done for stronghold. But Heart of Stars is Empire’s strategic level material and cannot fall into your hands. If you don’t plan to hand it over, I think General Feili I can’t protect you.”

“So you think I need Feili’s protection?” Allen shook his head and laughed, “General, there are things you don’t know at all, or you don’t have the authority. I advise you to stop here, otherwise you may not bear the consequences. Up.”

“Really?” Narius stepped forward, imposing manner faintly surging: “Then I would like to try it.”

There was a sneer on Allen’s face, and he thought that Narius was really crazy. It seemed that this journey to Mixier was over today. Of course Allen will not hand over Variation Core, so there is only one choice left.

But at this moment, he suddenly felt something and looked up at the sky.

Thick clouds gathered in the sky, just as before. Then even Narius felt a little abnormal, and the general also looked towards the sky, leaving Tallinn and the others confused. Then, there was a faint whistling sound in the sky, and the thick clouds above the sky were stained red, as if the painter’s oil pen filled the originally gray White’s cloud with vermilion. The red light fainted, as if the sky was in Combustion.

The howling sounded from the slightest, and finally the whole stronghold could hear the amazing howling. After a while, a group of flames drilled out of the clouds. In the flames, something fell. It turned out to be the entire hilltop in Combustion!

I don’t know which part of the mountain peak which was broken down from the bad luck mountain peak. It was wrapped in flames and broke through the clouds, making a terrifying low and trembling sound, pulling out a magnificent river of flame moved towards Vigorous Wind Stronghold Voted.

Narius has no reservations anymore, the origin force erupts, and then the general soars into the sky, punching towards the mountain of Combustion. punched out, in the sky, there was a thunderbolt suddenly, and the dark light bands swept away 4 times, showing the amazing strength of Narius.

The fist blasted up the mountain, and a dazzling white light lit up in the sky. When the rays of light were dim, I saw a huge fire sea over the Combustion of stronghold, and there were continuous ore fragments of wrap flames in the fire sea 4 splashing and flying, like lava bombs in a volcanic eruption, scattered to each stronghold. corner. Every broken stone hits, a ball of Fireball must be blown up in the stronghold. In an instant, a very small number of 100 Fireballs flickered continuously in the stronghold, the explosion sounded endlessly, the building was overwhelmed, and the whole key seemed to usher in World Judgement Day!

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