Edge of the Apocalypse Chapter 1842

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Narius fell back into the courtyard with a black face, and the sudden attack made him gray and gray. Although a punch blasted through the meteorite-like mountain, it also caused the force of the counter shock to vomit blood. That’s fine, now Stronghold has blown up 1000 sores and 100 holes, and his town general is quite embarrassed. But this result is already considered good. If the Combustion mountain is smashed into the stronghold, the stronghold will not be what it is now, but it will be flattened from the highland.

The location of Allen’s courtyard is quite high. From here, you can see the battlefield under the highland outside the city. I saw a line of dark tide surge on the other side of the battlefield, and behind that dark tide a tall black shadow appeared. If the silhouette is converted into distance, I am afraid it will not be as high as 100 meters! Such a height can only be compared with Chaos Giant among Gelai giants. Immediately, Narius knew the identity of the other party.

“How could this be? How could it be that blazing giant!” Narius’s face immediately became quite difficult to look: “Didn’t he fight Giant Chief Eliogh on the main battlefield of the Giant Mountain? How could he come to our Vigorous Wind Stronghold! “

It’s no wonder that Narius’s discoloration has changed. The role that can compete with Chaos Giant Eliogh is not something that he trifling a Dobiya General can handle.

Tallinn pointed to Allen yelled: “It was him, he robbed the other party’s Heart of Stars, the flame giant must have come for him.”

Narius immediately looked towards Allen, Allen coldly said, “Why, the general is going to hand me over to the enemy?”

Narius snorted: “The general of Dobiya is not as for so shameless, but after the fact, you have to hand over the Heart of Stars anyway!”

After talking about energetic and bustling, he left the courtyard, busy preparing for the war with the flame giant. Narius has a lot to do, gather the army, gather all the safari powerhouses, and inform Gelai race to let the Giant Chief over. But whether he can survive until Eliogh arrives, Narius lacks any confidence. Although he has never seen the flame giant in The Burning Legion, it is not difficult to see how terrifying the giant is from some of the cities he has destroyed. Only Chaos Giant can suppress it a little, the other giants are not opponents of the flame giants at all.

Watching Narius don’t leave, Tallinn looked unwilling. Seeing that the Heart of Stars was about to be forced out, but at this time the flame giant led his army to attack, and missed this time, Tallinn didn’t know if there was any chance. That is Heart of Stars, even for Empire, it is also an important material at the strategic level. In the hands of powerhouse, you can also absorb the energy of Heart of Stars by extracting the origin force. It’s just that the process is very dangerous, and only if you step into the powerhouse of the Dominator Level 1 can you try the probability.

Allen now confessed that Milena and the guards would stay in the courtyard, and he was going to fight outside the city. Allen had decided to return to Agares after the war, as for whether the so-called flame giant came for him, he didn’t care at all. On the contrary, this giant can act as another level of opponent.

After the confession, Allen returned to the house and took the equipment and was about to leave, only to see that Tallinn was still leaving. He frowned and said, “I think you should have heard. The general is summoning us to gather outside the city.”

After talking about Tallinn, he just passed by by one’s side. Looking at Allen’s back, Tallinn couldn’t hold back after all. Roar rushed towards Allen with a loud voice: “Leave the Heart of Stars!”

Under his full burst, his whole body burst into dazzling flames, and the dazzling brilliant purple glow made Tallinn slam into Allen like a purple sun. When he moved, all the stone tables and chairs in the courtyard shattered and flew, and the trees, flowers and plants combusted. Then a golden light smoothly passed Tallinn, and flew past Milena and the others on their scalps when they didn’t react, submerged into the main building behind, and went all the way away.

Lielie purple light dimmed quickly, and Tallinn’s silhouette appeared in the rays of light. He maintained a forward throwing posture, trying to extend the hand trying to catch Allen, but the distance Allen was a few centimeters away. But just these few centimeters have become as far away as the ends of the earth. On Tallinn’s neck, a glimmer of golden rays of light flickered, and the powerhouse’s head became rounded and his eyes rolled from his neck. Come down. The incision on the neck was as smooth and flat as the iron chain that had cut Milena on the body at the time. The difference is that this time Tallinn personally tried the sharpness with his body.

At this time, the main building suddenly slid down, and after the falling building, it can be seen that the 4 or 5 buildings higher than the courtyard in the distance were all flat and smooth, all of which were smoothly cut by Allen’s golden sword.

Allen took the rusty long sword back into its sheath, turned around, and walked away.

After he left, Milena’s team reacted and hurriedly dragged Tallinn’s body away.

At this moment, a large number of safari powerhouses have gathered outside the city. Among them was the Tallinn group. They gathered together and were whispering. They suddenly saw Allen coming out of the stronghold side door, but Tallinn was not seen, and everyone looked ugly. They probably all guessed the result, but they were unwilling to accept the fact. But the fact is that Allen walked out of stronghold, but Tallinn was silent.

At this time, Mother Earth shook, and the distant silhouette was constantly approaching. Even though the silhouette is still several kilometers away, its power has poured into the battlefield. There was a thick fog lingering over there, flames dancing in the fog, and a towering giant shadow was faintly visible, the limbs that appeared in the mist from time to time, and the red lava flowing between the bodies, all made people swallow saliva.

That is the flame giant that can match the Giant Chief, the commander of The Burning Legion on this planet, can easily destroy a stronghold ruthless role with his hands raised. Even people who were full of confidence in Vigorous Wind Stronghold before, now they can’t help but have the stronghold razed by giants. These images are powerless and even unwilling to resist. Some of them even had two-legged shaking and wanted to drive off.

Allen raised his head, his sight suddenly crossed countless distances, plunged into the thick fog, and landed on the body of the mountain giant. Then his gaze kept moving upwards, passing the giant’s body like a mountain range, passing the chest like a pile of peaks, and finally landing on the head like a mountain. The giant’s body was sprayed with flames from time to time, but the flames could not stop Allen’s gaze. Feeling Allen’s concentration, the giant made a long roar, and the sky was like a string of rolling thunders. Then the giant said in Ebouins’ language: “The shameless thief who stole Variation Core, immediately hand over the core. I can let You die happy!”

The corners of Allen’s mouth curled up, and then his lips opened. The people next to him couldn’t hear what he was saying, but Allen’s voice echoed directly in the giant’s consciousness: “Magatoma, I am here to recall. Mithinas once described it to me You, it turns out that Mother Earth’s Fury came to this planet. It seems that one of the three giants of Ebouins today is about to fall here!”

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